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Другие метод.материалы "Королевская Семья"


Королевская семья Британии и её связь с царской семьёй России

Выполнили: Маркова Тамара Венеровна, Николаева С.В. учителя английского языка МБОУ « Моргаушская СОШ»


In my research work I would like to study the institution of the British royal family, to generalize the information about the historical past of this country, to define functions of a monarch and modern royal traditions, to tell about the most famous and popular members of the family and, if it's possible, to search related bonds with Russia.

The aim of your research is

1) To get acquainted with the history of royal family of Great Britain and Russia.

2) To understand the related bonds with the Russian royal family.

The challenge is to systematize the history, traditions and life of royal families.

The object of study – the royal families of Great Britain and Russia.

1.1. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is one of the biggest empires in the world history. In 1914 it included a quarter of all world population. The United Kingdom was formed in 1801, according to the Parliament's certificate. The British empire included a lot of colonies all over the world, where the monarchy was spread too. The process of the decolonization began in 1947, when India, Pakistan and Ceylon became independent. The union between the former members of the British empire and Britain was made in 1949. And now it's called the Commonwealth. It includes such countries, as Ireland, Brim, Sudan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. The Queen is the Head of State.

Britain monarchy today

Estate monarchy and the English Parliament formed in the second half of the XIII century. And nowadays a monarch (in our time it's Elizabeth II, who engaged the throne on the 6th of November, 1956) is the official Head of State. Estate monarchy and the English Parliament formed in the second half of the XIII century. And nowadays a monarch (in our time it's Elizabeth II, who engaged the throne on the 6th of November, 1956) is the official Head of State. These rights became more nominal to a great extent nowadays. Monarchs reign, but almost don't rule. In the head of the royal family is the Queen - Mother, who, unfortunately, has died in 2001. The Queen Elizabeth II is not only the head of the United Kingdom, but of Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, the Solomon Isles, etc.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of English monarchs in London since the Queen Victoria has lived there (1837). The palace was built in 1703 by John Sheffield, the Duke of Buckingham. There are 600 rooms in the palace now. In the south side there is the royal gallery, which is opened for visitors since 1962.

Sadringham Hose in Norfolk is the only private residence of the Queen in England. This domain was bought in 1861 by the Prince of Wales. Windsor Castle, which is in 45 kilometers from London and has a view on the Thames is the official residence for 800 years. It's the biggest castle in the world for its quantity of people, living and working there. The castle was founded by William the Conqueror in 1070.

The Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1926 and served in the Royal Navy. He takes a great deal of interest in industry, in the achievements of young people (he founded the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in 1956) and in saving raise wild animal from extinction.

The Queen's legatee is Charles, the Prince of Wales, who was born in 1948, married Lady Diana Spencer and has two children, William and Henry. Now he's married to Camilla Parker - Bouls. His ex - wife Diana Spencer won the attention of many people by her modesty, shyness and beauty.

In the state everything is doing on behalf of the Queen. All decisions are discussed by the members of government and a monarch doesn't take part in their discussions. But the Prime - Minister reports the Queen about accepted decisions, and the Queen adjudicates her resolution.

Royal traditions are:

The Queen's Birthday, The Charity Action on the Passionate Week, Swan Upping, Tribute of Respect to Old People , Decorating in Buckingham Palace , The Opening of the Parliament , The Order of the Garter's Knights, The Christmas Speech of the Queen.

Diana - a favorite of all country

Lady Diana Spencer or simply Lady Di, the ex - wife of the Prince Charles and mother of the Princes William and Henry. Diana Spencer was born on the 1st of July, 1961, in Sadringham in England. She wanted to become a ballet - dancer. Besides she loved children very much and at the age of sixteen she worked at schools for very young children. Diana became the Princess, when the Prince Charles, the Queen’s son, asked her to be his wife and they got married. They had two sons; Harry and William. But Diana wasn't happy, because they did different things and Charles didn't understand her.

Why did she win the hearts of millions and millions of people in many countries? Why did so many people come to London to remember her, when she died? She was a kind woman. Hundreds of people talked about Diana's kindness. She liked ordinary people, though she was rich.

The Prince William is a very popular member of the family

The Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was twenty years old on the 21st of July, 2002. He is a very popular member of the royal family and a lot like his mother, the Princess Diana.

William went to Eton College. He left it in 2000 and then went to Chile to help in a charity project with Raleigh International. After the University the young Prince is going to join the army or the navy. This is a family tradition. William's wife is Kate Middleton. She's from a very rich English family.

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. Middleton wore a white dress by British famous designer. Prince William wore the uniform of his honorary rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards. William’s best man was his brother, Prince Harry, while the bride's sister, Pippa, acted as her maid of honor. Over 5000 street parties were held to mark the Royal wedding throughout the United Kingdom and one million people lined the route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

The Prince Henry - the happy prince

The Prince Henry Charles Albert David, born on the 15th of September, 1984 at St. Mary hospital, is third in the lie of succession to throne, behind his father and elder brother. Harry attended the same schools as William, and in September, 1998, he followed his elder brother to Eton. On the 15th of September, 2002 the Prince Harry celebrated his eighteenth birthday. On that day he visited hospitals and spoke to the homeless. He wanted to remind the public about his mother's huge contribution to charity.

The Queen – Mother

The Queen - Mother, the widow of the late King GeorgeVI, celebrated her one hundred jubilee in 2000. Unfortunately, she has died in 2001.

2.1. Related bonds with Russia

Related bonds between two countries began to develop more than 1 000 years ago, when in the 9lh century the great Prince of Novgorod Rurik became the founder of the Russian monarchy.

In the 19th century there were many marriages between Russian and British royal families. According to the mother's branch, the King George V was the cousin of the last Emperor Nicolai II and the Empress Alexandra, according to the father's branch. The external similarity between Nicolai II and George V was so strong that sometimes they were confused.

In 1994 the Prince Charles was the first member of the British royal family, visited Russia for the last 100 years. Again the heir of the throne, Prince Charles, was with a worker visit in St. Petersburg. The visit was devoted to setting up of diplomatic relations between the countries and celebrated not so long before St. Petersburg three - centenary. The Prince visited the chapel in Petropavlovskaya fortress, where the remains of Nicolai II and his family were kept. In the evening there was a traditional cultural program for honored guests. For the first time from Narishkin's bastion of Petropavlovskaya fortress the traditional cannon shot was made by the member of the British royal family but if the assistant jumped aside, Charles looked like a very assured artilleryman. The used case was packed into a special bag and taken away.


I'm deeply sure that we can't know a foreign language, if we don't know history, features of culture, everyday life and traditions of the nation, whose language we study. We can't learn to communicate on the English language and to understand English speech, if can't think, as Englishmen think. Because the ability to associating is the most amazing gift we have due to nature. And I think that the English are very interesting people, but they are so different from us. The object of my work was to search the condition and the functions of a monarch in Britain, to learn more about the royal family. Compiling this work I've understood, how it difficult to be a monarch serious and responsible work. I told about the most famous members of the family - Lady Diana, the Prince Charles, their sons, William and Harry, the Queen - Mother and, of course, about Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip.

As I think, my work will be very interesting and useful for people, studying English and will increase their knowledge about such a wonderful country, as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland.

The used literature

1. Zanina E. L. "95 English Topics", - 2005, Moscow: "Iris - Hress".

2. Tsvetkova I. V. "The English for Schoolchildren and Entering Universities and Institutes", - 2005, Moscow: " Glossa - Press".

3. Afanaseva T. V. "English Textbook. The 6th Form", - 1996, Moscow: "Prosveshenie".

4. Shabanov A. N. "The World Countries", The modern reference book, -2005, Moscow: "The World of Books".

5. www.wikipedia.org


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