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Demonstrative lesson. Animals aroud us

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Level 4

Theme Animals

Aims 1. To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speaking; to enrich their vocabulary;

  1. To develop their reading, writing, listening skills and grammar, lexical habits;

  2. To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and correctly, to foster their love for animals.

Type of the lesson new lesson

Kind of the lesson mastering of new material

Teaching methods Explanation, question-answer, listening,reading, speaking, writing, associating

Visual aids An interactive board, a board

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  1. Greeting.

  2. Asking about the dates, absentees, etc.

Main part

  1. Introduction of the lesson

A )Listening.

New words and expressions

B) Do exercise: True or False

C) Read the statements and tell your partner whether

you agree or disagree with the following statements

D) Association

E) Complete the words with missing letters.

  1. Answer the questions

  2. Scrambled letters

  3. Match the words

I) It’s interesting to know

A) Dear children! I am glad to see you. Today we are going to talk about animals. Animals are everywhere around us, so it is easy to think that we know exactly what animal are.

Animals often have eyes, ears and legs.

Who will tell what animals you know? (bear, rabbit, fox, wolf, dog, cat, etc.)

That’ll do. You know a lot of animals. What poems do you know about animals?

New words and expressions:

  • Use-қолдану

  • Experiments-тәжірибелер

  • Medical reasons-медициналық негіз

  • Fur-жүн

  • Circus and films-цирктер және фильмдер

  • Weak-әлсіз

  • Desert-шөл

  • World-әлем

B) Do exercise: True or False

-A camel can not live without water. T.

-The cleverest animal is a horse. T.

-A tiger is a small cat and it is weak. F.

-A camel lives in the desert. It needs little water. T.

-Tigers and lions are the cleverest animals in the world. F.

C) Read the statements and tell your partner whether you agree or disagree with the following statements


Animals are used for experiments




Animals are used for food


Animals are used for medical reasons


Animals are used for their furs


Animals are used for circus and films

D) Association



  1. Complete the words with missing letters.

An eleph…nt A li…n

A cam…l A be…r

A f…x A rabb…t

A tig…r A wo…f

A monk…y

  1. Answer the questions.

It lives in the house. It likes fish. What is it? (cat)

It lives in the forest. It likes bananas. What is it? (monkey) It is very big and grey. What is it? (an elephant)

This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animal. It gives us milk. (cow)

This animal lives at home or in the street. It is man’s friend. What is it? (dog)

It is green and big. It likes meat. It lives in the river. What is it? (a crocodile)

G) Scrambled letters

T: Who will the first?

  1. Erab-bear

  2. Gteir-tiger

  3. Wflo-wolf

  4. Bbarti-rabbit

  5. Raffige-giraffe

  6. Helenpta-elephant

  7. Reha-hare

  8. Onil-lion

H)Match the words


  1. Orange and likes hen


  1. Long nose and big ears


  1. Big and brown, likes a honey


  1. Long ears


  1. Short tail, a domestic animal


  1. Grey and with big teeth


  1. Black and orange


  1. Green and big


  1. Has long neck


  1. Very funny

  1. It’s interesting to know.

I’ll give new information about the animals’ ages, you should remember it.

How many years do animals live?

Rabbits-5 years Camels-40 years

Dogs-15 years Horses-30 years

Pigs-25 years Cows-25 years

Sheep-12 years Goats-15 years

Cats-13 years


Where do animals live?

-Do people threaten some animals?

-Are animals in danger?

-What animals are there in the zoo?

-Where do tigers come from?

Giving marks

P1-P5 your mark is an excellent.

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