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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Дидактический материал по теме "conditional Sentences II"
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Дидактический материал по теме "conditional Sentences II"


Active vocabulary: a blackbird, the moon, to regret, a wish, to wish for, a bench, a cactus, could, a mug, an octopus, a statue, to beg for, to escape, a frock, to look after, to run away, to run out of, to star, to take a bath, to be out of stock, whenever, ambitious, to keep well, noble, on the whole, a servant, to trouble

Grammar: structures expressing real or unreal wishes; structures expressing wishes about present/future moment (I wish)

1. Listen to the three wishes. Whose wish is the best?

1.1 wish I were a magician. I would use my magic power to do something wonderful for people. I would help my classmates' wishes to come true.

  1. I wish my mum didn't have to work. We would spend more time together.

  2. I would like to make cartoons. I wish my cartoons were as interesting as Disney's cartoons. I would be famous.

Put the correct number.

1. All children share the _______wish.

2.The ______ wish is noble but unreal.

3.The _______ wish is not ambitious.

II. Read the text.


Alec found this computer game under the New Year tree in the morning on the first of January. It was a present from his parents. Somebody advised them to buy a game "Solve the Tasks and Win a Prize". When they were buying this game, the shop assistant warned them: "Take care! Our customers say there is some peculiarity in this game". But they didn't pay attention to these words.

Alec was happy to get a new computer game. He turned on the computer and began to play. YOU HAVE TO SOLVE THE TASKS. GOOD LUCK'

The tasks appeared on the screen. Alec managed to solve these tasks/


Alec laughed. This game was very different from any other computer games that he had played. Usually they said, "TRY AGAIN", and told you how to make the game more difficult. I'M GLAD I'VE SOLVED THE TASKS AND THAT'S MY REWARD

But the message remained on the screen. Alec tried to think of something. What could he ask for?

Then he typed the message. I WISH I HAD A TICKET FOR THE FOOTBALL MATCH. MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD. GOOD BYE, - said the screen.

"If you ask a crazy question, you'll get a crazy answer. Nobody has ever asked a computer for tickets," - Alec said to himself.

Three days later his mother returned home from her office and said:

"My brother brought these tickets into my office just before I left for home. He will be busy and won't go to this match. Do you want to go with somebody from your group?"

Alec couldn't believe it but his mother gave him the real tickets for the real match.

Alec ran up to his computer, took out the computer game. YOU HAVE TO SOLVE THE TASKS. GOOD LUCK!

These tasks were more difficult. But Alec managed to do them.


Alec didn't think long. I WISH I COULD GO ON A TRIP.

A moment later he saw on the screen: MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD. GOOD BYE.

...One day at the end of May Alec left the house early and found a card in the mail box. It was a business card and it said, "You have won a trip to America".

The trip was wonderful. Alec visited a lot of interesting places.

When he returned home he first of all ran to his computer and took out his fantastic game. Soon the tasks were solved and the computer invited him again to ask for his prize.

And Alec began to type. He wanted everything and immediately. "I wish..."

The list was very long. He asked for a lot of different things.

The computer began to make a strange noise. Red and white lines appeared on the screen. WARNING! OVERLOAD.

The noise became louder and louder. And then the screen said:


manage справляться

message сообщение

peculiarity странность, особенность

T (true) or F (false).

  1. Alec bought this computer game in January.

  2. The new computer game was a present from his parents.

The shop assistant didn't know that there was some peculiarity in this game.

  1. Alec managed to solve all the tasks.

  1. When Alec asked for a ticket for a football match he was sure that it was a joke.

  1. He believed that it was not just a game.

  1. The computer began to make strange noises because Alec's wish list was too long.


Read the dialogues. Learn by heart three of them. Think of your own dialogues.

Have you got a secret wish? Yes, I want to star in a Hollywood film. Do you believe your wish can come true? I want this most of all. I'm going to study at an acting school.

  • I wish I could win a Nobel Prize.

  • What for?

  • For a new medicine. Have you got a secret wish?

Yes. I wish I had a magic pen. This pen would do my

Your wish is childish and unreal.

  • What would you like to do in the future?

  • I dream to be a showman. But I think it will never come true.

What would you like to be in the future?

A photographer. I would like to take pictures of famous


  • What would you like to do in the future?

  • I'd like to photograph the newest clothes photo would be in magazines.

  • Maybe it will come true.

Is there something you don't like in your сла.'Эйег'1 Yes. I'm a bit lazy.

So am I. I wish I could get rid of t*us rat


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