Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыДифференцированный зачет для экономистов (2 вариант)

Дифференцированный зачет для экономистов (2 вариант)

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Зачет по иностранному языку для студентов 2 курса

Вариант 2



Which words complete the sentences correctly? Choose A, B or C.


  1.  My best___________ name is Kate.

A friend’s B friend C friends


  1. Maria ____________play volleyball – she isn’t good at it.

A can B can’t C no can


  1. Mark ____________a big burger for dinner yesterday.

A eat B ate C is eating


  1. My father usually works in an office, but today, he______________ at home.

A is working B works C is work


  1. Brazil is ____________country in the world.

A the most B the most interesting C more interesting


  1. I’ve known my best friend _____________three years.

A in B for C since


  1.  ______________to watch a lot of TV when you were younger?

A Did you used B Did you use C Did you


  1. I ____________like chocolate when I was younger.

A wouldn’t B would C used to


  1. I ______________my work by 6pm, so I can go out at 7.

A am finishing B will have finished C have finished


  1. Laura doesn’t like that café, so she’d rather ____________somewhere else.

A we will go B we went C we go


  1. All _____________to do to stay healthy is eat well, and get enough sleep and exercise.

A you need B it is C what is you need


  1. I’m sure you ____________ fine soon.

A will B be C will be


  1. What .... they doing?

A is B are C am


  1. Sharon ____________ to San Fransisco last month.

A moved B move C moves


  1. He ... for a job now.

A is looking B looks C are looking


  1. Superman ____________ a symbol of an American dream.

A are B does C is


  1. I … by the window when I heard the noise.

A was sitting B sat C sitted


  1. We were at the concert yesterday.

A Future Simple B Past Simple C Present Simple


  1. I_______ in my study library at 6pm tomorrow.

A will working B work C am working



  1. The girls visited the Tower, but they ... Westminster Abbey.

A didn't visit B don't visit C doesn't visit


  1. IBAN

A International Bank Account Number B Identification Bank Amount Number C International Bank Amount Number


  1. BIC

A Bank Identifier Code B Bank International Code C Bank Identification Code


  1. The European Union is a political and economic community of ___ European countries.

A 56 B 27 C 35


  1. The European Union was created in ____ when only 6 countries formed the EEC with the Treaty of Rome. 

A 1957 B 1991 C 1978


  1. The European Community became the European Union and the euro was introduced as a single currency in _____

A 1967 B 1992 C 1957


  1. the distribution of the product

A promotion B price C place


  1. the method to persuade consumers to buy the product

A promotion B price C place


  1. the type of goods to produce

A product B price C place


  1. the cost of the product to the buyer

A product B price C place


  1. involves the money spent by the consumer plus the profit for the company

A promotion B price C place


  1. involves how and where consumers can buy the product

A promotion B price C place


  1. involves giving the product a name, an image, a design, a packaging, a quality

A promotion B product C price


  1. involves deciding how to make consumers know about the product and persuade them to buy it

A promotion B product C price


  1. If a company wants to sell a successful product, it has to _______

A sell it at a competitive price B sell it at a high price C differentiate it from competitors


  1. _______ plays an essential role in marketing strategy

A packaging B advertising


  1. What attracts a consumer at first is _______

A the look of a product B the marketing strategy chosen by a company.


  1. Packaging helps to _____

 A protect a product and identify a brand B identify a product and sell a product


  1. cards given by stores or supermarkets that give advantages to owners: building up points to get gifts from a catalogue or discounts

A loyalty card B sample C coupons


  1. certificates that offer discounts on particular products and can be found in newspapers or on the product

A coupons B loyalty cards C samples


  1. small sized version of a product offered free

A coupons B loyalty cards C samples




Interviewer: So, Mr Randall, let's talk about your relationship with your computer. 1)_____________________

Tim Randall : Absolutely! I don't do anything and I don't go anywhere without it. 2)___________ . So everything related to my work I do with my computer.

Interviewer: 3)___________________

Tim Randall: I read and send emails. I can send and read hundreds of emails every day.

Interviewer: Hundreds? That's unbelievable.

Tim Randall: It's not if you think of how many reasons you have to send or read emails.

Interviewer: 4)____________

Tim Randall: Well, first of all I send information to customers, to colleagues. 5)_______________ . Then, giving instructions. For example to people who work for me.

Interviewer: And do you ever use emails for appointments or do you use the telephone for that?

Tim Randall: Sure. 6)__________________ . And I also use emails when I need to send documents, like offers or reports.


A But what do you do with your computer most of all?

B And of course I receive information from them.

C I use email to fix or change appointments.

D Could we say that you can't live without it?

E Tell me about it.

F I travel a lot and I hate talking over the phone.

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