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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Дидактический материал к мультфильму "Muzzy from Gondoland"
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Дидактический материал к мультфильму "Muzzy from Gondoland"


Episode 1

Names in the story:


The King

The Queen

Bob, the gardener

Princess Silvia


Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

How do you do?






A palace

A garden

A gardener

An advisor

To travel by a spaceship

A map

A helmet

To ride a bile


A peach

A plum

To count

To make sb do sth

To watch

To happen to sb

To faint

To be upset

To run down sb

A helicopter

Who in the story:

1 _________ is brave/ strong/ clever/ fat/ beautiful

2 _________ has a garden?

3 _________ likes peaches, grapes, and plums?

4 _________ loves princess Silvia?

5 _________ loves Bob?

6 _________ is riding a bike?

7 _________ travels by a spaceship?

8 _________ makes Bob count trees, bushes, flowers in the garden?

9 ________ is fainting?

10 _______ is running down Bob and Silvia?

11________ is watching Boband Silvia in the garden?

12 _________ the King’s advisor?

Answer the questions:

1 What are the main character’s names?

2 What is Corvex making Bob do?

3 What is princess putting in her bag?

4 Where is she going to?

5 What are Bob and Silvia riding?

6 What is happening to the Queen when she knows that Silvia loves the gardener?

Episode 2

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A spaceship

To follow sb

A helicopter

A soldier

To arrest sb

To order to do

Take him away!

To take sb to prison

To be in prison

A cell

To get angry with sb

To be hungry

To taste sth

A greengrocer

The greengrocer’s

To sell


A parking meter

To call the police

A type writer

To be afraid=to be frightened

To come from France=to be from France

To like sb to do sth

To slam the door in the face of sb

Answer the questions:

1 How are the King and the Queen running down Bob and Silvia?

2 What does the King order to do with Bob?

3 What are the soldiers doing with Bob?

4 What does Sylvia feel?

5 Where do soldiers take Bob?

6 What is Bob’s cell number?

7 Who does Bob meet there?

8 What does Bob feel when he sees Muzzy?

9 Why is he in prison?

10 Does Sylvia like Corvax to love her?

11 What does she do when he follows her to her room?

Translate questions about Muzzy story using active vocabulary and answer them.

Use Present Simple or Present Continuous Tenses:

1 Как Маззи путешествует?

2 Что он любит есть?

3 Кого он встречает первым?

4 Какие фрукты он пробует во фруктовой лавке?

5 Чем торгует зеленщик?

6 Почему зеленщик вызывает полицию?

7 Что полицейские делает с Маззи?

8 Что Маззи делает с печатной машинкой?

9 Откуда он родом?

Episode 3

1 Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To create sb

To become friends

A bar

To bit sth through

A pond

To be free

To get free

To decide to do

To happen to sb

A way out

Escape (v/n) from prison

To look for the palace

To get angry with sb

To hit

To obey sb

To want sb to do sth



















2 Match the halves:

1 When a person is hungry

2 When a person is wet

3 When a person is cold

4 When a person is thirsty

5 When a person is tired

A he wants to have a rest

B he wants to have a drink

С he wants to get dry

D he wants to get warm

E he wants to have a hamburger

Cover the sentences and check your memory.

3Translate and then answer the questions:

1 Кого Corvax решает создать?

2 Кто становится друзьями?

3 Что они решают сделать?

4 Как они становятся свободными?

5 Куда они падают из окна ?

6 Как Muzzy себя чувствует?

7 Где находится Боб?

8 Что они ищут и зачем?

4 Write down the prepositions of place. (3.4)

Turn off the sound? Watch again and work in pairs in this way:

Where is Norman? — He is in the box.

5 Answer the questions:

1 Why does Corvax create a new Sylvia?

2 What can a new Sylvia do?

3 What does Corvax want new Sylvia to do?

4 Does she obey him?

5 Why is he getting angry with a new Sylvia?

6 What is he doing with his computer and why?

7 How many Sylvias are there?

Episode 4

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To do exercise

To hide (hid; hidden)

A shed

To embroider

To be well/ unwell

To pretend to do

A knife/ knives

A plate

A glass

A bowl

To ask sb for sth

To arrange to do

Have a rest!

To slip away from home

A patient

1 Translate and then answer the questions:

1 Где находятся Маззи и Боб?

2 Кого они ищут?

3 Что Сильвия делает в саду?

4 Почему они прячутся за памятником?

5 Что они просят у Сильвии?

6 Где и когда они договариваются встретиться вечером?

2 Look at the clock and tell the time? Why is Norman busy? What is he doing?

3 Answer the questions:

1 What is the Queen doing at 1 o’clock?

2 Where is the King? What is he doing?

3 Who are the clocks in Sylvia’s bag for? Where is she going?

4 What does she say to her mum? Why does she pretend to have a headache?

5 How many patients does the doctor have? What is the matter with the first patient (the second etc)?

6 What does the Queen say to Sylvia?

7 Is Sylvia going to have lunch in her room? What is she going to do?

4.1 Match the halves:

1 You use a knife

2 You use a fork

3 You use a glass

4 You use a bowl

A to drink sth

B to eat soup

С to eat sth

D to cut sth

Cover the sentences and check your memory.


What does the Queen tell the King at lunch time?

How many Sylvias did the King and the Queen see? What are Sylvias doing?

Episode 5

5.1/5.2 (seasons, months, days of week)

Translate new words:

It’s getting dark.

To get dark

It gets dark at 7 o’clock

Answer the questions:

1 What happened to Corvax’s computer?

2 What time does it get dark in Britain in autumn, in spring, in summer, in winter?

3 What time does it get dark in Russia in autumn, in spring, in summer, in winter?

4 What sport do people do on Monday, Tuesday etc?

5 What activity do you do on Monday, Tuesday etc?


Translate new words:

On the left

On the right

In the middle

On the top floor

On the ground floor

To repair


To result in sth

Answer the questions:

1 How many windows are there on the ground floor, on the first floor, on the second floor, on the top floor?

2 Where is Sylvia’s room?

3 Where is Corvax’s room?

4 What is he going with his computer?

5 What does his repair result in?

5.4 (there is/ there are)

Translate new words:

To get things ready

To look round

To be surprised

To be shocked

The clock is striking 7

To come from

It’s time to have dinner

To slide down the stairs

To have fun

To bounce on the armchairs

To pick up flowers

To swing

Translate and answer the questions:

1 Что делает Сильвия?

2 Куда она собирается пойти?

3 Почему она оглядывается по сторонам?

4 Кого она встречает на лестнице?

5 Что чувствуют король и королева, когда они видят много Сильвий?

6 Откуда Сильвии выходят?

What time is the clock striking? What does the Queen say?

How many Sylvias are there and what are they doing?

  • in the kitchen

  • in the hall

  • near the fireplace

  • against the wall

  • in the sitting-room

  • on the stairs

  • in the garden

  • in the bathroom

  • on the chandelier


Translate new words:

To wait for sb

A shed

To steal

To be frightened

To reach

Follow me!

Translate and answer the questions:

1 Что Боб и Маззи делают в сарае?

2 Почему Сильвия напугана?

3 Почему мальчик плачет?

4 Кто ему помогает?

5 Что он крадет?

6 Что Боб понимает?

7 Что он говорит Сильвии и Маззи


Episode 6


Translate new words:

To repair

Your Majesty!

To get red

To be confused

To ran away

To fly a helicopter

To be worried

To follow sb

To thank sb for

To stun sb

To take sb to prison

To disappear

To get married

Corrective labor camp

To feel miserable

To go away

To invite sb to do

To see sb off

Answer the questions:

1 What is the King doing?

2 What happened to the King?


Answer the questions:

1 What is Corvax going to do?

2 In what way is Corvax running away?

3 Who is repairing the computer?

4 What does the Queen feel when Muzzy is repairing the computer?

5 How did she thank Muzzy?

6 What does Muzzy feel?

7 Who is following Corvax?

8 What are Corvax and Bob doing in the helicopter?

9 How did Bob win Corvax?

10 Where do the soldiers take Corvax?


Translate and answer the questions:

1 Что происходит с Сильвиями?

2 Что Боб и Сильвия решили сделать?

3 Где работает Corvax?

4 Как он себя чувствует?

5 Куда уезжает Маззи?

6 Куда король и королева приглашают его?

7 Что они делают у космического корабля?

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка является методичкой с заданиями к извесному мультфильму "Muzzy from Gondoland" в оригинале, на английском языке. Думаю этот мультфильм хорошо известен, и не составит труда найти его.

Мультфильм поделен на шеть эпизодов и к каждому эпизоду подобраны слова и выражения необходимые для описания собитий, произходящих в эпизоде. Помимо этого разработаны вопросы, которые помогут учителю проверить понимание учениками просмотренного и ответить на них, используя данную активную лексику.

Учитель может распечатать детям задания и раздать, чтобы дома они перевели лексику к эпизоду самостоятельно.

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