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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыДебаты "Проблемы молодого поколения"

Дебаты "Проблемы молодого поколения"

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Донецкая общеобразовательная школа І-Ш ступеней №21






Мартынова Н.М.

специалист высшей категории

учитель - методист


Задачи 1. Формировать глобальный подход к

проблеме молодого поколения через

такую форму интерактивного

обучения как дебаты.

2. Развивать творческое и критическое

мышление через дискуссию и

презентацию своего мнения.

3.Воспитывать толерантное отношение

к мнению других учащихся.

Форма проведения Урок дебаты

Оборудование - Тематические листовки.

- Выставка ученических докладов.

Подборка газет и журналов.

Good-morning! I am Natalia Martynova, the teacher of English at Donetsk school-


Today we are going to discuss the problems of teens. Some guests are invited to

our debates. They are representatives of mass-media, government, culture.

Welcome our guests:

  1. Minister of Culture-Mrs. Yasenova

  2. Minister of Education-Mr. Ragulin

  3. Representative of the magazine “Cool”-Mrs. Kubrak

  4. Pupil of school-gymnasium21-Zapechenko Dima

  5. A famous actor-Mrs. Lisyanskaya

  6. Psychologist-Mrs. Semchenko

  7. The teacher of school-gymnasium21-Mrs. Kiselyova

  8. Minister of Health-Mrs. Koleushchenko

  9. The member of Parliament-Mr. Gospodinov


The system of life in which we are existing is too difficult to survive, even for

experienced people. As for teenagers, it is doubly difficult. They are too young,

they have no life experience, they only begin their life. They learn to live, to work,

to communicate, to love. In one word they try to do everything possible to win the

place under the sun, to self-affirm. They have their points of view on different

things and try to stick them to guns. And such form of communication as debates

helps them to solve different problems, to survive in this system.

The life of a man consists of a large variety of different problems, which he thinks about during all his life. And even being an old person the man can mistake. The teenagers face a lot of them too. Today we are going to have debates on problems the teenagers meet every day. They have problems with friends, school, parents. They want to be happy, to be good parents in future. They want to have much money, to get higher education, a good job and what not. I’d like to start our debates with the problems “Is it easy to be a teenager?” I suppose, Mrs. Kubrak the journalist will answer this question.

Journalist: I don’t mind and will be glad to do what. The thing is that I am the representative of the magazine for teenagers and I know their problems quite well. That’s why I’d like to admit I don’t think that their life is very easy. It seems only at first sight. They have the same problems as adults have. There are so many temptations now and it is not easy to manage them, especially for teenagers, whose habits are not fixed yet. I think it’s not easy to be a teenager.

Psychologist: Quite agree with you. I am a psychologist and I spend much time studying this problem. Of course, communication with teenagers requires the knowledge of their psychology, because it helps greatly in solving different problems Mrs. Kubrak has just told that their psychology is not stable enough and it is true. They are often nervous, irritated, unbalanced and touchy. They talk in a high tone, emotionally and you should be clever and good tactician to steady them on.

Journalist: Sorry my interrupting you, but I can’t help speaking about the emotional problems of young generation. Youth in most cases is the time of the first love. It’s wonderful, but it’s widely known that first love often brings lots of problems in exchange for few happy weeks, months. On the one hand love inspires with hope, but on the other hand it can be the source of trouble. It is not easy to be a teenager.

N.M.: OK. Thanks. Teenagers, problems. And who can help them? Of course parents. It’s my point of view. And yours? I want to give the floor to the pupil of the 9th form Dmitry Zapechenko.

Pupil: To my mind, it is the main problem. I mean the problem of parents and children. It sounds awful, but very often parents cannot understand their own child. They try to choose school, university, job and even friends, husband or wife to their children, and they don’t want to ask their children if they agree with their decision. That is the reason of numerous conflicts between parents and children.

Actor: A can’t agree with this pupil. I am sure, that every baby is wished when he is born. Time passes and the person grows up. The parents know what kind of a man their child will be, because he’ll be their reflection. They want him to be happy, to find the place under the sun and do everything possible for their children.

Pupil: But sometimes the parents forget that their sons and daughters become adult and want to decide their future themselves. My parents are sure, that I am very difficult to get on with. They can’t understand the music I enjoy and consider it terrible. Our dances at disco seem horrible to my Mum. She thinks that the time I spend playing computer games is the lost time. Every day she repeats me that I should pay more attention to my school duties. If I obey her I should sit at my lessons 24 hours a day. And it wouldn’t be enough. My life is dull and monotonous.

Psychologist: It is an everlasting conflict between parents and their children. Teenagers are sure that their parents have become obsolete and they can´t understand their children. I think that it is true to some extent. In reality your parents are wise and experienced. They know more

and see farther than you do. And I advise you to respect them and consider their opinion.

N.M.: The next problem we can’t but speak about is the problem of drugs, alcohol and smoke. I want Mrs. Koleushchenko, Minister of Health to deal with this problem.

M. of Health: Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes aren’t only words. They are the main problem of our century, especially drugs. They are a social illness that can destroy our world, families and minds. And the worst thing is that teenagers start to take drugs. And those who have taken drugs once can’t say “No” because all their organs need them.

Pupil: And why do they take them?

M. of Health: The answer is-they don´t understand how dangerous it is. Sometimes people start taking drugs, drinking, alcohol and smoking because they feel very lonely. They think: “I am alone, nobody likes me. I am not cool. I am not like everybody. And everything stars…”

N.M.: And what does our government do to save the future of our society?

Government: Drugs, alcohol, smoking are one of the biggest problems for our government. We do everything possible to stop spreading drugs in the country. Besides, there are many centers where drug addicts are treated. Every year the government spends a lot of money on organizing of new centers, tries to flight with them, but it’s very difficult. The actions of the government will be useless if people don’t understand that they must stop to spoil their own lives. The drugs will exist till the time people change their mind.

M. of Health: Sorry, I’d like to add some words concerning this subject. To face the truth the problem of drugs is the most important and the most burning one, because they are very harmful for teenagers´ lives. And life is a treasure. I advice people not to waste it for nothing, to be wise, to keep body, mind and soul healthy and strong, not to lose their way in the darkness of illusions.

N.M.: In comparison with the problem of drugs the problem of pastime is not so dangerous of course, but it has its own peculiarities. Let´s give the floor to the Minister of Culture.

M. of Culture: As you know, a hobby is a favourite pastime of a person. Hobbies differ like tastes. There are a lot of exciting, interesting and wonderful hobbies in the world, such as: collecting different things, listening to music, reading, watching TV, going in for sports and others. Choose any which is close to your heart.

M. of Education: Sorry, but you must agree, that some hobbies are very harmful too, and you, as the Minister of Culture should not be indifferent to this problem. And I give moral support to those parents, whose children’s hobbies make their blood boil. Let´s take TV in the consideration. Horror, pornography, strip-tease and what not.

M. of Culture: I advise you not to run to extremes. There’s no denying the fact, that TV is not the best way of spending free time, there are loads of others, and the teens should choose them themselves.

M. of Health: In connection with this I´d like to admit that there are two ways of spending pastimes: a healthy way and unhealthy way. And the earlier they learn the difference between them the better opportunity they have to choose the right way.

N.M.: Let them learn this difference!

There are five things from my point of view without which a man cannot and must not live in society: - house and family, communication, love, humour and smile, friendship of course, all of them are important, but I’d like to touch the problem of friends. Our quest, member of the Parliament wants to tell us something.

M. of Parliament: Some days ago I received a letter from one boy. Let me read it.

It’s very difficult to find a good friend. I have this problem because I haven’t got a real friend. Sometimes I suppose I´m the loneliest in the world. I get very upset when I realize that I have no friend. I can´t share my problems, secrets, joy and sadness. I am the loneliest in my class. I can´t find a friend. I don´t know what to do. Please, help me!”

I suppose that somebody will give him a piece of advice.

Psychologist: No one can understand the importance of friendship better than a lonely person. I guess, you know the proverb. “The best way to have a friend is to be the one”. To feel oneself the fifth wheel in the company is the worst of all. But I think that this person should do the first step. He can begin talking, walking for a walk with boys and girls, he can have hobby, which can be interesting for others and success will come. It is well known, that “success comes in cans, failure comes in can´ts”.

Teacher: Friends, friendship. A lot has already been said and written about it. And that’s why this topic seems easy. But everyone has to decide for himself what friendship is. As my dictionary puts it: Friendship is a feeling and behavior that exists between friends. I think that the most important feeling that exists between friends is trust, it is very valuable. Respect and tolerance are also very important.

Actor: I quite agree with you. People usually don´t think that teenagers feel respect for each other, but to my mind this feeling really exists between teens as well. Besides, I want to say a word a two about the behavior that exists between friends. Friends do not only spend time together, though, of course, it is pleasant to spend time with your friends. It is more than that. Friends help each other. This idea is not new. There is even such a proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Teacher: Friendship can be compared to a tree. Its seed should find good soil and under good conditions it will grow into a tree. As the years go by the tree stands firmer on the ground. And if it is strong enough, it will survive all the storms, fires and winds. But to help it, we should take cake of it and love it. Some become our friends for all our life and as Benjamin Franklin said: “Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing” You should be having such way not to be lonely. Remember! Behaving yourself today touches tomorrow.

N.M.: And the last moment, I’d like to touch upon is happiness. “To be happy means to be rich” What are your opinions (pupils speak about such values as: health, money, truth, living in harmony with nature, having friends, family, future profession).

N.M.: There are a lot of problems for teens, and each generation of teenagers faces them. We have just touched upon some of them in our debates. As I have already told the problems of hobbies, friends, generations, knowledge, love are solved. But the problems of drugs, alcohol, and smoking can’t be easily solved. These problems require great attempts, time and teenagers′ wish. And we should do everything possible to help teens to overcome them.It is important to remember that teenagers are the future of our tremendous world, and the world’s future depends on them. Let everything be O.K.


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