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"We have to wear a school uniform"

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Class: 6 Ә Date: 15.12.15

Theme of the lesson: We have to wear a school uniform

Aims: To tech new grammatical point “have to”

To develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

To make relaxed atmosphere

To repeat earlier studied material on subject and its application in speaking situations

Grammar: have to

Voсabulary: rules, clothes, vocabulary associated with school

Type of the lesson: integrated lesson

Methods of the lesson: talking the theme, exchange ideas, question- answer, doing exercises.

Method of the lesson: team work; individual work

Optional materiаls: presentation, apple tree, stickers, posters with Venn diagram

Procedure of the lesson:

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  1. Organization moment


Checking the absentees

Checking the preparation

    1. Homework. One student of every team come to the teacher with step by step and answer the home task.

  1. Warm – up

My dear students, let’s begin our lesson with physical training


  1. New Lesson


To explain to students the new grammar “HAVE TO”.

We can use 'have to' to express a strong obligation. When we use 'have to' this usually means that some external circumstance makes the obligation necessary.

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New words

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Picture search

Students look at the words in the box and listen while teacher play the CD (1.44). teacher elicit that the words are all names of clothes and accessories. To ask students to find them in the pictures in Activity 2. To encourage students to make guesses about the new vocabulary. Students work individually on the task and then compare their answers in pairs. Play the CD again, asking students to point to the correct items in the pictures.

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To point to the photo and introduce Masami. Explain that he goes to a typical Japanese school. Ask students to listen to a description of his school and think whether the activities they do in their own school are the same. Play CD.

Venn diagram

Students compare the school rules of Kazakhstan and Japan and write it into the poster on the blackboard.

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Classroom Energizer “Body writing”

To ask students to write their name in the air with a part of their body. They may choose to use an elbow, finger, head, leg, eyes and so on. Continue in this way, until everyone has written his or her name with several parts of body.


Writing and speaking tasks

To refer students to the Grammar Spot to review what HAVE TO means and then students to look at the pictures in Activity 2a and listen to the questions about school rules. They should think how they would answer these about their school. Play the CD.

Listening task

To ask students to guess why Ian likes Sundays, play CD for them to check their ideas. They elicit as many reasons why Ian likes Sundays as they can remember

  1. Reflection moment

Teachers do the feedback to students and they ask them to write their ideas or thinking about the new theme. Students write it in stickers and stick them onto knowledge tree.

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  1. Conclusion

Giving positive comments and marks

Giving homework

  1. Homework suggestions

Activity Book page 28-29, Activities 1–7

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