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Дидактический материал. Модальные глаголы.



I.Fill in the blanks with can or be able in different tenses.

1. When Carol’s passed her driving test, she …… hire a car from Jane.

2. When the fog lifts we ….. see where we are.

3. You’ve put too much into your suitcase,you never…..carry it.

4……you use the word processor?

5. He …..skate all day and dance all night.

6. We …..borrow umbrelas from the Smiths;so we didn’t get wet.

7. I knew London so I…..advise Betty what to see.

8. If you had had the right tools…..you have repaired the fence?

9…….I speak to Mr.White, please?

10. If I knew Greek I …..tell you what this means.

II. Insert the correct form of may/might.

1. He said that it….. snow.

2……I give you the hand with the dishes?

3. You should buy now; prices….. go up.

4…..leave it with you?

5. I’d have thought you …… remember your mother’s birthday.

6. I don’t think I’ll succeed but I …..as well try.

7. If we got there early we…… get better tickets.

8…..I come in?

9. If I bought a lottery ticket I ….. win $5,000.

10. Students ….. not bring anything into the examination room.

III. Fill in the blanks with must or have to.

1. You ….. read this book, it’s great.

2. She felt unwell and ….. leave early.

3. I hadn’t enough cash and I ….. pay by cheque.

4. You ….. do what mother says.

5. British pupils ….. stay at school till the age of 16.

6. I was lost and …… ask the policeman the way.

7. The buses were all full;I ….. get a taxi.

8. The chambermaids usually …... do a lot of work.

9. It is very slippery outside;it ….. have showed in the night.

10. I …... leave home at 7 a.m. not to be late for my job.

IV. Fill in mustn’t or needn’t.

1. You ….. ring the bell, I’ve got a key.

2. Exit doors ….. be blocked during the performance.

3. You ….. drink this, it is poison.

4. We ….. drive fast. We have a lot of time.

5. You ….. drive fast; there is a speed limit.

6. We ….. make any noise or we’ll wake a baby.

7. We ….. make any more sandwiches; we have enough.

8. You ….. smoke in the auditorium.

9. We ….. climb any higher, we can see very well from that platform.

10. I ….. go shopping.The fridge is empty.

V. Choose the correct answer according to tense and meaning.

1. If I had a car I ( would drive/ will drive) to my office every day.

2. Gregory ( would have gone/ would go) on a boating trip to Lake Michigan if he had been free.

3. Lora was not in school yesterday. She ( will have/ may have had) an accident.

4. He said he could manage to do something but he ( needed/would need) some help later.

5. Bet was supposed to be home at 7 o’clock. She ( must forget/ must have forgetten) about Sharon’s visit.

6. Where do you think he is today? He ( should have slept/ may have slept) late.

7. Lora missed her classes today. She (might have fallen/ might had fallen) ill.

8. Robert arrived without his book. He ( could have lost/ would have lost) it.

9. Mary received a warning for speeding. She ( should have driven/ shouldn’t have driven) so fast.

10. His car stopped on the way to the bank. It (may run/ may have run) out of petrol.

VI. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. Don’t worry;…..

2. What is done …..

3. How dare you …..

4. The book must be …..

5. You might have offered your help …..

6. I can play tennis well …..

7. I must have seen you somewhere;…..

8. You needen’t hurry; …..

9. I can hardly go away …..

10. Bill was to have started work last week, …..

a. ….. a greet succes with the readers.

b. ….. and leave you alone.

c. ….. they might be going here and will be here in a moment.

d. ….. the train is leaving at 11:00.

e. ….. cannot be undone.

f. ….. but he changes his mind.

g. ….. when he got into trouble.

h. ….. your face is familiar to me.

i. ….. say such things.

j. ….. but I’m unable to play now, I’m not well.











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