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Дополнительные задания для работы с текстами по учебнику Spotlight 10


Reading (Environment)

1). Spotlight 10 (SB), Going Green 8, p 153

T/ F/ NS:

1. Less than half of all the energy comes from fossil fuel burning power stations.

2. Fossil fuel such as gas, oil and coal are obtained (добываются) in great amount (количество).

3. We should replace fossil burning power plants with those which use alternative sources of energy, because fossil fuel is not renewable.

4. We should replace fossil burning power plants with those which use alternative sources of energy, because fossil fuel pollutes the environment.

5. Solar sells convert sunlight into electricity.

6. In sunny countries solar power stations is the only source of energy.

7. Wind power stations are built in the areas where wind blows every day.

8. Wind power comes from big propellers inside the towers.

9. To get hydropower you need a dam to be constructed.

10. Water turns turbines tom create electricity.

11. Dams can be constructed only on the lakes.

12. Hydropower stations produce expensive power.

2). Spotlight 10 (SB), Going Green 1, p 23

Put sentences in order:

A. Factories produce more things out of sorted rubbish

B. Rubbish is sorted out.

C. We buy things in the shops

D. The cars bring rubbish to recycling facilities

E. People put rubbish in the rubbish bins

Answer the question:

Why is recycling so important?

3). Spotlight 10 (SB), Going Green 4, p 77

Fill in missing parts of the sentences:

1. Tropical rainforests grow …

2. Forest can be divided into …

3. Tropical rainforests absorb …

4. Tropical rainforests provide home for…

5. Such plants as … come from tropical rainforests.

6. Rainforests are in danger because people …

7. You should join … to save rainforests.

A. cocoa and coffee

B. carbon dioxide and produce oxygen

C. such organization as Greenpeace

D. in the hot, wet, humid places

E. four layers

F. cut trees

G. animals and bids

Environment (Letter)

At school we are doing project on major environmental problems. Could you tell me what the main ecological problem in your area is? What does the town authorities do to solve it? Are you personally involved in any environmental activities?

As for me I am planning to take part in voluntary work in summer. I am sure it will be exciting!

Environment (Composition)

Which type of electric-power stations is the best for the area where you live”

1). Fuel-burning power plants

2). Hydro power stations

3). Wind power stations

4). Solar power stations

5). Nuclear stations

Things to be taken into consideration

  • pollution

  • renewable source of energy

  • limited to certain areas

  • increase Earth’s heat load

  • safety/ danger of accidents

  • construction takes short/ long time

  • it’s easy and cheap to build/ install and maintain

  • problem of disposal of waste


1). Introduction. Why we can’t live without electric energy nowadays. Which type of electric power station is better.

2). 3 arguments “for” with reasoning

3). 1 argument “against” with reasoning

4). Conclusion

Useful words and expressions

fossil fuels: gas, oil, coal, peat (торф), is accumulated in the air, harmful/ harmless chemicals, increase smth, affect smth, react with smth, cause pollution, generate power from wind/ solar energy, we have sufficient wind/ solar energy, face the problem , solve the problem, damage, destroy, provide smb with smth, provide effect, have enough, there is danger of accidents.



  • Синий 9 (1)

A. I am involved in environmental issues on global scale.

B. I am aware of environmental problems, but I take no action.

C. I take action at a local level.

D. I encourage others to take an interest in the environment.

E. I feel annoyed by people who don’t take environmental issues seriously.

F. I have recently changed my attitude and I am getting more involved.

G. Despite good intentions, I am not doing a lot to help protect the environment.

  • Синий 10 (2)

T/ F/ NS:

1. Jane believes the event will discourage people from dropping litter in the future.

2. Most of the participants in the event last year were about Tom’s age.

3. Jane’s dad is going to help collect litter on the clean-up day.

4. Tom wants to help clean up the park.

5. Participants don’t have to bring their own lunch.

6. Jane is really looking forward to taking part in the event.

7. Tom made some good friends at the event last year.

Word building exercises

Ex 1:

1. What can we do to reduce the ….. of the atmosphere. (pollute)

2. The change in the climate produces ….. floods. (disaster)

3. Many rare spices are threatened with … (extinct)

4. Exhaust fumes have … effect on the environment. (damage)

5. Protecting the environment is essential to our … (survive)

6. The … of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. (protect)

7. The … of the ozone layer (озонового слоя) is one of the worst things that has happened. (destroy)

8. Some of the most beautiful Indian tigers are facing …. (extinct)

9. We need to find a … to the problem before things get seriously out of hand. (solve)

10. I believe that … of the planet is worth fighting for it. (survive)

Ex 2:

It’s absolutely clear that the world has become a (1- globe) village. The problems we face such as (2- pollute) are not restricted to one country. The (3- destroy) of the rainforests in Brazil is everyone’s problem. The (4- extinct) of rare species is a tragedy for the planet. The (5- protect) of the environment is the (6- responsible) of all nations.

Ex 3:

There are many problems that (1- threat/ threaten) the environment. Acid rain (2- globe/ global) warming and air and water (3- pollute/ pollution) are among the serious ones. There are several ways to help improve the situation. Firstly, we should (4- encourage/encouragement) people to recycle because (5- excess/ excessive) production of materials cause the most damage. We must learn to reuse plastic bags and glass bottles. Secondly, driving electric-powered cars is also (6- help/ helpful/ helpless). We should use every chance to prevent (7- environment/ environmental) disasters. If we manage to do that our planet will be (8- safety/ safe) for future generations.

Ex 4:

More and more animals are fighting for (1- survive) nowadays, and it’s not only (2- hunt) who is to blame. Illegal dumping of waste in rivers by factories is really (3- harm) for fish. The offender should be punished for their (4- behave). We must find (5- solve) of all these problems as fast as possible.

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