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Дидактический материал "Местоимения 10 класс"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Choose the correct form of pronouns in brackets.

  1. Tell him not to forget (him, his, he) books; she mustn’t forget (she, her, hers) either.

  2. Whose exercise-book are those? Are they (you, your, yours) or (they, them, their, theirs)?

  3. I see that he has lost (he, him his) pen; perhaps you can lend him (you, your, yours).

  4. Give them (you, your, yours) dictionary; they have left (it, it’s, its) at home.

  5. We have taken (us, our, ours) pens; has she taken (she, her, hers)?

  6. This does not look like (me, my, mine) exercise-book, it must be (she, her, hers).

  7. What colour is the shirt? It is so far that I can’t see (it, it’s, its) colour.

  8. (Them, they, their) rarely drive to (their, them, theirs) office. They live near (it’s, its, it).

  9. Look at (me, mine, my) new watch. Do you like (it, them, its)?

  10. These books are (her, hers, she). Give (them, their, theirs) to (she, her, hers).

  11. Do you like (you, your, yours) new car? – Oh, (it, it’s, its) has never let me down yet.

  12. (Their, theirs, them) work is much more difficult than (you, your, yours) or (me, mine, my).

  13. Why are (you, your, yours) sitting here? It is not (you, your, yours) desk, it is (me, mine, my).

  14. She has not read a line of (you, your, yours)! How can she criticize (you, your, yours) books?

  15. He can live without (me, mine, my) help, but not without (their, them, theirs).

  16. (Me, mine, my) house is on the right side of the street, and (they, them, their, theirs)on the left one.

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