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СОШ №45



Выполнила: Жантуриева Б.Л.

Проверила: Елкенова Л.Х.


"Kazakhstan must be perceived in the whole world as a highly educated country the population of that uses three languages : Kazakh is an official, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a language of successful integration in a global economy".

N.A. Nazarbayev "New Kazakhstan in the new world"

President of country N.A. Nazarbayev put a high slat before home education. It must become competitive, high-quality, such, that the graduating students of Kazakhstan school could easily continue educating in foreign universities of higher learning.

In the Address of President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "New Kazakhstan in the new world" for providing of competitiveness of country and her citizens stage-by-stage realization of cultural project "………… of languages", according to that development of three languages is needed, offers: Kazakh as an official language, Russian as language of international communication and English as a language of successful integration in a global economy. Practically in all documents in area of language politics a main idea is a necessity of capture by a few languages.

In the lecture of President of Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan in the post-crisis world: an intellectual breach in the future" in KazNU of the named by al-Farabi in October, 13, 2009 marked: it is "Necessary to create the kernel of national intellect, create schools capable to become foundation for education of intellectual elite of Kazakhstan".

Creation of innovative model of universal middle education, combining the best traditions Kazakhstan and world educational systems, allowing already in the walls of school to attach students to research and experimental activity, becomes an objective necessity in the conditions of modern education, to bring up highly educated personality with active vital position able to compete at an international level. For education of intellectual personality the changes of the folded structure of school, system of mutual relations, planning of maintenance of education, methodologies of educating, principles of evaluation of educational achievements are required.

Conception of language politics of Republic of Kazakhstan determines Russian as basic information generator on the different areas of science and technique, as means of communication with a fellow creature and far abroad.

At the same time, integration in outer economic space does not appear possible without knowledge of world languages, in particular English. In connection with his intensive study language situation for most Kazakhstan to a full degree it is possible to designate as multilingual. To provide successful integration in outer educational space and providing of access of students to actual information on any of three languages : Kazakh, Russian, English languages, for realization of this aim to date in schools of our city the early educating comes true English, Kazakh to the languages, and also their deep study in senior classes. Educating comes true on the textbooks of new generation. Experience shows that an early and deep study of foreign languages is at school, especially in the light of passing of school to 12-years-old education, where the question is about profile preparation, expediently. An important place is here taken to the applied courses and courses on a choice for the profile senior classes of students to the corresponding queries of students, that choose them.

Early educating to the foreign languages aimed at education of multilingual personality of schoolboy, mastering the values of language, ready to sociocultural cooperation on native and other languages, able to intermingle with surrounding verbal and unverbal facilities. On a standard, the language competence of child to six years consists in free native language proficiency within the framework of requirements to the lexico-grammatical and phonetic level of development for the age-related group, by bases of other languages.

Our nowaday's kids are tomorrow owners of country. And on it already it is today necessary to care of education of little citizens of РК. One of major factors in education of citizenship and patriotism in any society is sense of deep respect to the language of the state. What a before child begins the study of language, the easier to master a language him. Educating of children of different nationalities to the second language is a difficult and multidimensional process of forming of the new system of language consciousness, flowing in specific terms.

The president of country so designated the problem of study of languages : "For us will be great advantage, if we will to perfection own the Kazakh, Russian and English languages".

In the Address of President of republic Н.А Назарбаева of people of Kazakhstan is especially underline, that "reform of education - it one of major instruments allowing to provide the real competitiveness of Kazakhstan. We need the modern system of education, corresponding to the necessities of economic and public modernisation".

Kazakhstan swiftly bursts in world community and puts before itself the high aims of development. Exactly under this foreshortening it is needed to examine and questions of study of foreign languages, quality knowledge of that is today not end in itself, and requirement of time.

Kazakhstan swiftly bursts in world community and puts before itself the high aims of development. Exactly under this foreshortening it is needed to examine and questions of study of foreign languages, quality knowledge of that is today not end in itself, and requirement of time.

"...The table of contents of education will be enriched by the early study of foreign language and bases of informatics" - talked in the "Government program of development of education in the republic of Kazakhstan 2010 ".

Knowledge not alone, and a few languages does a man free in communication and expression of the ideas. Young people must aspire exactly to such education. In modern terms possession foreign languages is the sign of high level of form. This is the basis of the idea of continuity and succession of educational process. Principles of continuity and succession of education quite not by chance are stopped up in basis of universal and professional education in Law "On formation " of KR 2007

In our secondary school №45 favourable terms are created for development of for children. An in-spatial environment is formed - there are cabinets of the Kazakh and English languages, rich didactic material, educational-evident manuals, modern technical equipments allowing to perfect the process of study of languages, is collected in that.

Every year our the students win prizes in competitions in languages, the city, region and of the republics.

Within the framework of school of teacher together with administration conduct the weeks of philology, science day, where students 8-10 forms present the creative works on the Kazakh and English languages(video projects, wall newspapers, placards, presentations, drawn films etc.). Together with the teachers of such disciplines as English, Kazakh, Russian and literature, informatics, history, geography the integrated lessons are conducted. This year a number of events were held in the Kazakh language , devoted to the City Day, Independence Day of Kazakhstan Republic.

Presently at our school a course is conducted on a choice in a 5 class of publicly-humanitarian direction "Theatre and we". This course takes character intensive language practical work. Directly the teachers of our schools are develop a level test tasks for all parallels of studying English, Kazakh languages with an account, of both mental abilities of the separate studying and his physiological features.

Graduates of our schools at UNT show quite good results of their knowledge (20 points and above) in Russian, English, Kazakh languages​​. Also become owners of grants for language majors universities of the city, go abroad to participate in educational programs.

Possession the Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages becomes the inalienable component of the personal and professional activity of man in modern society. All of it on the whole causes a necessity in great numbers citizens, practically and professionally owning a few languages and recipient the real chances to occupy more prestige both in a social and in professional relation position in society in this connection. We are sure that reasonable, literate and correct introduction of three languages will give an opportunity to the graduating students of our school to be communicative-adapted in any environment.

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