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Диагностические контрольные работы для 4-5 кл.


I. Read the text

Dream Castle

Dream Castle is a wonderful new film at the Sunshine Cinema!

In the film, Katie and her brother Harry visit their uncle. Their uncle lives in a big, old castle. One day, Katie and Harry find a very big, old door. They open the door and go into the room.

In the room, a princess is sleeping in a big bed. The princess thinks she is living one hundred years ago!

Katie and Harry try to hide the princess from their uncle. It is very difficult and they all have lots of funny adventures!

Dream Castle is a film but the actors also sing! The film has got a good story and it’s very exciting.

II. Read the text again and write T (true) or F (false)

  1. Katie and Harry visit their grandpa. ___________

  2. Katie and Harry find a princess. __________

  3. The princess is sleeping in a small bed. ________

  4. The actors sing in the film. ___________

  5. Katie and Harry try to hide the princess. __________

  6. The film is sad. _________

III. Choose the correct answer.

  1. John and Tom __________ skateboarding.

a) likes b) like c) doesn’t like

2. Jack usually ____________ at seven o’clock.

a) don’t get up b) get up c) gets up

3._________ you always do your homework?

a) does b) do c) –

4. My friend _________ drive a car.

a) do b)doesn’t c) does

5. Where ___________ he live?

a) does b) don’t c) do

6. Polly _________ a doctor.

a) am b) is c) are

  1. My mum and dad ________ in the shop.

a) is b) am c) are

  1. Where ________ you from?

a) are b) am c) isn’t

I. Read the text

Cyber School

Australia is a very big country. A lot of families live on farms. The farms are a long way from towns or cities, so the children don’t go to school. They have lessons at home and they talk to their teacher on the Internet. They are students of the Cyber School!

II. Read the text again and write T (true) or F (false)

  1. Children have lessons at school. __________

  2. Australia is a very small country. __________

  3. A lot of families live on farms. _____________

  4. They are students of the Green School. __________

  5. They talk to their teacher on the Internet. ________

III. Put the verb in the correct form. (Present Simple)

1. Peter and Steve______ to play with a ball every day. (to like)

2. My mother ______ books every day. (to read)

  1. They ______ in the river every summer. (to swim)

  2. Ann ______ letters every Saturday. (to write)

  3. He ______ the piano at the moment. (to play)

  4. She _____ to the theatre every weekend. (to go)

  5. I _____ TV now. (to watch)

  6. He often ______ hard at school. (to work)

  7. She _____ to the shop every week. (to go)

  8. Look! They ______ breakfast. (to have)

IV. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы написать письмо от Ольги.

1. and Mum Dad Dear,

2. am well I very.

3. the like I country.

4. to we go every cinema the day.

5. I fun a lot have of here.

6. cousins very my are nice children.

7. the like weather what is your in place?

8. you are how ?

9. love lots of ,


  1. Read the text


Dolphins aren’t dangerous. They are very friendly. They love playing with people. Dolphins can’t breathe under water, but they can stay under water for about 15 minutes.

Dolphins live in families. They have names. Their names are special sounds. They use the sounds to call their friends and family.

Dolphins can’t live in polluted water, but a lot of the sea is polluted. We want to make the sea a clean and safe place for dolphins.

II. Read the text again and write T (true) or F (false)

  1. Dolphins aren’t ugly. They are beautiful. __________

  2. Dolphins can live in polluted water._____________

  3. Dolphins aren’t dangerous. ____________

  4. A lot of sea is clean. __________

  5. Dolphins can breathe under water. _________

III.Переделай текст от 3 л. ед. числа:

My name is Olga. I am 10 years old.
I am kind and clever.
My favourite season is winter.
I like to skate and to ski in winter.
I like bread and butter.
I live with my Mum and Dad.
I have a pet. It is a parrot.

IV. Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы написать письмо от Нормы.

1. and Dad lovely Mum,

2. are how you ?

3. so it’s here nice.

4. I at the moment am at the river.

5. I every day swimming go.

6. the is fantastic weather

7. sunny it’s and there aren’t clouds in the sky any.

8. when it rains stay I at home books read and.

9. miss you I a lot.

10. try to find time to come next week here

11. Norma

I. Закончите письмо, вставляя пропущенные слова

Dear John!
Thank you for your ______.
I would like to be your ______.
My ____ is Mike.
I am from _____.
I______ in Boston.
My _____ is on the 16th of March
I____a dog and cat.
My favourite ______ is summer.
Please write back.

Best wishes,



II. Поставить глагол to be в нужной форме.

1. Ben .... my friend. 2. He .... a teacher. 3. I .... in my room. 4. .... Tommy and Billy pupils? Yes, they .... . 5. We ..... students. 6. She .... a doctor. 7. This .... a cup. It .... yellow. 8. The table .... in the room.

III. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную формы.

1. There is a blackboard in our classroom.
2. There are some English books on the table.
3. There are many mistakes in your dictation.

IV. Составь предложения из данных слов:

1. is, her friend, a farmer
2. my cats, nice, are

3. with, walk, friend, his dog, my, often

4. a pupil, am, I
5. can, a girl, well, sing

I. Употреби нужную форму глагола "to be " (am, is, are)

1. We…….eleven years old.

2. Tim …….eighteen.

3. My friends ……nice.

4. I……from Russia..

5. She…….in class 5

6. My name ... Dick.
7. I ... a teacher.
8. His shirt ... grey.
9. The pigs ... fat.
10. We ... funny and brave.

II. Вставь: have or has

1. I…… got a sister.

2. Ann ….. got a ruler.

3. He………got a skateboard.

4. They….. got many friends.

5. Batman……got a cloak.

III. Составь предложения:

1. this/ a/ is/ ruler.

2. lesson/ where/ the/ is/ Maths?

3. has/ a/ got/ camera/ he?

4. friend/ Ann/ is/my.

5. have/ a/ I/ got/ not/ ruler.

IV. Сделай предложения отрицательными

  1. He usually rides a bike in the park.

  2. Our family goes to the theatre twice a month.

  3. They buy a new notebook on Saturday.

  4. Her father is a doctor.

  5. I can drive a car.

V. Задай вопрос к предложению.

  1. You play football every day. (yes\no)

  2. My sister goes to school. (who)

  3. Nick lives in London. (where)

  4. Jack and Mike like to watch cartoons on TV. (what)

  5. He bakes bread in the morning. (when)

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