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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Дидактический материал по аудированию для УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой
ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

Дистанционный курс "Оказание первой помощи детям и взрослым" от проекта "Инфоурок" даёт Вам возможность привести свои знания в соответствие с требованиями закона и получить удостоверение о повышении квалификации установленного образца (180 часов). Начало обучения новой группы: 26 апреля.

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  • Иностранные языки

Дидактический материал по аудированию для УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой


UNIT 1 #6

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:


To be fond of doing sth

To dream (dreamt) about sth

To laugh

Hurry up

In one’s dream

Correct the statements:

1 Tom was 5 years old.

2 He lived in the South of Scotland.

3 His telephone number was 602-4539.

4 He had red hair.

5 His mum was fat and short.

6 His mum’s eyes were blue.

7 His mum’s hair was dark.

8 He was fond of going swimming.

9 He was going to go to the zoo with his dad.

10 They went to the zoo in the afternoon.

11 He dreamt about a lion last night.

12 His mum and dad were in his dream.

UNIT 2 #10

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To learn a foreign language

A foreigner




Primary school


To look dangerous

To look at sb

I can hardly believe my eyes!

To be afraid of sth/sb

Choose the correct statements:

1a) The mother-cat is short.

b) The mother-cat is wise.

2a) The mother cat and her kittens live down stairs.

b) All the cats live upstairs.

3a) The kittens eat vegetables for breakfast.

b) The kittens eat porridge and milk for breakfast.

4a) Every morning the mother0cat goes to a primary school.

b) Every morning the kittens go to a primary school.

5a) The kittens aren’t fond of Maths.

b) The kittens dislike foreign language most of all.

6a) Cats and dogs speak the same language.

b) Cats and dogs speak different language.

UNIT 3 # 15

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

An exhibit

A sculpture


A manuscript






Answer the questions:

1 Where is the British Museum situated?

2.What colour is the building of the British Museum?

3 What collections are there in the Museum?

4 Where did many exhibits come from?

5 What can you find in the Manuscript room?

6 How many books are there in the library of the British Museum?

7 What is the Reading room in shape?

UNIT 4 #20

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To travel on business

To catch a 9 o’clock plane

To look through the things

To look for sth

To take a taxi

To be going to do

To try to do

A queue


A flight

A (non)-smoking area

A seat

An aisle

A boarding pass

An airport worker

Answer the questions:

1 What is the main character’s name?

2 Where does he often travel?

3 How is he going to travel today?

4 What can’t he find in his things?

5 Where is he looking his passport?

6 Where did he find it?

7 What time does the plane leave?

8 What does he get to the airport by?

9 Whom is he speaking at the check-in to?

10 What city does he leave for?

11 What seat does he want to have?

12 What seat did he get?

13 What is his flight number?

14 What did the airport worker give him?

15 What is his seat number?

16 How much time does he have before the flight?

UNIT 5 #23

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

Levi Strauss




San Francisco

To look for gold

Strong material

To build a tent

To colour sth red

People all over the world

To be practical

To decide to do

To become dirty

A gold digger

Gold fever

Listen and write “true” or “false”:

1 Levi Strauss came to America from Germany.

2 He arrived in New York.

3 He had a lot of material to make tents of.

4 People, who looked for gold, wanted to have light, beautiful jeans.

5 Levi Strauss coloured his jeans because he was fond of the blue colour.

Answer the questions:

1 When did Levi Strauss arrive in the USA?

2 Where is San Francisco situated?

3 Why were there many people in California in those days?

4 Where did gold diggers work most part of their time?

5 Do people all over the world wear blue or white jeans?

UNIT 6 # 27

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A writer


A medical college

A nurse

To get married

A capital city

To miss city life

To prefer peace

A historical novel

To create a character

Correct the statements:

1 Mary Baker is an actress.

2 She started to write when she became 18.

3 She has already written 15 books.

4 She didn’t use to write poems.

5 She is single.

6 She studied at the teacher college.

7 She used to be a doctor.

8 She used to live in the country.

9 She misses her city life.

10 She doesn’t like the country life.

11 She is writing a love novel now.

12 People didn’t use to grow food many years ago.

13 People used to travel in cars and planes.

UNIT 7 # 30

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:


A sunset

To be on fire

To commit a crime

To steal (stole; stolen)

To be in panic

A thief — thieves

A theft

To happen to sb



Answer the questions:

1 What was time of the day in the story?

2 Where is the hotel situated?

3 What happened to a hotel?

4 What did people at the hotel do?

5 Did everybody leave the hotel?

6 What did he do when the fire began?

7 What did he look for in the rooms?

8 What did the people feel when the fire began?

9 What did he take when he left the hotel?

10 What is he going to do with it?

11 Whom did he tell his story?

UNIT 8 #34

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

Tony Russell


Kamal Rai

To decide to do sth

The jungle

To leave the camp

To protect sb from sth

To prepare for the trip


To be quiet


Answer the questions:

1 When did Tony Russell go to last year?

2 How long was he there?

3 Where did he work?

4 Where was the hospital situated?

5 What did he use to do in the morning?

6 Where did he decide to go?

7 What was his friend fond of?

8 What time did they start to prepare for the trip?

9 What did the shoes and trousers protect them from?

10 What animal did they hope to see?

11 What did they find in the grass?

UNIT 9 #37

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A businessman

To fly a plane

To invite to do

To take off = to go up

To land = to come down

To do a trick

To thank sb for doing sth

Correct the statements:

1 George Brown was a doctor.

2 He didn’t use to travel.

3 He liked to go cycling.

4 When he was 35 he bought a boat.

5 George invited his friend Mike to have dinner together.

6 His friend Mike has never travelled by plane.

7 His friend refused his invitation.

8 George didn’t do any tricks in the air.

9 Mike wasn’t afraid of his tricks.

10 Mike wanted to have another trip.

UNIT 10 #40

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A few days ago

To forget (forgot; forgotten) sth

It doesn’t matter

It’s just what I wanted

To dislike sth

Complete the sentences or correct them:

1 Bobby’s birthday was ___________________________ ago.

2 Last _______________ his _____________________ came to visit them.

3 He brought Bobby a ______________________as a birthday present

4 Bobby’s birthday was last _____________________________.

5His grandfather didn’t come because he _________________________________________________

6 Bobby didn’t thank for the present. ____________________________________________________

7 Bobby disliked the present ___________________________________________________________

8 Bobby was _____ years old now.

9 When Bobby is older, he is going to be _____________________

UNIT 12 #43

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

Secondary school

Primary school

To approve of sb’s behaviour


To hit (hit) sb

To hit sb back

To cry

A crying boy

Complete the sentences, correct them or answer the questions:

1 How many children did the family have? Where they boys or girls?_______________________

2 Their native town was situated in ___________________________________________________

3 Their house consisted of ________ rooms.

4 The children went to __________________ school.

5 Were the children sportive? _______________________________________________________

6 Did they study well? _____________________________________________________________

7 They have never fought with other boys? ____________________________________________

8 Their mother always approved of such a behaviour. ____________________________________

9 Why did one child cry when he came back home from school? __________________________


10 When one child came back home from school, the second was cleaning the room _______________________________________________________________________________

11 William was their cousin.________________________________________________________

12 Who started to fight first? ________________________________________________________

UNIT 13 # 46

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A flight

The British Airways

An engine

To work as a builder

A companion

A stewardess

A journey


A passenger

A captain

A voice


I have to inform you

To lose (lost) a match against sb

Complete the sentences, correct them or answer the questions:

1 The flight was from London to France.______________________________________________

2 The flight must begin at _____ o’clock but it was _____________ and started at ______ o’clock.

3 Who did the plane belong to? _____________________________________________________.

4 The plane had got ________ engines.

5 Michael is my ________________________ in my jorneys to Africa.

6 Michael worked as a ______________ but now he works as a _____________________.

7 What didn’t Michael like? ____________________________________________

8 What happened to one engine? ____________________________________

9 What were the passengers thinking about? __________________________________

10 The captain said: “I have got bad news for you. I have to inform you that we are going to fall down and to die.”______________________________________________________________

UNIT 14 #49

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

A century

To discover sth

A discovery

A ball

To talk to sb

A talk


A minister



To be late

To shout

As loud as

The latest news

A guest

Complete the sentences, correct them or answer the questions:

1 In the 18th century young ladies in Italy usually had poor knowledge of ____________________

2 They (ladies) read a lot about America._____________________________________________

3 America was called ____________________________________________________________.

4 Once a young lady was invited to _________________________________________________.

5 She belonged to a neither rich nor famous family.______________________________________

6 Important people talked to her because they __________________________________________.

7 She understood the subject of clever people’s talk.____________________________________

8 She was ugly. __________________________________________________________________

9 Why was one of the guests, professor, late? __________________________________________

10 Where did the professor’s friend come from?________________________________________

UNIT 15 # 51

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To fall ill

To stay in bed

A bottle

To try to do

Complete the sentences, correct them or answer the questions:

1 John fell ill in summer___________________________________________________________

2 The doctor told him to ___________________________________________________________

3 John must take the medicine 5 times a day.___________________________________________.

4 Who did John remember about?_____________________________________________________

5 When did he read this book ________________________________________________________?

6 Tim is John’s dog ______________________________________________________________.

7 Tim doesn’t like the medicine._____________________________________________________

8 John’s mum didn’t see that John gave the medicine to Tim.______________________________

8 John’s mum said: “Tim can_________________________________________________________”

9 John’s mum said: “You should take the medicine and ________________.”

UNIT 16 # 54

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:


To advise sb to do

To have a rest

A quiet country place

An illness

A cigar

To walk

It’s not a joke to do sth

Answer the questions, complete or correct the statements:

1 In what way did the doctor examine the patient?_(5things)__________________________________


__________________________________________________________________________________2 The doctor advised him to ___________________________________________________(2 things)

3 The patient must stay in the country for _______________________________________________.

4 The doctor prescribed him to ________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________( 3 things)

5 After a good rest in the country the patient looked _______________________________________

6 How many cigars did the patient smoke a day before the doctor’s advice to smoke just a cigar a day? ________________________________________________________________________________

UNIT 17 # 57

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To sell(sold)


To have an idea

To be angry with sb

To take away sth

A line

To do an ill turn

To spoil sth

A buyer

To wear (wore;worn)

Answer the questions, complete or correct the statements:

1 How old was Martha Marple?______________________________

2 Did she have a husband?_____________________________________

3 She worked in a ____________________________________________________________

4 What did she sell? ____________________________________________.

5 One of her buyers was __________________________ by profession.

6 He was ill. What was wrong with him? _____________________________________________

7 He wore ____________________ clothes.

8 What did he usually buy?________________________________________

9 Why did Martha decide to help him?____________________________________________

10 What idea did she have? ________________________________________________________

11 The man thanked Martha for her help.____________________________________________

12 What was the result of her help?_________________________________________________

UNIT 19 # 59

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:


To behave badly

To make sb unhappy

To make noise


To tell lies

An opportunity to do

To teach sb good manners

To give sb a useful lesson

To shout

Answer the questions or correct the statements:

1 Who made the old gentleman unhappy?______________________________

2 How did they make him unhappy?____________________________________________________

3 He thought that they had________________________________________________________

4 When he was walking in the park he saw the boys with_______________________________.

5 What competition did they hold in ________________________________________________ ?

6 The winner of the competition will ________________________________________________

7 The old gentleman got the opportunity to _________________________________________.

8 He said : “_____________________________________________________________.”

9 Who won?____________________________________________

10 Did he teach the boys good manners?______________________________________

UNIT 20 # 61

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary:

To get angry with sb

To be good/poor at sth

To take place

To call

To let (let) sb go

To leave (left) without Permission

Answer the questions, complete or correct the statements:

1 Tom was poor at ( 2 subjects)_____________________________________________________

2 The teacher asked him questions about 2 countries. What are they?_______________________

3 The teacher asked what the ______________________of England, Scotland and Wales were.

4 The teacher asked him when the Great Fire of ______________________took place.

5 The teacher asked him who was the first _______________ of the USA.

6 How many questions did Tom answer? ____________________________________________

7 The teacher shouted because Tom left the teacher without permission.

8 Tom thought that George Washington was the next student whom the teacher called.

UNIT 21 # 63

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary::



The Lacons





To defend Motherland from enemy

A rule

To rule

A ruler

To collect am army

To conquer

To win a battle

To ruin

Answer the questions, complete or correct the statements:

1 People, called the Lacons, lived in ____________________________________________________

2 They were very__________________________________________________________________.

3 Their rule was “________________________________________”.

4 A laconic answer means a very _________________________ answer.

5 Macedonia was situated in___________________________________________________________.

6 Who ruled there? __________________________________________________________________

7 The king of Macedonia was neither __________________ nor _____________________________.

8 What did he want to become? _______________________________________________________

9 What country did he want to conquer? __________________________________________________

10 What did he write in his letter? ______________________________________________________


11 What was the answer?______________________________________________________________

UNIT 22 # 64

Translate new words and copy them into your vocabulary::

To greet sb

To do the shopping

A store

A buying

To feel sorry for doing

To mix up one’s name

To excuse oneself for doing

To look like sb

Answer the questions, complete or correct the statements:

1 How old was Mrs Green?_________________________________________________________

2 She lived in a town.______________________________________________________________.

3 In the little shop she bought ________________________________________________________.

4 Once a week she went to do the shopping to____________________________________________.

5 She bought meat at the butcher’s, fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s every Sunday._________


6 The shop assistant greeted her “Good morning, Mrs Green”_________________________________

7 What mistake did the shop assistant make? ______________________________________________

8 What did the shop assistant do next? ___________________________________________________

9 The next week the shop assistant didn’t mix up Mrs Green’s name.___________________________

10 Was there a woman who looked like Mrs Green or did the shop assistant mix up her name?_______


Краткое описание документа:

Материал представляет собой набор карточек для проверки навыков аудирования к УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой "Английский 5 класс" для школ с углубленным изучением иностранных языков.

Учитель с помощью этих заданий сможет проверить насколько полно и правильно ученики понимают услышанное, а заодно одновременно проверить весь класс, а не отдельных учеников.

Задания разработаны для всех уроков- аудирований данного УМК и собраны в методичку.

Идея создать подобные задания появилась у меня в ходе работы с иностранными учебниками типа New English File, Project, т.к. подобные задания помогают нетолько проверить общее понимание услышанного, а также уяснить детали. Более того, выполнениетаких заданий в системе поможет детям развить восприятие иностранной речи на слух и плавно подвести их к формату заданий ОГЭ и ЕГЭ

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