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Диалог о каникулах в 9 классе

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Summer vacation.

-Hello! Nice to see you again!

-Hi! I`m also glad to see you!

-Oh! You look great! You got such a dark tan! You went to the seaside. Did I guess it?

-Yes. You are right. I was at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in Greece. It was a lovely place! I swam in the sea and sunbathed every day. And what about you? Where did you go this summer?

-You can`t fancy, I also went abroad, to Italy, with my parents. I had a good time there.

-Do you mean that you ate real Italian food?

-Yes. I mean it. It was expensive. But it was worth it.

-It sounds fantastic! But I can`t see your tan….

-I`m afraid to disappoint you. I didn`t get any tan. The weather was cloudy; however, I saw a lot of amazing sights there! Look here… I`d like to tell you about it, but I haven`t much time now..

-Oh, come on. Tell me everything, please.

-I`m sorry, but I`m really busy. I`ll tell you tomorrow at school and show my pictures.

-Oh, I`m dying of curiosity. OK, bye-bye!

-Bye! See you tomorrow!

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