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Доклад по английскому языку


Аменова Гулнур Аманжоловна, учитель английского языка

СОШД имени А.Кусайынова

РК, ЗКО, Бокейординский район, п.Муратсай

Games in language teaching

If we ask a child, what he likes to do best,

he would say ‘Play!’

Today games are widely used in teaching foreign languages. In text-books and resource books it is possible to find games of different types and categories, with the focus on oral or written language, pronunciation or grammar; loud or quiet; long or short; team games or group games. And they are all a wonderful source if they are used appropriately in the teaching situation.

In my class I use games which the children know very well and can play in their native language. I can share some games that I use in my classroom.

The ring

Organization: whole class with a leader.

Game type: communicative.

All the pupils sit in a row. The leader has a ring. He/She comes up to every student and places his/her hands of all the players, one by one. Finally he/she says: “The ring, the ring come here!” The person who has the ring must get out from his seat, saying “That’s a good idea!” The rest try to guess the person and not let him/her go.


The teacher says a word and throws a ball to one of the players. If this word falls in the topic of ‘Food’ the player should catch the ball, but if the word means something inedible (e.g. lamp) the player shouldn’t catch it. You can vary the topic, e.g. catch the ball if you hear a word that means an action, or if it’s something that one can find inside the house, etc.

Colour game

This can be used when studying colours and, later, clothes. Children walk around the class at random and sing a song together, very quietly, in English.

Then the teacher gives a signal, either by clapping his/her hands or saying ‘Stop!’, and names a colour. E.g. if he/she says “red”, everyone must immediately touch something red. Anyone who can’t find something red to touch in the classroom is out. Later, the game can be modified by adding a noun: “red skirt”, “black shoes”.


One child comes to the board and begins drawing a picture of one the new words. The others begin guessing, not waiting until he/she has finished by asking “Is it…?”. The answers could be “Yes, it is” or “No, it isn’t”. Painter game is our favourite when learning and revising vocabulary.

Chinese whispers

The children stand in a line. The teacher whispers a word or a sentence to the first player, who whispers it to the second one, and so on. The last player has to say aloud what he/she has heard.

Our favourite listening game in class is “Correct the teacher”. The focus is on listening and the task is finding the mistake. The teacher begins to tell a well-known story with a mistake in each sentence, which the group has to correct.

T: Little Yellow Riding Hood lived in a cottage in the middle of a wood.

C: No, Little Red Riding Hood.

T: Oh, yes. Little Red Riding Hood lived near a cottage…

C: No, in a cottage.


Word games


Buckingham Ben

Trafalgar Palace

British Gallery

Big Square

National Museum

Hyde Park

Read the capitals of the countries:


Thunderstorm motions

Rub your hands together-wind

Snap your fingers-first drops of rain

Clap your hands-harder rain

Slap your hands on your legs-heavy rain may be hail

Stamp your feet-thunder

Slap your hands on your legs and stamp your feet-thunder with rain.

Step by step

1. Swan swam over the pond

Swim swam swim;

Swan swam back again-

Well swam swan!

2. Swan swam over the pond

Swim swam swim;

Swan swam back again-


3. Swan swam over the pond

Swim swam swim;



4. Swan swam over the pond




5. -------------------------




The children enjoy playing board games, card games, word games. I try to use their interest in these games in my English lessons. We have the games ourselves .

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