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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Дидактический материал по теме "Степени сравнения прилагательных" (5-6 кл.)
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Дидактический материал по теме "Степени сравнения прилагательных" (5-6 кл.)



МБОУ «СОШ № 7»,

г. Усть-Илимск

учитель английского языка:

Новицкая Галина Николаевна


5 – 6 классов


Задачи:1. ознакомление с материалом. формировaние и активизация

грамматических навыков у учащихся по теме «прилагательное.

наречие. степени сравнения.»

2.тренировка учащихся в умении образовывать наречия и степени

сравнения прилагательных и наречий.

3.тренировка, отработка и контроль навыков чтения.


Степени сравнения имён прилагательных

1. Вспомните как образуются степени сравнения прилагательных. Закончите по аналогии данную таблицу.






The smallest



the biggest


f atter

The fattest




The happiest



more interesting

The most interesting



more useful

the most useful


less useful

The least useful



II. Эти прилагательные образуют степени сравнения двумя способами

Clever ( more clever –the most clever или cleverer - the cleverest )

Shallow, Narrow, Simple, Quiet

III. Исключения !!!



The best



The worst



The least



The most



The oldest/The eldest



The farthest/The furthest



The latest/The last

IV. Усилители !!! much +прил.в сравнительной степени

A little\ a bit +прил.в сравнительной степени

e.g. She is much prettier than her sister.

This book is much more expensive than that one.

V. The more we get together the happier we are.

The more we learn the less we know.

The sooner the better.

VI. She is as kind as her friend.

He is as strong as his dad.

Today is not as\so warm as it was yesterday

EX.I. Use: - Badly dangerously heavily fast angrily quiet


It's raining

She shouted at me

He was driving

She can run very

He sings very

They came in

Ex.II. Choose the right word adjective or adverb .

I opened the door slow\slowly,

Why are you angry/angrily? I haven't done anything.

Bill is a careful/carefully driver. He drives careful/carefully.

Can you please repeat that, slow/slowly?

Come on, George! Why are you always so slow/slowly?

The party was very good/well. I enjoyed it very much.

Tom didn't do very good/well in his examination.

Jane is studying hard/hardly for her examinations.

'Where's Diane?' 'She was here, but she left sudden/suddenly.

I met them a long time ago, so I don't remember them very good/well.

My brother isn't very good/well at the moment.

Ex.III. Complete the sentences with a bit or much + a comparative (older/better etc.]

Jill is 25. Gary is 24.Gary is ………………………..

Jack's mother is 54. His father is 68. Jack's mother

My camera cost £100. Yours cost £96. My camera

Yesterday I felt terrible. Today I feel okay. I feel…………………………..

Today the temperature is 12 degrees. Yesterday it was ten degrees.

It's today yesterday.

Ann is a fantastic tennis player. I'm not very good. Ann is ……..

Ex. IV Write sentences with as ... as ...

Athens is older than Rome. Rome

My room is bigger than yours. Your room isn't

You got up earlier than me. I didn't

We played better than them. They didn't

5 Jim isn't as clever he thinks.

Ex.V Insert than or as where it is necessary.

I feel better…….. I felt yesterday

Athens is older ……Rome

Belgium is smaller Switzerland.

I can't wait longer ……. an hour.

You eat more me.

I don't watch TV as much .. …. you.

Ex.VI. Complete the sentences. Use a superlative (the oldest etc.).

This building is very old. It's…………………………………… in the town.

It was a very happy day. It was of my life.

It's a very good film. It's I've ever seen.

She's a very popular singer. She's in our country.

It was a very bad mistake. It was I've ever made.

It's a very pretty village. It's I've ever seen.

It was a very cold day. It was of the year.

He's a very interesting person. He's I've ever me


1. This book is( a) much interestinger b)less interesting c)the least interesting d)much interesting) than that one.

2 My (a)elder b)the eldest c)older d)the elder )brother is a doctor.

3.Mary is(a) more older b)much older c)the oldest d)much more old ) than Betsy.

4.This is (a)the best b)the better c)more better d) the good ) film I have ever seen.

5.The sooner,(a)the best b)better c)the better d)best).

6.This case is (a) heavier b)the heavier c)heavy d)heavyer) than that one.

7.The mistake is the (a)worst b)worse c)badder d)baddest )I have ever made.

8.He is the (a) cleverest b)most clever c)clevereest d)cleverer) student in our form.

9.I am waiting for your( a)father b)fartherst c)further d)the furthest) instructions.

10. She is as (a)pretty b)prettier c)the prettiest d)the most pretty) as her sister.

EX. VIII. Choose the right word.

He must be a bad/badly student. He hard/hardly studies at all.

It's a beautiful/ beautifully arranged bunch of flowers. It's real/ really good/ well.

I'm impressed how fluent / fluently she speaks English. Her language is accurate / accurately too.

I'm not sure she is a good /well teacher. She is very patient/patiently with children.

She is a wonderful / wonderfully cook. All her dishes smell and taste nice /nicely.

I'm absolute / absolutely sure that it's a real/really pearl.

The task is surprising/surprisingly easy. I'm sure we'll do it very quick/quickly.

Sue looks different /differently after her illness. She doesn't feel good/well enough yet.

Your composition is quite good/well. You've been working hard/hardly lately.

He is a slow/slowly thinker but he does everything very attentive / attentively.

Ex IX. Поставьте прилагательные в правильной форме.


When I was a child I often went to see my grandmother. I thought her house was as __1__ (beautiful) as a palace and the garden seemed __2__ (big) than a park. As I grew __3__ (old) the house and the garden seemed __4__ (small) but I still loved visiting the old lady who was __5__ (wise) and __6__ (intelligent) than many other people. She was __7__ (kind) person in the world. Sometimes I played with the doll’s house which was __8__ (old) than Grandmother herself; at other times I looked at books which were __9__ (interesting) and __10__ (beautiful) than my children’s books at home. But most of all I liked a ___11__ (big) Chinese vase. It was __12__ (tall) than me and I could not see inside it. Before she died, grandmother gave the vase I loved so much. But two my sons didn’t like it. They liked football __13__ (well) than the vase and were __14__ (naughty) of all children. One day I came home from the shops. Paul and Philip met me at the door, Paul had a ball in his hands. “I’m __15__ (good) football player. I got a goal and broke the vase.” Philip was __16__ (diplomatic) than Paul “It doesn’t really matter, does it? You told us it wasn’t __17__ (new).

EX X. Прочитайте текст .Вставьте пропущенные слова. Найдите в тексте прилагательные

A Good Lesson

Once a rich Englishwoman called Mrs. Johnson decided to have a---1-------- party. She invited a lot of guests and a----2-------. The singer was poor, but he had a very good voice.

The singer got to Mrs. Johnson's house at exactly six o'clock as he had been asked to do, but when he went in, he saw that there were a lot of guests in the dining-room .They were sitting round a big table in the middle of the room. The guests were eating, joking, laugh­ing, and talking loudly. Mrs. Johnson came out to him, and he thought she was going to ask him to join them, when she said, "We're glad, sir, that you have come. You will be singing after dinner, I'll call you as soon as we're ready to listen to you. Now will you go into the-----3----- and have dinner, too, please?"

The singer was very----4------, but said nothing. At first he wanted to leave Mrs. Johnson's house at once, but then he changed his mind and decided to stay and teach her and her rich guests a good lesson. When the singer went into the kitchen, the-----5----- were having dinner, too. He joined them. After dinner, the singer thanked everybody and said:

"Well, now I'm going to sing to you, my good friends." And he sang them some beautiful songs. Soon Mrs. Johnson called the singer: "Well, Sir, we're ready."

"Ready?" asked the" singer. "What are you ready for?"

"To listen to you," said Mrs. Johnson in an angry voice.

"------6-----to me? But I have already sung, and I'm afraid I shan't be able to sing any more tonight." -"Where did you sing?" "In the kitchen. I always sing for those with whom I have----7------.

Birthday, kitchen , angry , singer, Listen , dinner ,servants

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