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Do you know English well?

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The theme: Do you know English well?

The type: competition.

The aims:

1. to develop the children`s pronunciation in English;

2. to develop their thinking, speaking.

3. to check their knowledge.

The aids: an interactive board, papers, pens, the numbers.

  • Dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition that calls Do you know English well?’! Let me introduce to our players. During the competition our jury will count your points. Let me introduce them to you.

Lepesova Guljan - the teacher of English.

Baitinova Galya - the teacher of English.

Our competition consists of 4 stages.

The 1-st stage is: ‘Questions of the team

The 2-d stage is: Jumbled words

The 3-d stage is: Translate the words

The 4-th stage is: The ABC

Players! Are you ready for this competition? Then let`s begin!

The 1-st stage –. Questions of the team I`ll give you some questions You must answer

  1. What is the capital of your country?

  2. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

  3. What popular Holiday is celebrated in December?

  4. What is the national food of your country?

  5. What colours consists of the Kazakhstan flag

So, the 1-st stage is over.

The 2-d stage, Jumbled words

The purpose of this game is to change places of letters so to get a words.

For example:

amte - team , ppeal – apple

Each group gets for 6 words

So, the 2-nd stage is over.

The 3-d stage : ‘Translate the words

Мектеп –

Халық -

Мұғалім –

Жыл –

Тіл –


The 3-d stage is over.

So, the 4-th stage, that calls The ABC

We will give you numbers and tables, using these tables. You should make up words.

For example : 71142 – table


Now lets listen to the results. So ,the winner is ….


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