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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Дидактический материал на тему "Употребление Present, Past, Future Simple"
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Дидактический материал на тему "Употребление Present, Past, Future Simple"


Дидактический материал.

Задание 1.

Вставь нужную форму глагола to be (am, is, are)

  1. What … your name?

  2. Where … the cats?

  3. My friends … in the park now?

  4. They … in the yard.

  5. What … your favourite school subject?

  6. they at school? – Yes, she and her brother … at school.

  7. I … 10 years old. And how old are you?

  8. It … sunny?

  9. I … happy.

  10. We … very funny.

Задание 2.

Подчеркни нужную форму глагола to be is или are

  1. There is/are some flowers in the jug.

  2. There is/are a pen in the pencil-case.

  3. There is/are a bag on the chair.

  4. There is/are many pictures on the wall.

  5. There is/are some juice in the glass.

  6. There is/are ten books on the shelf.

  7. There is/are a doll on the bench.

  8. There is/are a ball under the table.

  9. There is/are some mice among the baskets.

  10. There is/are a shelf between two windows.

Задание 3.

Составь вопросительные и отрицательные формы данных предложений по образцу.

  1. There is a cat behind the tree.

There isn’t a cat behind the tree.

Is there a cat behind the tree?

  1. There are some cars in the street.

There aren’t any cars in the street.

Are there any cars in the street?

  1. There is a chair next to the table.

  2. There are some flowers in front of the house.

  3. There are two armchairs in the living-room.

  4. There is a pillow on the bed.

  5. There is a rug in the bedroom.

  6. There two bikes under the tree.

  7. There is a bird in the tree.

  8. There are some planes in the sky.

Задание 4.

Посмотри на картинку, ответь на вопросы и опиши комнату.

Описание: Описание: Описание: Просторный и элегантный пентхаус в Стокгольме на InfoHome.co…

  1. Where is the table?

  2. What is there on the table?

  3. Where is the carpet

  4. Where is the piano?

  5. What is there next to the piano?

  6. Where is the picture?

  7. Where is the TV set?

  8. Where are the pillows?

Задание 5.

Употребление глаголов в Present Simple. Подчеркни нужный глагол.

  1. My brother skates/skate very well.

  2. We drinks/drink juice in the morning.

  3. The boy sings/sing a nice song.

  4. Our teacher reads/read us fairy tales.

  5. My parents watches/watch a TV in the evening.

  6. They sails/sail a boat well.

  7. The children swims/swim in the river.

  8. She translates/translate from Russian into English.

  9. The girl learns/learn poems by heart.

  10. My little sister rides/ride her bike.

Задание 6.

Задай общие вопросы, используя вспомогательные глаголы do/does.

  1. She writes letters every week.

  2. My friends always play football in the park.

  3. We go to the museums very often.

  4. They dance with their friends every weekend.

  5. My mother usually cooks dinner for the whole family.

  6. Jane reads newspapers every evening.

  7. Mike often visits his aunt.

  8. Usually she listens to a very loud music.

  9. I do my homework in the evening.

  10. The children water the flowers every day.

Задание 7.

Задайте вопросы в Present Simple, используя вопросительные слова, данные в скобках.

  1. My niece draws funny pictures. (What)

  2. I often get excellent marks at school. (Who)

  3. George rides a camel in the park. (Where)

  4. Jack usually goes to bed at 10 o’clock. (When)

  5. They run in the park every morning. (Why)

  6. We always talk to our friends during the break. (When)

  7. I meet my friends every day. (Whom)

  8. She drinks milk in the morning. (What)

Задание 8.

Напиши глагол to be в Past Simple (was, were)

  1. He … 9 years old last year.

  2. They … at the cinema yesterday.

  3. The children … happy.

  4. There … a lot of birds in the sky.

  5. It … rainy last week.

  6. you at home yesterday? No, I … at the theatre.

  7. My parents … very tired after work.

  8. there a ball under the table?

  9. My favourite school subject … Math last year.

  10. It … great to go to the circus.

Задание 9.

Составь вопросительные и отрицательные предложения в Past Simple по образцу.

  1. She visited London last summer.

Did she visit London last summer?

She didn’t visit London last summer.

  1. They got a letter yesterday.

  2. Mike rode his bike last Sunday.

  3. Jill saw interesting film two days ago.

  4. The children ran in the park.

  5. I had 10 candles on my cake.

  6. We went to bed at 9 o’clock yesterday.

  7. Nick wrote a funny story the day before yesterday.

  8. He drank milk last night.

  9. My elder brother left school last year.

Задание 10.

Задай вопросы в Past Simple, используя вопросительные слова, данные в скобках.

  1. I bought a new bag last week. (What)

  2. My granny slept after lunch yesterday. (When)

  3. She brought two books from the library a day ago. (How many)

  4. The boys made a sandcastle last weekend. (Who)

  5. The girls played in the park last Sunday. (Where)

  6. She went to Paris last summer. (Why)

  7. My dad drank orange juice yesterday. (What)

  8. You got an email from your friend. (Whom … from)

  9. Bess won the competition last Tuesday. (How)

  10. Jane gave me a nice postcard. (What kind of)

Задание 11.

Составь вопросительные и отрицательные предложения в Future Simple по образцу.

  1. You will swim in the river next summer.

Will you swim in the river next summer?

You won’t swim in the river next summer.

  1. It will be foggy tomorrow.

  2. They will travel abroad in two weeks.

  3. Lena will join a sports club next year.

  4. She will buy a house in the country next autumn.

  5. The boys will meet near the station tomorrow.

  6. They will leave Moscow in a week.

  7. Our family will live near the sea next spring.

  8. I will cook dinner next Sunday.

  9. My friend will paint a picture tomorrow.

Задание 12.Задай вопросы в Future Simple, используя вопросительные слова, данные в скобках.

  1. It will cost 25 rubles. (How much)

  2. My little sister will have 9 candles on her birthday cake next year. (How many)

  3. My little brother’s kitten will drink milk in a minute. (Whose)

  4. I will go to bed at 10 o’clock tomorrow. (What time)

  5. He will take pictures next week. (When)

  6. It will be hot in Sochi tomorrow. (Where)

  7. The children will visit the theatre next Saturday. (Who)

  8. Pam will see a lot of places of interest next summer. (What)

  9. My mum will make a cake for the birthday party. (Why)

  10. She will have piano lessons next year. (Who)

Краткое описание документа:

Дидактический материал из 12 заданий. Задания содержат материал для тренировки употребления утвердительной, отрицательной и вопросительной структур в Present, Past, Future Simple.

Задания направлены на развитие устной и письменной речи учащихся. Материал можно использовать как раздаточный материал, а также можно организовать индивидуальную работу с учащимися.

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