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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыДополнительный материал по теме "Youth Problems"

Дополнительный материал по теме "Youth Problems"

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If we compare teenagers of the 50s and teenagers today, we will find out that they face almost the same problems, and still they are different in mimy aspects. The similarity lies in the psychology of a human being, the difference of the economical and political situations brings new problems. Youth is the time of decision-making that will influence your life. It is necessary not only to lit into the society but also to be sure of your position within a long period of time. However, it is the objective of the gov ernment to work out and bring into life the policy of social support of the young people as they are the basis of the future of the nation.

After the WWII youngsters were happy when they got any job, and most of them couldn't dream of education. Now most young people want to get a proper education, but it turns into a serious financial burden for a family - that is why many teenagers give up the idea of getting a good education, and just waste their time idling, smoking or using drugs. Moreover, they don’t find much support from the society.

By the beginning of the 60s teenagers had become an important part of society. The American and British authorities realized that, and tried to change the situation using that powerful challenge for the sake of the whole society. We can say that in comparison with the present day, teenagers then were socially oriented. The Americans and the British consider it very important to attract teenagers to different children and youth organizations such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Brownies and many interest clubs. There are about 3000 clubs throughout Britain which are united into the National Association of Boys' Clubs. Moreover, there are a lot of religious youth organizations that involve teenagers in their work and pastime activities. They help elderly and disabled people, work in hospitals, and volunteer for different missions at home and abroad. What is very important, teenagers work among those their same age and campaign against drugs.

The teenagers of the 6()-70s in Britain or the USA were rebellious against the double standards of the society - and they formed different kinds of organizations choosing various forms of protest. That's how hippies appeared. The protest was vivid in fashion, speech, music. The idols of that time were The Beatles, Mary Quaint, The Rolling Stones and Martin Luther King. Teenagers were struggling against the Vietnam War.

In the UK children are involved in such organizations as The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Parent-Teacher Organization. Teenagers attend the camps for disabled children and help them carry out their daily routines. Then they can exchange their experience in The Award Journal. A good example was set by such famous people as Lady Diana and singer Elton John. Much is contributed by such organizations as The World Wildlife Fund that raised money for actions to support the national parks in five continents. The Fund and The National Geographic invite senior teenagers to participate in the expeditions to explore the polluted areas and work for their restoration.

Speaking about teenagers in Russia in the 50—70s they were mostly members of the Komsomol and participated in various political and social actions. We could say (here were no problem of getting education, as it was free, or getting a job. Most

Of the problems were connected with past times although the young people interested in sports, art or theatre соuld join any club. As far as the sphere of emotions is concerned, the main problem of all times and ages is the problem nobody understands me, or doesn't want to understand me". Usually teenagers want to be treated as grown ups, but they don't realize that maturity includes responsibility to make a decision and to reap the fruits. For example, they start smoking to look older, try to wear grown up clothes, use make up, stay out late. If parents are attentive, caring and understanding, they will help their children cope with these problems. The problems is topped with the "first love" that is seen as the only and eternal one. Often it happens that not only the first love but even bosom friends, grow apart as soon as you begin to understand yourself and the world around you better.

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Текст по теме "Youth Problems" предназначен для работы по теме "Проблемы молодежи", может быть использован как раздаточный материал, для отработки изученной лексики в речи., навыков чтения и монологической речи В тексте рассказывается о проблемах подростков в США, Великобритании и России в сравнении - прошлое и настоящее.

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