Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыДифференцированный зачет для экономистов (1 вариант)

Дифференцированный зачет для экономистов (1 вариант)

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Зачет по иностранному языку для студентов 2 курса

Вариант 1



Which words complete the sentences correctly? Choose A, B or C.


  1.  I like ice cream, but it ________my favourite food.

A aren’t B isn’t C am not


  1. It ______________ a beautiful day yesterday.

A was B were C did


  1. I haven’t got______________ to do my homework.

A times B a time C time


  1. I ... to music in my room now.

A am listening B listen C was listening


  1. At Lucy’s party last night,___________ 40 people.

A there are B there was C there were


  1. At the weekend we ____________ on bike rides.

A goes B do go C go


  1. I_____________ late for school.

A occasionally B occasionally am C am occasionally


  1. When you rang me yesterday, I … a bath.

A were having B was having C had had


  1. I ____________between 11pm and 6am yesterday.

A was sleeping B am sleeping C sleeping


  1. They ____________ to the seaside last year.

A didn’t went B didn’t go C weren’t go


  1. I haven’t done my homework_____________ .

A already B just C yet


  1. Look! That boy ... alone on the edge of the road.

A are staying B staying C is staying


  1. The plane _____________at 6:40 tomorrow.

A leaves B is leave C leaving


  1. I ____________ my friend 2 weeks ago.

A meet B did met C met


  1. I’m sure _____________later, so I’m taking an umbrella.

A it will rain B it’s raining C it rains


  1. This time next year we ________ the Pacific Ocean. 

A cross B will cross C crossing


  1. Stephen Hawking, _____________in Cambridge, is a famous scientist.

A where lives B who lives C that lives


  1. Mammoths ... big animals, bigger than elephants.

A was B were C are


  1. I____________ to see that film yesterday if I liked action movies.

A would have gone B would go C went



  1. I ______ in the car now.

A am waiting B is waiting C wait


  1. A company or person that makes goods

A producer B customer C service


  1. Products which are not goods

A price B services C market


  1. The activity of persuading people to buy something.

A supply B advertising C demand


  1. A place where buyers and sellers are in contact with one another.

A market B hospital C warehouse


  1. The relationship between the quantity of products and services that are for sale and the quantity that people want to buy.

A supply and demand B price and cost C sales and price 


  1. Things produced and sold

A goods B services C goods and services


  1. Someone who buys goods or services.

A producer B customer C person


  1. The amount of money you pay for something.

A sale B demand C price


  1. FIAT is an Italian car ________

A retailer B customer C producer


  1. Every company wants to have a _________from its sales.

A money B profit C bonuse


  1. ____________is when sellers try to be more successful than others in a market

A competition B event C ownership


  1. The new Coca Cola _________campaign is fantastic.

A company B advertising C market


  1. Mr Johnson is the_________ of this restaurant.

A trademark B owner C guest


  1. Please send the __________by train.

A profit B services C goods


  1. We want to_______ a new company.

A set up B provide C install


  1. IKEA has a lot of_______ in Europe.

A outlets B businesses C  markets


  1.  I hope I become a successful________

A fee B outlet C entrepreneur


  1. someone whose job is to keep and check financial accounts

A seller B buyer C accountant


  1. to make a formal request

A to apply B to make invoice C to advertise


  1. a meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job

A lesson B meeting C interview





Interviewer: So, Mr Laxer. Tell us something about your company. 1) _______________

Mr Laxer: Well, we make MP3 players. We specialise in small, light, coloured, and of course, highly-technological MP3 players. Interviewer: 2)___________________

Mr Laxer: Absolutely. At the beginning this product was just for young people. But now it's become very popular with older people as well. Today everybody listens to music any time, anywhere.

Interviewer: I agree with you but 3)_______________ . I mean, there are so many mobile phones with this function.

Mr Laxer: It's true but still , our MP3 players have a good market. They have an unbeatable price compared to other similar articles and of course they're cheaper than good mobile phones.

Interviewer: 4) _________________

Mr Laxer: Yes , low prices combined with excellent quality, I would say.

Interviewer: 5)__________________

Mr Laxer: Not much. You see, our product has been on the market for a long time and has always been popular. So it's well-known and doesn't need too much advertising.

Interviewer: So, 6) ____________________

Mr Laxer: Fortunately no, we aren't at the moment. But, you know, customers' needs may change at any time. We'll be ready when it happens.


A Does your company invest much in advertising

B What exactly do you produce

C Do you mean that you beat the competition with low prices

D Is there much demand in the market for this type of product

E can we say that you're not worried about sales

F isn't there strong competition from mobile phones or smartphones

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