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Easyly confused words in English.


Topic tests

When, while, as soon as

1. While we …. sightseeing the students…. the book. A) went / were reading B) to go / were reading C) went / are reading D) go / were read E) have gone / have read 2. While you …. a rest, we …. the task. A) were having / did B) have / do C) shall have / done D) have had / did E) is having / do 3. While he ….. to school his elder brother ….. from the Institute. His brother is a teacher now. A) had gone / graduated B) has been gone / will graduate C) is going / has been graduating D) went / graduated E) goes / graduated 4. …. while he was having breakfast. A) He climbed the fence B) His pen stopped writing C) He fell off the ladder D) He bit his tongue E) He painted the ceiling 5. Mary …. Nick where he …. after graduating from the University. A) asked / works B) ask / would work C) ask / worked D) asked / would work E) asked / has worked 6. We …. into the room where the old man … . He was seriously ill. A) go / lies B) goes / lie C) went / is lying D) went / was lying E) was going / was lying 7. Mrs. Black ….into the room where her husband …. and began to cry. A) comes / sits B) came / was sitting C) came / sat D) came / were sitting E) was coming / sat 8. As soon as he…. to Copenhagen he….. us a letter. A) get / send B) gets / sends C) gets / will send D) got / should send E) got / has sent 9. I …. you as soon as we …. the contract. A) shall call / sign B) call / sign C) called / sign D) would call / sign E) is calling / are signing 10. As soon as I …. the result I …..you know. A) hear / shall let B) will hear / will let C) hear / let D) heard / let E) have heard / let 11. As soon as the guests …. we …. our party. A) will come / began B) comes / begin C) will come / begin D) come / shall begin E) come / begin 12. I was in the supermarket. As soon as I ….. for the goods somebody …..me. A) paid / would push B) had paid / pushed C) have paid / pushed D) pay / will push E) have paid / is pushing 13. As soon as we ….. the house we …..to it. A) shall build / move B) build / shall move C) will build / shall move D) built / shall move E) build / move 14. As soon as he ….. to see me, we ….. chess. A) will come / shall play B) comes / shall play C) will come / play D) comes / play E) came / play


15. The children ….. in the open air if the weather ……. better last Sunday. A) had played / was B) played / was C) would have played / had been D) will play / is E) would play / were 16. If we…… a letter at 8 o’clock yesterday, we ……. on the same day. A) got / started B) had got / had started C) would get / had started D) had got / should have started E) should have got / had started 17. If you …… so many lessons you……. all the exams. A) didn’t miss / passed B) hadn’t missed / would have passed C) haven’t missed / would pass D) missed / will pass E) had missed / would have passed 18. I would have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I …. your address. A) had B) was having C) had had D) will have E) would have 18. If the driver ……the accident wouldn’t have happened. A) didn’t B) doesn’t stop C) won’t stop D) hadn’t stopped E) hasn’t stopped 19. If he …..all right, he ….. with us yesterday. A) was / was B) had been / would have been C) were / would be D) had been / would be E) would be / would have been 20. If she …… a new dress, I ……her then. A) hadn’t been wearing / might have recognized B) didn’t wear / might recognize C) wasn’t wearing / might recognize D) wouldn’t wear / would recognize E) hadn’t been wearing / might recognize 21. They …. for the examination better if they ….. about it earlier. A) would prepare / knew B) prepare / know C) prepared / knew D) would have prepared / had known E) will prepare / know 22. If you ……the dictionary yesterday I ……to translate the article today. A) had given / would be able B) give / am able C) gave / will be able D) will give / am able E) have given / was able 23. If the help …… in time, the experiment …….. tomorrow afternoon. A) had offered / would he completed B) was offered / will be completed C) had been offered / would be completed D) is offered / would be completed E) are offered / will be completed 24. If you …..these pills yesterday you …… well now. A) had taken / would be B) took / would be C) had taken / had been D) took / will be E) would take / would be 25. If I had gone to the party last night, I …… tired now. A) will be B) am C) would be D) would have been E) was 26. She didn’t know if the letter …. by the time she….. A) would be delivered / will come B) would deliver / comes C) will be delivered / came D) would have been delivered / came E) was delivered / came 27. If he …. English well, he ….. the article without difficulty yesterday. A) knew / would have translated B) know / had been translated C) has known / will have translate D) would know / will translate E) would have known / would have translated 28. If you ….. harder last year you ….. English well now. A) worked / had known B) work / will know C) had worked / would know D) will work / know E) would work / would have known 29. If you …..harder you….. more money and now you….. to buy a car. A) have worked / would earn / could B) had worked / would have earned / would be able C) had worked / would earn / will be able D) has worked / would have earned / could E) worked / would earn / might 30. If you …..your swimming suit you would be able to go for a swim now. A) don’t leave B) weren’t leaving C) will not leave D) haven’t left E) hadn’t left

Easy confused words 1.I've ....... you not to do that many times before. A) told B) spoken C) explained D) said E)talked 2. You shouldn't take any notice of that because it's only hear........ A) telling B) says C) tells D) say E)speaks 3.That's what people are always ........ A) say B) said C) telling D) saying E)talk 4.What I ....... and what I do are not necessarily the same. A) said B) saying C) say D) tell E)speaking 5. It's no good trying to persuade me because I'm not ....... a word. A) tells B) saying C) telling D) told E)talk 6.It’s not good but you are always ……. to you deskmate. A)asking B) saying C)telling D)anwering E)talking 7.If you can’t do your homework…… me ,please. A)say B)talk C) tell D)ask E)answer 8.In the ....... moments of the symphony someone's mobile phone started ringing. A) close B) closing C) shut D) shutting E)to shut 9. The detectives had no problems in solving the crimes as it was clearly an open and ....... case. A) closed B) closing C) shut D) shutting E)to close 10. The police officer warned us that the road ahead was ........ A) shut B) shutting C) closing D) closed E)close 11. In view of the limited amount of information and evidence the case was now considered to be ........ A) closing B) closed C) shutting D)close E)shut 12.Can you please ....... some money until we get paid next week? A) lend B) give C) borrow D) grant E)pay 13.I had to keep my daughter home from school today because she had a ....... of 38 degrees. A) fever B)) headache C)warmth D) heat E) temperature 14.When we were in Nabran last year we ....... at a marvelous hotel overlooking the beach. A) stopped B) lived C) rented D) stayed E)borrowed 15.I usually ....... up six at 6.30 a.m. every morning. A) awake B) rise C) get D) go E)wake 16.Good afternoon. I ....... see the manager, please. A) will B) wish C) like to D) want to E)would like 17. I was wondering if you can ....... me to play the violin? A) assist B) teach C) learn D) study E)aid 18.Would you ....... this letter to the letter box, please? A) send B) take C) retrieve D) fetch E)drop 19. I hate doing the ....... — especially cleaning the windows. A) homework B) housework C) jobs D) groundwork E)work 20. I got married ....... years ago. A) for two B) in two C) at two D) two E)last two

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                               Topic tests

When, while,  as soon as

1. While we …. sightseeing the students…. the book.                                                                A) went / were reading             B) to go / were reading          C) went / are reading D) go / were read                      E) have gone / have read                                                                                                         2. While you …. a rest, we …. the task.                                                                            A) were having / did          B) have / do             C) shall have / done                      D) have had / did               E) is having / do                                                               3. While he ….. to school his elder brother ….. from the Institute. His brother is a teacher now.                                                                                                                    A) had gone / graduated                         B) has been gone / will graduate                                          C) is going / has been graduating           D) went / graduated                                        E) goes / graduated                                                                                                             4. …. while he was having breakfast.                                                                                  A) He climbed the fence               B) His pen stopped writing                                                  C) He fell off the ladder                D) He bit his tongue                                                              E) He painted the ceiling                                                                                                             

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