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Дополнительный материал к уроку "Экотуризм" о лотосах

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For years fishermen from the village of Dzhalykovo in Lagan’s district tried to grow lotuses in their rural river . They used different ways of planting, but the seeds of the sacred flowers did not take root in the middle of the village. Suddenly the first petals of this miracle of nature appeared in the pond .

Now the lotuses bloom every year!

This plantation was planted in 2011 by a local resident Valery Ulyumdzhiev. For 5 years he had been taking care of the seeds of lotus . He wanted them to put down roots on the river in front of his house but without a success. Only indestructible reeds reappeared in the water . And suddenly in 2011 among the overgrown coastal he noticed the leaves similar to the lotus leaf. Valery Erdni -Goryaevich began to clean up the water weeds, built a fence around his wonderful plants to protect them from the cattle.

He could not believe his eyes. Two lotus flowers appeared in front of him! "It was on the 5th of July. I did not expect that the lotus would blossom that year. I was told that they only bloom for the fourth year. “Of course, I was delighted “says Valery Ulyumdzhiev.

Now his plantation has grown. It is visible from the opposite shore and the village. It is noteworthy that during his visit the Buddhist leader gave the name to Dzhalykov’s temple - "Galsang-khurul", which is translated from the Tibetan "similar to the first lotus flower."

People lit prayer candles and take pictures near the river. They are grateful to the owner of lotus plantation.

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