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Demonstrative lesson My first day at school (6 th form)

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D:\Айнура сотка\Aika Фото\Фото\Аика фото\7777.jpgKaldibekova Ainur

N.32 A. Jangeldin

The plan of the demonstrative lesson.
date: 2.12.2015

form: 6 ''A''

The new theme:


The aims of the lesson/ Cабақтың мақсаттары

Білімділігі /Educational aim

-Talking about the schools, the typical day at school

-Introducing and practicing new vocabulary. 
-Developing pupils speaking, writing, reading skills. 

Тәрбиелілігі /Upbringing aim:

-To bring up the pupils’ attitudes to getting knowledge:

-To explain the importance of getting knowledge:

-Bringing up children to be tidy, polite and friendly. 

-to teach children to be attentive, kind, taking responsibility

 to bring up feelings of friendship, to be active.

.   Дамытушылығы/ Development aim:

-To improve pupils’ critical thinking , writing, reading, speaking to enlarge their vocabulary, skills

- To develop perception, logic, imagination and creativeness:

- understanding cause and effect:

The type of the lesson: New lesson

The methods of teaching: brainstorming, individually work, group work, guessing the meanings of the new words, understanding information, demonstration, interaction,

 The form of the lesson: Assimilation of a new material

exercises, practice.

Inter-subject connection: kazakh language

The equipment of the lesson: a) Visual aids: English textbook by Ayapova 6-form pictures text book, slide show, pictures, Presentation Active Studio, cards

b) Technical means: interactive board, the video  materials

The procedure of the lesson / Сабақтың барысы

Stage of the lesson /Сабақтың кезеңі

Content of stage /Кезеңнің мазмұны

Organization moment / Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

a) Greeting / Сәлемдесу

b) talk with pupil on duty

c)  marking absentees

d) checking up of the homework:

T: . Good morning, teachers children !We are glad to see you today. Welcome to our demonstrative lesson.

 How are you?

P: We are fine, thank you! How are you?

T: I’m fine, thank you! I’m glad to see you again.

Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day of the week?

What season is it now? What is the weather like?

I see you are ready to begin our lesson. I hope you’ll work well and get good marks because we have demonstrative lesson today.

b) Топқа бөлу / Dividing into groups Оқушыларды сурет қиындыларын құрастыру арқылы 3 топқа бөлу

Today we will work with 3 groups.

1st group is 1!"school" hello_html_5336488c.gif

2nd group is" classroom"hello_html_a15b474.gif

3rd group is "school subjects"hello_html_medb370d.gif

Before beginning our lesson we should keep on mind

The golden rules hello_html_4d8141a6.gif

Please look at your friends and smile

hello_html_524d88b5.gif hello_html_16dbe38.gifhttp://liubavyshka.ru/_ph/17/2/240956094.jpg


Checking-up homework / Үй тапсырмасын тексеру

T: What was your home work my dears?



Phonetically  drill



1st group is 1!"school" hello_html_5336488c.gif


2nd group is" classroom"hello_html_a15b474.gif


3rd group is "school subjects"hello_html_m115047b0.gif


Сұрақ – жауап әдісі арқылы
Жаңа сабақтың тақырыбын ашу.

T: Did you remember your first day at school?

Who was your first teacher?

Who did you sit with?

Did you like your school?

And what we are going to talk about ?

Do you like your school?

Do you have friends in your school?

Do you like to study in your school?

Now tell me, what are we going to study at this lesson?

Today we are going to continue talking about school and school subjects.

The new theme/ Жаңа сабақ hello_html_4b132246.gif


work with group

You should translate these irregular verbs with your group

Irregular verbs

1st – team 2nd –team 3rd- team

wake- woke buy – bought sit- sat

put-put ring- rang leave- left

go- went drink-drank have-had

take- took eat-ate spend- spent

Work with the text– мәтінмен жұмыс I will divide the text into 3 parts

Read the text and translate it into your native language. Try to understand the text. Ex: 3

1st group

Read the text


I still remember my first day at school. It was the 1st of September 2004. I woke up very early. After breakfast I put on my school uniform and took my schoolbag. I went to school with my mother and sister. On our way my mother bought some beautiful flowers for my teacher. I was so happy. After the first bell rang, our teacher invented us to the class. When we took our seats. The teacher asked us to take the exercise books and pens from our schoolbags. So my childhood changed

2nd group


I didn’t like my first day at school so I cried all day. I wasn’t happy there because I wanted to be with my family. In the morning break we drank milk. I hated it. For lunch we ate porridge and it was horrible. I sat next to Tina. We were together all the time. We left school when we were sixteen. She is still my best friend and we speak on the phone every day.

3rd group


I lived in the village so I went to a village school. It was very small. It was a school with twenty children in it. I was with my sister in the same class. All the children from six to ten studied together. We had one teacher and we all loved her very much. She was very kind. We spent a lot of time outside. We played football and different kinds of games every day. I always remember my first school.

Individual work


Сергіту сәті: "Feel emotions" яғни видеороликте көрсетілген көңіл күйлерді білдіру арқылы сергіту


I am tired http://go1.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=1476c3f1e2ce2b76&mb=imgdb_preview_104 I'm boredhttp://go1.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=282ac7cc5902eb66&mb=imgdb_preview_1244

I'm happyhttp://go3.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=2d438e695400cc9c&mb=imgdb_preview_692 I'm scared I'm angryhttp://go4.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=3bf103c16ff13b5&mb=imgdb_preview_461

I'm sad http://go2.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=2157abdf4b501529&mb=imgdb_preview_1498 I'm worried http://go3.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=925ac0eff91db60&mb=imgdb_preview_733 I'm unhappy http://go2.imgsmail.ru/imgpreview?key=2157abdf4b501529&mb=imgdb_preview_1498

Work with the text

1st – team Find the ordinal numbers

2nd –team Find the irregular verbs

3rd –team Circle the correct letter

1.The three people wrote about

a) their first teacher

b) why they like their teacher?

c) their first school

2. They all went to

a) a city school

b) different schools

c) a village school

Conclusion. Бекіту. Look at the blackboard and answer to my question.

 What do you see?

Answer the questions

When do the lessons begin at your school?

When do they finish?

What subjects do you have on your timetable?

What are your favorite subjects?

How many lessons do you have a day?

Do you like to go to school? Why?

What lessons do you have today?


VII.Reflection- Рефлексия (5min)

T. You have good results. Everybody has good marks. So, what does school mean for you? Can you tell me one sentence from the beginning the word “A school is a place where ….” What do you like at school? (All answers are welcome)

(we become cleverer, we have a lot of friends, we study interesting subjects, we learn new things)

What don’t you like at school? (All answers are welcome)

(we have no time for sports and hobby, we are tired of doing homework, we depend on teacher’s mood, we have many tests and exams, we worry about getting good marks)

IX. Giving the pupils’ marks.

Бағалау(2 min)

VIII. Home taskҮй жұмысы: a) learning the words, speaking on the theme

My school day

Ex: 6 p65 Write the subjects next to the sentences.

Ex:3Talk to your partner about your first day at school

The lesson is over!

Thanks everyone for the lesson. You were very attentive and active today. 


School N32 by named A.Jangeldin

Demonstrative lesson

The theme:


6 th "A" form

Teacher: Kaldibekova A


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