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Дидактический материал "Контроль чтения 7 класс"

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In the Dark

(After J. K. Jerome)

1. Why was it dark in the room?

2. Whom did the men push in the bed?

Many years ago two friends, Joe and Tom, came to a small town. lt was very dark when they came to a little inn. They asked for a room with two beds. The owner of the inn showed them a room and gave them a candle because there was no lamp in the room.

When they were going to the room the candle fell out of Joe's hand. It became very dark. They found the door of the room and went in.

They took off their clothes and went to bed. The bed was very big and by mistake‘ they got into the same bed: Tom from one side and Joe from the other.

After a few minutes Joe said, “You know, Tom, there’s a man in my bed. Here are his feet near my face.”

Yes, Joe, there's a man in my bed too. His feet are near my face too. What shall we do?"

_“Let’s push them off our beds."

And they began to push each other. After some time the two men fell on the floor.

Joe!” cried Tom. “My man is stronger than I. He has pushed me down i0 the floor."

I‘m on the floor too,” answered Joe. “I think we must go to the owner of the inn and tell him about it.“

Use one of the Future tenses

  1. The school orchestra (perform) in Berlin this weekend.

  2. I promise I (help)you with your homework.

  3. We (make) all the food for the party by lunchtime.

  4. By the end of this week they (repair) the roof for two hours.

  5. They (go) to the country next Sunday.

  6. Me aerobics class (start) at 8 p.m.

  7. I (buy) a new book for my friend’s birthday.

  8. We (have) a dinner party tomorrow.

  9. I think Peter (join) us.

  10. The bus to Glasgow (leave) at 9 m.p.

  11. She (watch)TV at 6 o’clock tomorrow.

  12. By 9 o’clock I (surf) the Net for 4 hours.

  13. We want to buy a new car. By the end of the next month our family (save) money for it.

  14. By 9 o’clock we (study) for 5 hours.

  15. This time next week I (fly) to Madrid.

  16. It is very cold. It (rain) soon.

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