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Диагностическая контрольная работа по английскому языку

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Диагностическая контрольная работа за 1 полугодие в 6 классах


Задание 1. Прослушайте четыре коротких диалога. Определите, где происходит каждый из них. В здании одно лишнее место действия. Ты услышишь диалоги дважды. Занеси свои ответы в таблицу.

A. in the zoo

B. In a shop

C. In a sports club

D. In the street

E. At school

Dialogue 1

Dialogue 2

Dialogue 3

Dialogue 4


Задание 2. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 3,4,5

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your letter. It was great to get some news from you.

I have already been at home for a week because of the flu. I can’t say that I’m having a good time, but I’m trying to enjoy myself.

I’m reading an interesting book about Mel Fisher. Have you ever heard of him? He was an explorer and a treasure hunter.

When he was a boy, his favourite book was Treasure Island. Mel dreamed about travelling round the world, exiting adventures and treasures.

When Mel grew up, he didn’t forget about dream. It took him 16 years of hard work. He looked for treasure from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and the Santa Margarita: Spanish ships which had sunk in 1662, near Florida. In 1985 Mel and his team found over 40tons of silver and gold. There were Spanish coins, gold bars, wonderful decorations, royal plates and dishes and other historical things.

Mel gave part of the found treasure to a museum which was then named the Mel Fisher`s Treasure Museum. Nowadays this museum in Florida is very popular among children and teenagers who like stories about pirates and their treasure.

Later Mel Fisher found some more ships, which were full of different historical works of art and so he has become a famous person. Nobody else has found so many fantastic and valuable things.

Would you like to find treasure? What would you do with the treasure you found?

I would like to take part in the expedition of treasure hunters and find a bag full of treasure. But I haven’t decided what I would do with the treasure.

Have you got a dream? Do you believe that it can come true? The book about Mel Fisher says it`s possible,

Sorry, but I have to finish the letter. The doctor has come.

Write back, please.

Beast wishes,


A treasure hunter – охотник за сокровищами

Had sunk – утонули

Задание 3.Ответь на вопрос.

Who is the text about?

Задание 4. Закончи предложения выбрав правильный вариант из предложенных вариантов.

  1. In his childhood Mel Fisher wanted

  1. to become a write.

  2. to build a shop.

  3. to find a treasure.

  4. to open a shop.

2) Mel Fisher became famous because

a. he wrote Treasure Island

b. he went round the world.

c. he found some old ships.

d. he opened a museum

Задание 5. прочитай предложения. Отметь предложения, которые соответствуют тексту – TRUE, и предложения, которые не соответствуют – FALSE.

  1. The adventure books played an important role in Fisher’s life.

  2. Mel Fisher was the captain of two bid Spanish ships.

  3. Mel Fisher looked for treasure alone.

  4. You can see some of the Fisher`s treasure in a museum.

Grammar and vocabulary.

Задание 6. Выбери правильный вариант ответа

  1. Unfortunately, we … cut down the old trees in the park last year.

  1. have to b) will have to c) had to

  1. Where are the children? – They … Lotto in the living room.

  1. are playing b) play c) played

  1. Have we got … jam? – Yes, your favourite jam is in the kitchen

  1. some b) any c) much

  1. How … does it cost? – 30pounds

  1. many b) some c) much

  1. There are plenty … ways to cook this tasty dish?

  1. with b) of c) for

  1. You … water the flowers. I watered the yesterday.

  1. mustn`t b) needn`t c) can`t

  1. The scientist … his book about rare insect yet.

  1. won`t finish b) didn`t finish c) hasn`t finish

  1. There are … sweets in the box. You can take some

  1. a little b) much c) a few

Задание 7.Задайте вопросы к предложениям.

  1. How many …….? – There are 1000 students in the school.

  2. When ……? – The students went camping in May?

  3. What …..? – Mr. Smith is explaining the school rules.

Задание 8. Подставь пропущенные слова в текст.

Use: although, over, insects, various, watch, world, endangered.

Sydney Wildlife World is an Australian Zoo. 0) Although it was only opened in 2006, the zoo has become famous all 1) … the world.

The Australian zoo consists of 10 parts where visitors can see different kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and 2) … . In fact, there are more than 6 000 creatures in the zoo. Some of them belong to the most 3) … species on the planet.

In Sydney Wildlife World visitors can 4) … kangaroos, touch a snake, make friends with koala bears and meet Rex, who is the biggest salt water crocodile in captivity (в неволе) in the 5) … .

There is always something happening in the zoo – exhibitions, shows, festivals. Visitors can take part in 6) … activities and have a lot fun.

Sydney Wildlife World is open every day except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Использованная литература:

  1. Биболетова М.З. и др. учебник Английский с удовольствием 6 класс, 2014

  2. Биболетова М.З и др Рабочая тетрадь Английский с удовольствием 6 класс, 2014

Краткое описание документа:

Диагностическая работа по английскому языку составлена с целью определения уровня подготовки обучающихся 6-х классов в рамках мониторинга достижений планируемых результатов освоения основной образовательной программы для образовательных учреждений, участвующих в переходе на ФГОС ООО.

Диагностическая работа состоит из 3 частей: 1 часть – задания на аудирование с выбором ответа (А), 2 часть – задания на чтение с выбором ответа (А), с кратким ответом (В), с развернутым ответом (С), 3 часть – задания по лексике и грамматике с выбором ответа (А), с кратким ответом (В)

Задания типа А оцениваются в 1 балл, задания типа В оцениваю в 2 балла. Задания типа С оцениваются в 3 балла. Максимальный первичный балл за выполнение всей работы – 37 баллов.

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