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Доклад по английскому языку Question for reflection

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WKO,Burlin region, Aksay town

Secondary school № 6

Sultangaliyeva Zh.A.

Writing a reflective description of a lesson


Think back to the ‘less successful’ lesson. You are now going to write your reflection on it. Look at these questions and make brief notes. (You don’t have to answer all the questions, but you must try to answer the one about what you would do differently next time.)

Questions for reflection

The lesson

What were my aims?

What stages were there in the lesson?

What activities were there in the lesson?

Lesson aims

  • Did the students understand what we did in the lesson?

  • Was what we did too easy or too difficult?

  • Was there a clear outcome for the students?

  • What did they learn or practice in the lesson? Was it useful for them?

Activities and materials

  • What different materials and activities did we use?

  • Did the materials and activities keep the students interested?

  • Could I have done any parts of the lesson differently?


  • Were all students on task (doing what they were supposed to be doing)?

  • If not, when was that and why did it happen?

  • Which parts of the lesson did the students seem to enjoy most? And least?

  • How much English did the students use?

Classroom management

  • Did activities last the right length of time?

  • Was the pace of the lesson right?

  • Did I use whole class work, group work, pair work or individual work?

  • What did I use it for? Did it work?

  • Did the students understand what to do in the lesson?

  • Were my instructions clear?

  • Did I provide opportunities for all the students to participate?


If I taught the lesson again, what would I do differently?

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