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Дидактический материал для 10 класса


10 класс (октябрь)

Контрольная работа. I вариант (общеобразовательный уровень). УМК В.П.Кузовлева

Задание №1

Установите соответствие тем  H текстам 1 – 7 Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.


















Things boys play with are not like objects girls play with. Boys often have more freedom to run about and they get guns, train sets, toy trucks and toy cars. Electronic games are very popular among young boys. Toys for girls are much quieter and more passive. Young girls often get things like dolls, dresses, and pictures to colour.


Teddies” are an important part of British culture. Most people in Britain have a teddy bear when they are young, and most people are very fond of their special bear, even when they are 30 or 40 years old! Many famous people like film stars or pop stars or politicians collect “teddies”. These people have donated their old friends to the teddy bear museum which is in Stratford-on-Avon in England. Many tourists go to this place, because it is the birthplace of Shakespeare, but they often love the teddy bear museum more.


Computer games are a multimillion dollar industry, but people who really enjoy games are not satisfied with playing against the computer. They want to play against real people and most computer games allow you to do that just by joining up with other players on the Internet. Regular players say that this is where their true enjoyment of games can be found. With some games up to 60 people can take part. It's a good way to meet people and it gives you something to talk about.


The big American company General Motors has developed a vehicle that uses the power of the sun instead of petrol. The vehicle is called Sunraycer which means "ray of the sun"+"racer". Sunraycer has just taken part in a race against 25 solar-powered vehicles. Sunraycer covered the great distance in 45 hours at a speed of 41 miles an hour at temperatures as high as 48°C. It is certainly the car of the future.


Computers are a great technological invention of the 20th century. Their advantages are numerous yet much can be said against them. The main disadvantage of computers is that looking at a screen for long periods of time is bad for the eyes, and sitting on a chair for hours is not healthy. Also, people who use computers have a tendency to become anti-social and stay at home. The strongest argument against the use of computers is that the more jobs which are done by computers, the less are done by people.


Thirty years ago few people realized that computers were about to become part of our everyday lives. This short period of time has seen great changes in business, education and public administration. Jobs which took weeks to do in past, are now carried out in minutes. Schoolchildren have become as familiar with hardware and software as their parents were with pencils and exercise books and they don’t worry about mistakes having a computer.


Generous granddad Martin Rossiter, from Macclesfield, has built a treehouse for his grandchildren – costing £35,000! The top-of-the-range two-storey treehouse features a series of rope walkways between the sycamores, oaks and pine trees in Martin’s garden and took builders five days to make. He plans to add running water, electricity and bunk beds to make it perfect play-den. Martin has 12 grandchildren – aged from 2 to12 – but the rest of his family believe he secretly made the house for himself!


10 класс (октябрь)

Контрольная работа.

II вариант (общеобразовательный уровень). УМК В.П.Кузовлева

Задание №1

Установите соответствие рубрик G  текстам 1 – 6 , в которых содержится важная информация для туристов, приезжающих в Ирландию Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна рубрика лишняя.
















Ireland is located on an island. Winters in Ireland are not cold and rivers do not freeze. The summer months of June, July and August are mild. However, the weather is changeable. If you are going to visit Ireland in summer, do not forget to take an umbrella and warm clothes.


Most buses in big cities in Ireland have conductors who collect the money, but in small places passengers pay the driver. The trains in Ireland are not cheap, but they usually leave on time. Taxies are easy to get although they are rather expensive in comparison to other countries.


Irish farmhouse cheeses are very popular gift items. Other products to delight tourists are Irish salmon, netted in autumn, oysters and hand-made chocolates.


The best place to learn how to get a room in a hotel, change money, and much more is your nearest Tourist office. In Dublin city-centre the Tourist office is situated at 14 Upper O'Connel Street, beside the Savoy cinema.


Ireland has two national stations, RTE 1 and Network 2. You can watch different programmes. Most popular are political news, country news, sports and music programmes. People can also enjoy watching drama, films etc.


It is impossible to make any statement about the characteristics of the Irish, but they are known for their humour, hospitality, kindness.

The Irish know how to have a good time and very often they get enjoyment in the pub to the accompaniment of Irish folk music.

Ответы: DBFAEC

II вариант контрольной работы – аудирование (для всего класса)


Текст для аудирования

Customs Officer: Next. Uh, your passport please.

Woman: Okay.

Customs Officer: Uh, what is the purpose of your visit?

Woman: I'm here to attend a teaching convention for the first part of my trip, and then I plan on touring the capital for a few days.

Customs Officer: And where will you be staying?

Woman: I'll be staying in a room at a hotel downtown for the entire week.

Customs Officer: And uh, what do you have in your luggage?

Woman: Uh, well, just, just my personal belongings um, . . . clothes, a few books, and a CD player.

Customs Officer: Okay. Uh, please open your bag.

Woman: Sure.

Customs Officer: Okay . . . Everything's fine. [Great]. Uh, by the way, is this your first visit to the country?

Woman: Well, yes and no. Actually, I was born here when my parents were working in the capital many years ago, but this is my first trip back since then.

Customs Officer: Well, enjoy your trip.

Woman: Thanks.

Задания для учащихся

1. What is the purpose of the woman's visit?
hello_html_m490fda55.gifA. business
hello_html_m490fda55.gifB. pleasure
hello_html_m490fda55.gifC. business and pleasure

2. Where will the woman stay during her trip?
hello_html_m490fda55.gifA. at a friend's home
hello_html_m490fda55.gifB. at a hotel
hello_html_m490fda55.gifC. at a university dormitory

3. About how long will the woman be in the country?
hello_html_m490fda55.gifA. one or two days
hello_html_m490fda55.gifB. three or four days
hello_html_m490fda55.gifC. more than four days

4. What things are in the woman's luggage?
hello_html_m490fda55.gifA. clothing, computer, and books
hello_html_m490fda55.gifB. CD player, clothing, and books
hello_html_m490fda55.gifC. books, gifts and computer

5. What other piece of information do we learn about the woman?
hello_html_m490fda55.gifA. Her parents are on the same trip.
hello_html_m490fda55.gifB. She enjoys traveling to different countries.
hello_html_m490fda55.gifC. She was born in that country.


1. business and pleasure

2. at a hotel

3. more than four days

4. CD player, clothing, and books

5. She was born in that country.

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