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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Доклад "Famous people.Kings and Queens of comedy" на научно-практическую конференцию "Мир на ладони"
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Доклад "Famous people.Kings and Queens of comedy" на научно-практическую конференцию "Мир на ладони"


Kings and Queens of comedy.


Made by Alexsandra Lobodenko

7th Grade

School No.5


under supervision

of Petryanina E.V.,

teacher of English


  1. Introduction.

Comedies and their role in our life.

  1. The main part.

  1. Silent and black-and white films.

  2. Short and full-length films.

  3. Comedies of Hollywood-the founders of entertaining art.

  4. Kings and Queens of comedy.

  5. Comedies are never bored.

  6. What makes them amusing?

  1. Conclusion.

What makes us watch comedies. My investigations.

  1. Literature.

Comedies play an important role in our life and of course many people like to watch them. They are available popular form of arts. The aims of my work are:

  1. to show that comedy is the most entertaining, amusing and comic genres of film;

  2. to find out why people, mostly young prefer watching comedies to other genres of cinematography;

  3. to show that comedies don`t only entertain and relax, but make us think. The instructive role of comedies.

I`m fond of watching films-is one of the best ways of spending free time. Everyone can choose his favorite genre of film. As far as I know film may be:

- comedy- a film that tries to make you laugh;

- crime film- a film about detectives and criminals;

- horror film- a film that tries to scare you;

- thriller- a film that makes you tense and excited, usually because you don't know what is going to happen;

-action - a film with lots of chases, explosions and special effects;

- historical film- a film that is usually set in the past and has a very large cast;

- biographical film- a film about the life of someone famous.

Also, there are adventure films, blockbusters, cartoons, documentaries, feature films, love stories, psychological dramas, romantic films, science fiction, war dramas, western and others.

hello_html_m1a138ca9.png hello_html_m6db3f759.png


I made a questionnaires and asked my classmates and schoolmates about the types of films they like to watch most of all. Here are the results:

As the results show, 14% (most of all) of my classmates prefer to watch comedies.

To my mind films extend our knowledge about people, about the world around us. Everyone knows that we live in a very difficult time nowadays. But sometimes we do need something amusing, pleasant and funny. And there is no doubt that a good film gives us an excellent entertainment. That's why I prefer comedies and comedians from Hollywood.

I decided to make another questionnaire and find out if all pupils of my school like to watch comedies made in different countries. I wanted to know whether American comedies are the best. Here are the results:

As the results show, my classmates admire American comedies best of all. Most of them are made in Hollywood.


Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles. The main studios are situated and most of the films are shot there. hello_html_47d8d95f.png

All the inventions in cinematography first appeared there. The first film was shot in 1908 in Hollywood. hello_html_m981a3b5.png

In 1911 the first studio appeared there. hello_html_53caac75.png In the 20s Hollywood made 80% of the world's films.

Silent and black-and white films were forced out by sound films in the middle of the 1920s. hello_html_m66ab3587.png Short films were replaced by full-length films.

Hollywood is often referred to as the superstars in American cinematography and some of them are kings and queens of comedy. hello_html_m4a272786.png

Meg Ryan hello_html_6309a3fe.png is an American superstar. However, she is not so famous everywhere else but people like her films. She lives in Los Angeles and she studied journalism at university. Her boyfriend is a famous actor too -Dennis Quaid. They've built a log cabin in the snow in Montana. She hello_html_6bb67dd.png was in the film When Harry Met Sally and always in a film with Tom Hanks called Joe Versus the Volcano.

hello_html_162ec0fb.pngRobin Williams was born in Detroit in 1952 and studied acting in the Julliard School in New York. He was there with Kevin Klein and Christopher Reeve. In his first film he played the part of the cartoon character, Popeye. hello_html_698cede1.png He loves telling jokes and funny stories on stage in nightclubs and bars. He has one son called Zach. He runs eight kilometers a day. His most famous films are Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poets' Society.

Steve Martin hello_html_m440a6144.png was born in Texas then grew up in California near Disneyland where he got his first after-school job at the age of ten. He did it for eight years. During this time in the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland he learned juggling and magic tricks. This comedian hello_html_m1d2b7c26.png studied logic and philosophy at university and he loves collecting modern art. He likes telling jokes on stage in small clubs. His most famous films are The Three Amigos, Parenthood, Roxanne and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

This Hollywood star is Jewish. Bette Mildler hello_html_6442f47f.png was born in Hawaii. She is married and she has a little daughter. She's a good singer too. She sang and told jokes in New York clubs before she made films. She hello_html_m5fdfb038.pngmade her first film eleven years ago, but she's only been making comedies for the past five years. Now she has a film company called All Girl Productions. Her most famous films are Down and Out in Beverley Hills, Ruthless People, Outrageous Fortune and Big Business.

Tom Hankshello_html_6966ed9b.png. His parents divorced when he was five. Between the ages of five and ten he had three different mothers, four different fathers, five different schools and ten different homes. He got married at twenty and has two children. He got divorced and is now married to his second wife. He leads a quiet life and is very religious. In his first successful film he fell in love with a mermaid (Daryl Hannah).

Eddie Murphy hello_html_m11171307.png is a 29-year old policeman's son from Brooklyn. He told jokes in clubs and bars and then became a TV star. One of his early films made $250 million - more than any other comedy in the history of films! In it he played the part of a detective called Axel Foley. He enjoys singing and he's made a few records. He never smokes; he never drinks and he has never taken drugs. At fifteen his classmates voted him "The most popular boy in the school". When he was young his hero was Elvis Presley. His last film was Harlem Nights. His friends call him 'Money'.

Comedies are never bored. What makes them amusing?

  • fast action

  • an interesting plot

  • good actinghello_html_2c190e99.png

  • amusing dialogue

  • interesting relationships between characters

  • romance

  • a social or ethical problem to think about

  • special effects

  • beautiful shotshello_html_49b928fc.png

  • good music

  • the way actors play their roleshello_html_5035f216.png

  • all the actors in a film the translation of what is said in a foreign film which appears at the bottom of the screen

  • the creator of a film who instructs the actorshello_html_3a1b0fb6.png

  • the text of a film

And in conclusion, what makes us watch comedies?

Comedies are always unusual. The actors who play in them are always very talented and well-known that`s why we call them « stars». Comedies carry us away from daily routine. We enjoy them very much. Nothing can hold us from going to the cinema if a very jokey comedy is on.

We enjoy the comedy greatly, tears are rolling down our cheeks from laughing so hard that we have to wipe our eyes with a handkerchief. It`s especially acute in our time full of violence and injustice. Evils lead arguments and conflicts and fights. We mustn`t be aggressively minted if want to live in peace. We must be intelligent and kind-hearted, very friendly and tolerant . If we watch a lot of funny films ,we`ll be kinder and more optimistic.

Literature :

  1. Longman Exam Activator: Classroom and Self-Study Preparation for All B1 Level Exams/ Bob Hastings, Marta Uminska, Dominika Chandler, Kristof Hegedus.- Pearson Education Limited ; 2013 г.

  2. Premium B1 Level Coursebook with Exam Reviser and iTest / Rachael Roberts.- Pearson Longman;2008г.

  3. Magazine Clockwork. Issue 4/1991.

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Краткое описание документа:

Комедии играют важную роль в нашей жизни.И что же заставлят нас их смотреть?Комедии всегда необычны.Актёры,играющие в них, очень талантливы и хорошо известны, вот почему мы их называем "Звезды".

Комедии отвлекают нас от повседневной рутины.Они нам очень нравятся.Ничто и никто не сможет нас удержать от похода в кино,если там идёт хорошая комедия.

Мы очень любим смотреть комедии, с трудом сдерживая слёзы, катящиеся от смеха по щекам.Это очень актуально в наше время,полное грубости и насилия,зла и конфликтов.Нам не следует быть агрессивными, ели хотим жить в мире.Мы должны быть добросердечными и толератными.Если мы будем смотреть много веселого кино, то будем добрее и более оптимистичными.

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