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Документ по теме:"Мероприятие английский2"

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МБОУ Тацинская СОШ № 2

Welcome to English-Speaking Countries

Учитель высшей категории


Елена Петровна Приходько


Интеллектуальная игра: «Welcome to English-Speaking countries»


  • Совершенствовать речевые умения учащихся по страноведению

  • Воспитывать культуру межличностного общения, уважение к культуре других стран

  • Развивать творческие способности учащихся, воображение, догадку

  • Совершенствовать навыки письма, чтения через внеклассную работу

Оборудование: мультимедиа, CD, костюмы, маски

Ход игры.

Вступительные слова ведущего Е.П. Приходько

Good morning! Dear students and teachers! I am glad to see you again. Welcome to our project, which is called «Welcome to English speaking countries». They are the UK, The USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.The are 5 teams which are from different Schools. Each school should represent its own country. Our participants should tell some words about countries, take part in blitz-tour, write personal letter to English friend and read. The members of the team will read and listen different texts. I am sure, you will like this game.

So, the first round… .

You should represent each own country.

The first school number- School № 2

The second school number – 2

The third school - from Bystrogorsk

The fourth school- Zhirnov

The fifth – school from Mikhailov

The first task is representing the country

( представляют по очереди)

После номер художественной самодеятельности – МБОУ ТСОШ № 2

The second round – taking part in blitz- tournament. You should answer my questions. You will say only one word – the name of the English – Speaking country. You should be very attentively.

The first task is Countries.

  1. It is the world’s second largest country. Its capital is Ottawa.

  2. It is an independent state. Its capital is Wellington.

  3. It is an Island state. It consists of 4 countries.

  4. The capital of the country was named after the first President. What country is it.

  5. The capital of the country is Canberra.

  6. The kiwi is the symbol, of this country.

  7. It is the smallest continent.

  8. It is situated in the North-American continent.

  9. The largest cities are Dublin, Manchester, Belfast.

  10. It is called Land of Up-Side Down

  11. There is a marple leaf on its arm-coat.

  12. Bald eagle is the symbol of the country

  13. It is situated to south-east of Australia.

  14. The leading cities of the state are Toronto, Vancouver.

  15. It is a parliament monarchy.

  16. The Mississippi is the main river of the country.

  17. It is a federation of 10 provinces and 2 territories.

  18. Dingos, koalas, kangaroos are animals from this country.

  19. It is a self governing state. The Parliament consists of one House, the House of Represantatives.

  20. Red rose is a symbol of one of the countries of its state.

  21. Boston, Chicago, Sanfrancisco are the main business centres of the country.

  22. Cambridge University, Oxford University are the most famous universities of the country.

  23. Auckland, Wellington, Nelson are the main ports of this state.

  24. The capital of this country is Canberra.

  25. Both English and French are official languages of the state.

The second task is National dishes

  1. It is eaten in the Eve of Christmas. It is a dessert.

  2. It is a fizzy drink. It was invented by Pemberton.

  3. The time of this meal is 5 o’clock.

  4. It is stuffed with herbs. It is a favourite dish of Americans.

  5. It is a national dish. It is prepared by Americans at Thanksgiving Day.

  6. It is a national dish. It consists of two dishes.

  7. It is a drink. I think, it is not healthy.

  8. This dish was prepared by Indians. It is made of pumpkin. It is a pie.

  9. The British like it very much. It is their tradition. They drink it very often.

  10. Tourists want to try this dish. It is not a dessert.

The third task is Holidays

  1. It is celebrated on the 4 th of July. It is an American tradition.

  2. It is celebrated on the 17 th of March in Ireland.

  3. Pumpkin is the symbol of this holiday.

  4. It is a Russian tradition People like eating pancakes.

  5. It is celebrated on the 25 th of December in the catholic countries.

  6. It is the most favourite tradition in Russia. People decorate New Year’s trees.

  7. The favourite colour of this tradition is green. It is celebrated in spring

  8. People like riding on troika, say “good bye” to winter. It is celebrated in Russia.

  9. Children like trick-or-treating. They dress as witches, skeletons and monsters.

  10. This is a national holiday oh the USA. People rise flags, take part in parades.

The fourth task is Famous People.

  1. He is a Russian poet. He is very famous.

  2. He invented a telephone.

  3. He wrote “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

  4. He was a sea admiral. He won the Battle for Trafarlgar.

  5. He is a British scientist. He is called a Father oh Electricity.

(Номер художественной самодеятельности ТСОШ № 1)

The second round is Listening.

You should listen to speakers and do tasks. You should find the headings of the text and match them.

One is extra.

  1. Ramadan

  2. Halloween

  3. Thanksgiving Day

  4. New Year

  5. Mother’s Day

  6. Easter

  7. Christmas

( Номер художественной самодеятельности Жирновская СОШ)

The third round is Personal Letter.

Dear students and teachers. Soon we will celebrate Victory Day. It is the greatest holiday for our country. We will celebrate the 70 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. You should read and write personal letter to pen-friends from English-speaking countries.

My friends and I are doing a project about Russian Traditions. I have heard about Victory Day. When do Russians celebrate Victory Day. How do they celebrate it? Is it a great holiday for a Russian nation? I am planning to visit Moscow

  • A letter to Paul

  • Answer his questions

  • Ask 3 questions about has trip to Moscow

( Номер художественной самодеятельности Быстрогорская СОШ)

The Fourth Round is Reading.

You should read one of the texts. You should read correctly. Your reading should be brilliant. Readingisoneofthetasksofnationalexam.

(Номер художественной самодеятельности Михайловской СОШ)

Слово жюри. Подведение итогов. Награждение.

Our travelling to English-speaking countries is over. We have learned about traditions and customs. But you should remember English is the most important subject in school programmer. Good luck.

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