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Дидактический материал по теме «Степени сравнения прилагательных»

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Дидактический материал по теме «Степени сравнения прилагательных»

Разработан учителем английского языка МБОУ «СОШ № 3» г. Боготола Дмитриевой Е.С. THE DEGREES OF COMPARISON

By the end of the series of activities the students will be able to use the degrees of comparison to compare things and to tell about their preferences.

Teaching and learning materials

  • Look at the picture and explain.

Sveta is tall.

Olga is taller than Sveta.

Tanya is the tallest girl.

  • How do you say these sentences in Russian?

A dog is small. A tiger is big.

A cat is smaller than a dog. A bear is bigger.

A mouse is smallest animal. An elephant is the biggest animal.

- Read the rule from GRAMMAR IN FOCUS

In English we use -er and -est with short adjectives when we want to compare something.

But adjectives ,, good,, and ,,bad,, are different.

Walking is good for you. The weather in England is bad.

Jogging is better than walking. The weather in Alaska is worse.

Running is the best. The weather in the Artic is the worst.

REMEMBER: good - better - the best

Bad - worse - the worst

  • What can you say about these things?

hot | May, June, July cold | November, December, January

… is hotter than … … is colder …

… is the hottest . … is the coldest/

fast | car, bike, train slow | car, bike, train

… is faster than … … is slower than …

… is the fastest. … is the slowest.

  • What do you think? Answer the questions:

Example: Who is bigger? ( a cow or an elephant )

A cow is bigger than an elephant.

1 Who is stronger? ( a lion or a bear )

2 Who is funnier? ( Shrek or Winnie - the - Pooh )

3 Who is smaller? ( a cat or a mouse _

4 What season is warmer? (spring or summer )

- Complete these sentences.

Be careful in spelling. Adjectives like ,,hot,, and ,,big,, double their last letter in the comparatives and superlatives. hot - hotter - the hottest

big - bigger - the biggest

1 A day in winter is … than a day in summer.

2 The Yenisei is …. than the Chulym.

3 Vasya is … in the class.

4 This book is … than that one.

- Read the rule from GRAMMAR IN FOCUS

Adjectives with ,,y,, change to ,,-ier,, and ,,-iest,, like this:

A - It’s sunny day today!

B - Yes, it’s sunnier than yesterday.

A - I think it’s the sunniest day of the year.

- Work with your partner. Practice the following words in the same way.

Windy, cloudy, rainy, foggy.

  • What about the weather now?

  • Is it sunnier than yesterday?

  • Is it cloudy than yesterday?

  • Read the rule from GRAMMAR IN FOCUS

We must use ,,more,, and ,, the most,, with long adjectives.

Example: beautiful - more beautiful - the most beautiful

interesting - more interesting - the most interesting

beautiful ( house )

modern ( car )

interesting ( book )

exciting ( sport )

  • What do you think about these sports?

football, tennis, swimming, skiing, table tennis, basketball.

  • Write some sentences about them. You can use these words:

dangerous, exciting, boring, interesting, difficult.

Example: Football is more exciting than golf but I think skiing is the most exciting sport.

  • How much do you know about the world? You have 3 minutes.

Work with your partner and try to answer as many questions as possible:

1 The nearest planet is … .

2 The smallest planet is … .

3 The tallest animal in the world is … .

4 The biggest city in the world is … .

5 The biggest country in the world is … .

6 The population of England is bigger than the population in your country. True/False

7 London is smaller than Moscow. True/False

  • Do you know any more tallest / smallest / fastest facts?

Ask the students in the class.

  • Ask your partner about his/her preferences or options. Fill in the table.

1 What is the best food for you?

2 Who is the worst fairy tale character?

3 What is the worst food for you?

4 What is the most interesting book?

- Turn to the pupils sitting behind. Ask them

- What else do you want to know about your classmates’ preferences?

Work in a group of four. Turn to the pupils sitting behind you and write the questions you

want to ask to your classmates.

  • Ask your classmates about their preferences and opinions.

  • Look at the blackboard.

REMEMBER: -er -est

1 big bigger the biggest

happy happier the happiest

more the most

2 beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful

interesting more interesting the most interesting

3 good better the best

bad worse the worst

  • Test yourself

Fill in the blanks.

  1. I am … in my family ( small ). My brother Tom is … than me ( old ). Our grandfather is … in our family (old ). Tom is … than me ( tall ). He is … in his class ( tall ). He is … student in his class ( good ). But sometimes I have … marks than tom has ( good ).

  1. Put the correct words in the sentences.

1 England is … than America. 5 Sun is … planet

2 History is … than Math. 6 Moscow is … than Krasnoyarsk.

3 Tom is … in the class. 7 Football is … sport.

4 A mouse is … animals. 8 Today is … than yesterday.

3 Look at this picture. These are the characters of Disney’s cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Compare them.

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