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Дидактические материалы по английскому языку "Художественная и музыкальная культура Владимирского края." (8-9 класс)

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Текст для чтения на английском языке с упражнениями для развития лексико-грамматических навыков. Предназначен для 8-9 классов общеобразовательных школ.

Prereading tasks

  1. Answer the questions:

Do you like art? What artists do you know? Do you have any pictures at home?

  1. Practise the pronunciation of the words from the text, using the transcription.

Avenue [ˈævɪnjuː], accidentally [ˈæksɪdəntǝli] , azure [ˈaʒə], exhibition [ˌeksɪˈbɪʃn], beckon [ˈbekən], ancestor [ˈænsɪstə], mysterious [mɪsˈtɪərɪəs],

viewers [ˈvjuːəz], ensemble [ɑːnˈsɑːmbl], shepherd [ˈʃepəd].

Ancient Vladimir Region is rich in its unique beauty - this is the beauty of nature, the beauty of architectural monuments, modern avenues and buildings. But all people see this beauty and talk about it in their own way. The famous writers Konstantin Paustovsky, Vladimir Soloukhin and Sergey Nikitin told with inspiration about wonderful Мeshchersky region in their books. Most of these writers are often called literary artists because theу picked up bright and precise words, which, like the colors, depicted the native nature, and sang of work and beauty of our people in their works.hello_html_ma8beea.jpg

Vladimir Soloukhin once said: "Where does the beauty come in everyday life, in carving, lace, embroidery, song, dance, and painting from? 

"Yes, from the human soul, whence it was to come?" It isn't accidentally said that every nation is the artist. And the meaning of the Russian word "painter" means "the writer of life" or "lively writing".

National artists of Russia are inhabitants of Vladimir. Kim Britov, Vladimir Yukin, Valery Kokurin, Peter Dick, Boris Frantsuzov are known all over the world. Their works are in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and in many galleries and private collections abroad. «Beauty, as the artists consider, brings joy by itself». Pink-lilac birches, the red ground, the bright blue sky, the sparkling azure, red-violet trees, brown roofs, blue ripples of water, purple snow. All this we can see in their landscapes.

About the work of these artists large color albums, catalogs, sets of postcards are released, but it’s better to see the original paintings at an exhibition.

Standing at a huge canvas of Kim Britov, you will find that place from which all picture is well visible and seemed to forget about everything.

Bright, rich colors will beckon you for a cheerful holiday of the Russian winter in Suzdal. In other picture the master will tell you what winter in Gorokhovets is or let you enjoy the March day, with its amazing blue sky and blue shadows on loose spring snow from the blinding sun. hello_html_45bb72ca.jpg

The well-known Golden gate and the building of Drama theatre on his works will not be ordinary, as we see them every day, but festive.

Perhaps, only in the childhood we can see such a bright spring or wonder of the first snow, as the writers tell us, the viewers, with delight about everything in their works.

You will feel sincere joy and excitement when you consider the works of Peter Dick. They are devoted to the human relations and mysterious objects which surround you. He has his own language: the contrasting colors of white and black, dark red and yellow. In all of his paintings: "Two", "At the grandmother", "The iron" there are so much love for life, poetry and sadness!

Vladimir land is rich in talents. The wonderful songs accompanied by a Russian man from the moment of birth until his death. A great variety of songs was thought out by our ancestors. Thus the musical and song culture of our region was born. Horn-players, the performers on the shepherd's horns, were national musicians of the Vladimir land. Very long ago N. V. Kondratyev has organized a folk ensemble – Choir of Vladimir horn-players. A shepherd's horn is a traditional and most known musical instrument in Russia. There was a time when horns sounded at fairs, at festivals, at feasts in the royal chambers.

The Vladimir land has kept this art today. Traditions of horn-players are carefully kept by musicians of the Vladimir ensemble "Cherry" which is famous all over the country. Now they perform not only in Russia but also abroad.


Vocabulary and Grammar tasks

  1. Find in the text the English for:

Богат неповторимой красотой, воспевали труд и красоту наших людей, писатель жизни, смотреть картины в подлиннике, синие тени на рыхлом весеннем снегу, душевная радость и волнение, так зарождалась музыкальная и песенная культура нашего края, народный ансамбль, в царских палатах, традиции рожечников.

  1. Give the synonyms to the next words:

Ancient, inspiration, depict, inhabitants, sparkling, festive, sincere, folk.

  1. Find the sentences which are the answers to the following questions:

Why writers are called artists?

Where can you see the national artists’ works?

What do you feel looking at the pictures of Kim Britov?

What is a shepherd's horn famous for?

Topic for discussion

What is modern musical life in your region interesting for?


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