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Доклад на тему "Влияние географического положения на национальную кухню России"

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Проект на тему

,,The influence of geographical position on the national cuisine of Russia”

Научный руководитель:

Шумилова Вероника Владимировна, учитель английского языка.

Ярославль, 2016


Russian Geographical position 2

Central cuisine 3

Central and Siberian regions 4

Eastern region 5

North Caucasian region 6

Northern region 7

Far East region 8


  • Изучить информацию о влиянии географического положения на русской национальной кухни.


  1. Создать продукт

  2. Защитить продукт

Дневник проекта

1. Обоснование проблемы и выбор темы проекта.

Я очень захотел узнать какая еда нужна и полезна в разных регионах России.

2. Описание проектного продукта.

Я подготовил презентацию

3. Этапы работы над проектом, включая содержание работы на каждом этапе.

1 Поиск информации

2 Отбор информации

3 Оформление реферата

4 Оформление презентации

4. Самооценка.

Я считаю, что мог больше постараться.

5. Список литературы.

  • http://nazaccent.ru/

  • http://rusmania.com/

  • http://www.expatica.com/ru

  • http://www.sevprostor.ru/

  • http://bridgetomoscow.com/ru

  • https://www.usrbc.org.ru

Дневник работы над проектом

  • Выполнил работу: Агапов Артём Андреевич.

  • Название проекта: Влияние географического положения на национальную кухню России.

  • Руководитель проекта: Шумилова Вероника Владимировна, учитель английского языка.

  • Обоснование выбора темы проекта: Недавно у меня появилась мечта: путешествовать по разным уголкам России. Но для этого нужно знать национальные блюда разных регионов, соответственно я решил подготовить проект на тему ,, Влияние географического положения на национальную кухню России”.

Какой продукт планирую получить: брошюра.

Я узнал о национальных блюдах России, научился делать проекты.

Мне кажется, что если бы я больше интересовался темой, я бы больше рассказал о пище, которая полезна в нашей стране.

Я думаю, что эти знания пригодятся мне в будущем.

Советую попробовать традиционные блюда России.

Я получил презентацию.

Как я работал над проектом

It’s common knowledge that geographically Russia is divided into The Central Region, The Siberian Region, The Urals Region, The Volga Region, The Far Eastern Region, The North Caucasus Region, The Northwestern Region and The Southern Region.

Every region has its own traditional dishes. The cuisine depends on the geographical position and climate.

Geographical Position of Russia

Russia is a country in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It borders with North Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

It is washed by the Black sea, the Baltic sea, the Azov sea, the Barents sea and other ones.

Russian Cuisine

Russian cuisine is a collection of the different cooking traditions of Russian people. The cuisine is diverse, as Russia is the largest country in the world.

Russian Central Cuisine

Hot Soups


Shchi has been the predominant first course in Russian cuisine for over a thousand years. The unique taste of this cabbage soup was because the fact that after cooking it was left in a Russian stove for a day. The "Spirit of shchi" was inseparable from a Russian izba. It can be eaten regularly, and at any time of the year.


Cold Soups


Okroshka is a cold soup based on kvass or sour milk. The main ingredients are two types of vegetables that can be mixed with cold boiled meat or fish. So all that are grown in our countries (vegetables or poultry), and can be found in our rich forests and rivers (meat or fish) can be put into okroshka.



Pelmeni is a traditional Eastern European (mainly Russian) dish usually made with minced meat filling, wrapped in thin dough (made out of flour and eggs, sometimes with milk or water), various spices can be added, as well as onions and garlic, you can also use meat of bear, deer, moose or goose, fish, potatoes, and cabbage as a filling.



Porridge is one of the most important dishes in the traditional Russian cuisine. Variety of cereals is based on variety of local crops. These cereals are traditionally cooked in milk, especially for breakfast. People add butter, salt, and sugar to give it a taste.hello_html_34268600.png



Pirogi or pies are a baked base of dough with a sweet or savory filling. Pirogi are common in Eastern European cuisines. They are characterized as "the most popular and important dish".


Siberian Region

The Siberian region is equal by area to some European countries. There are cold winters and hot summers. Crop and livestock production are advanced there - locals breed cows, pigs and birds. In winter people eat high-calorie foods: hot soups-shchi and borsch, pelmeni, and pirogi with different toppings- berries, fruit, meat and vegetables. People drink lots of milk and eat dairy products. Syrnyky and sour cream are only baked in Russia. In Siberian region people also eat many mushrooms-white mushrooms, boletus and aspen.

In this region people like sauerkraut, which they eat as a separate dish, and cook sour shchi, and add it as topping. Kedr grows in Siberia. Pine nuts are delicacy and they are only in Russia too.

In summer people eat cold soups-okroshka, beetroot soup. From different cereals they make buckwheat and semolina porridges. There are drinks, which are made only in Russia, too. Such as kvass, birch juice and morse.

Eastern Region

Climate is hot in this region, steppes dominant there. Locals eat a lot of meat; mainly lamb and beef.


North Caucasian Region

In North Caucasian Region people cook shashlik and soups on an open fire in traditional woks. Dishes have spicy taste, because many spices and herbs are used. Spices help to digest food easier. Dishes are served with sauces- such as sour cream and garlic sauce. These people have always raised cattle, that is why there is a lot of milk. The climate is hot there and the locals cook cheese and drinks.



In the territories of the far north the locals eat meat of Northern deer and berries, which grow in Tundra. There are klykva and moroshka. People cut frozen deer and dip pieces in salt and eat it.

Far Eastern Primorsky region

The Far Eastern Primorsky region, Primorsky kray, Kamchatka, Sakhalin-are washed by different seas. The local traditional food is fish. The Ohotsk and Japanese seas are rich in mollusks and fish. The locals eat dishes such as herring, salmon, shrimps, seaweed, crabs, squids and oysters.



Nowadays, Russian people also eat European, American, Chinese and Italian food. A lot of foreign restaurants appear every day, but the Russians prefer eating traditional food on regular basis.

In conclusion I would like to say, that Russian food is the most various because of geographical position of the country which has a great influence on forming of our national cuisine.

And Russian cuisine is one of the most popular all over the world.

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Краткое описание документа:

Обязательным условием окончания каждого класса в нашей школе является защита научного проекта.

Я предложила своему ученику исследование, как влияет географическое положение на национальную кухню России. Тема является актуальной и интересной. В 6 классе учебника "Starlight" отведен целый модуль на изучение темы "Еда", предлагаются тексты про национальные кухни мира.

На мой взгляд, ученик полностью справился с поставленной перед ним задачей, собрав и проработав большое количество материала, предложенного в интернете, а так же перевел его на английский язык.

Так же есть презентация на данную тему, которую мы тоже предлагаем Вашему вниманию.

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