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Диалог по английскому языку на тему: "The Walker Art Gallery" ( 11 класс)

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Tim: So, we are in Liverpool ! What are you going to visit ?

Lily: Oh, I want to visit the Walker Art Gallery.

Tim: I am not interesting in art. It is so boring!

Lily: Why are you in a bad mood? Do not be a naughty child! I promise you that we will have a good time!

Tim: Oh, all right…….

Lily: You are standing before the picture “Lady in Flower Garden”. It was painted by Childe Hassam. Let’s your imagination run away with you……

Tim: Oh, my god !This young lady looks perfectly great! Her figure and the white hat…….

Lily: Do not be silly!

Tim: What is wrong?

Lily: You are blind to the beauty !

Tim: Calm down!

Lily: Nature is the source of inspiration for people. Only people who are nature – crazy , who work in the lap of the nature are happy , healthy and optimistic……

Tim: Lily, look over there……

Lily: Yes , “it is A Still Life”. It was painted by Raphaelle Peate . And…..

Tim: It is terrific! The peel of the grapes and cherries is so transparent that their juice seems ready to burst out!

Lily: Do you like it? Dear, I am so happy!

Tim: Wow, it makes me feel hungry.

Lily: Oh, you will never change…….

Tim: Do not be angry, sugar plum!

Lily: All right , let’s have a snack.

Tim: Cool! Lily, hurry up , please!!!!!

Lily: Oh, dear…….

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