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“Eating” урок в 7 классе

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Разработка урока английского языка

для 7 класса по теме “Eating

Утешкалиева Г.Б. СОШ им. Е.Ниеткалиева

З-Казахстанская обл. Жанибекский район

The theme: “Eating”

The aim: to enlarge the students’ Vocabulary

to develop the students’ writing, reading, speaking skills

to develop their knowledge

The first team “Rose”

The second team “Daffodil”

1. Training. All about me.

  • My name is …

  • I am a student

  • I am 13

  • I am a Kazakh girl

  • I am in the 7th form

  • I have a father

  • His name is …

  • He is 40

  • He is a farmer

  • I have a mother

  • Her name is …

  • She is 40 too

  • She is a housewife

  • I have four sisters

  • Their names are …

2. Eating. Shopping.

Listen and read

  • Ann: Excuse me!

  • Talgat: Yes?

  • Ann: Could you answer some questions?

  • Talgat: Well… em … OK.

  • Ann: What’s your name?

  • Talgat: Talgat

  • Ann: OK, Talgat. What do you like to eat?

  • Talgat: I like fruit. I love bananas, oranges, apples and apricots.

  • Ann: Do you like meat?

  • Talgat: Yes, I do I also like fish and eggs and fried potatoes.

  • Ann: What do you like to drink?

  • Talgat: I like Coke and orange juice and tea with milk and…

  • Ann: And what don’t you like?

  • Talgat: I don’t like surveys! Good bye!

  • Ann: Mmm?

3. Complete the chart

Fruit Drinks Other food

bananas coke fish

4. Make two lists

Singular Plural

fruit bananas

m… o…

5. Remember!

  • Plural nouns end in –s or –es. They are countable. Some nouns don’t have plural form. They are uncountable.

Read and write uncountable (u) or countable (c) near these words

  • CГруппа 20ars , water , air , bottles , apples ,

  • Bread , tea , dollars , money , lemons , sugar , salt , eggs ,

  • Toys , milk , sandwiches , ham , cheese , coffee .

6hello_html_m61a88fd5.jpg. Training. Tell about your friend. “My Friend”

  • is my friend

  • Her surname is …

  • She is 13

  • Her eyes are black

  • Her hair is black and long

  • Hhello_html_163268e8.jpger address is Nietkalijev Street

  • Her phone number is …

  • Her father is a driver

  • Her mother is a housewife

  • She is student

7. Arrange these nouns into the lists:

Onion tomatoes a fork lemon glasses

Apples carrots oranges potatoes beans

bananas a knife plates bowls a spoon

Fruit Vegetables Tableware

8. Read

  • There are not many apples on the tree

  • There are not many cars in the street

  • There are not much water in the bottle

  • There are not much coffee in the cup

9. Complete the sentences with much or many

  • a) We need ………….. oranges to make orange juice

  • b) I don’t drink …………. Milk-one litre a day

  • c) He doesn’t always put ………….. salt on his food

  • d) My car doesn’t use ……………… petrol

  • e) They haven’t …………… money. They are not rich.

  • f) There aren’t …………… potatoes in the box.

10. Fill in the diagram about Eating in Kazakhstan

Группа 27

Группа 28beshbarmak

Группа 35milk




11. Fill in the blanks in this conversation with a, an, the or x (no article)

  • 1A: Would you like …. apple?

  • 2B: Oh, yes please! I love …. apples.

  • 3A: Well, there is ….. big one and small one.

  • 4B: Oh, I’ll have ….. small one please.

  • 5A: Won’t you have ……. big one?

  • 6B: No thanks. Mmm! What …… delicious apple!

  • 7A: I guess I’ll have …… big one myself.


12. Put a, an or the “Eating”

  • 1) We have … cat and … dog. Dog never bites … cat.

  • 2) I saw … film last night. … film was about … beautiful girl. … girl was very brave

  • hello_html_3f0b6499.jpg3) My Dad has … car. … car is white.

  • 4) I had … sandwich and …apple for lunch. … sandwich wasn’t very nice.

13. Reflection

The lesson is over. Good bye!

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