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ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Устная речь Памятки.

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Требования к выполнению задания 2.

Помните порядок слов в вопросительных предложениях:

1. Вопросительное слово (What, When, Where, How, Who, и т.п.). (начало специального вопроса)

2. Вспомогательный (модальный, глагол-связка) глагол. (начало общего вопроса)

3. Подлежащее (существительное или местоимение).

4. Смысловой глагол (или дополнение).

Не забудьте об интонации в вопросах (повышение тона в конце общих вопросов и падение - в конце специальных)!Постарайтесь полностью выполнить поставленные задачи, старайтесь говорить ясно и четко, следуйте предложенному плану.

(double/single) room price per night

What is the (double/single) room price per night?


ifbreakfast is included



directionsto the hotel/ gym



distancefrom the city centre

How far is the hotel from the city centre?


online (advance) reser-vation/booking

Can I book/purchase a ticket online (in advance)? Can I reserve a room online?


durationof the course/ tour

How long is the course/tour?


entrance fee

What is the entrance fee? How much is the ticket? How much does the tour cost?


age restriction



photo permission/ taking pictures

Is it allowed to take pictures during the tour?


possible accommodation

What kind of accommodation do you offer?


refund for a ticket

Can I get a refund for a ticket if I miss the concert?

Задача: выбрать 1 фотографию и описать её по плану

I took a lot of photos and now I’d like to show you one of the photos. It’s great!

This photo was taken in the …ГДЕ… last …КОГДА

In the photo you can see …

He/she/they is/are …-ing

I keep this photo in my album because …

I’ve decided to show this photo to you because …

I hope you liked ttis pictures

What/who is in the picture? People (relatives, friends, classmates…)



clothes Objects


colour How do they feel? How do they look?

happy, sad, worried, angry, bored, tired……What’s the weather like in the photo?

Nice, sunny, rainy ….

In the photo you can see …

In the photo there is/there are …

What is happening?

Present Continuous

He/she is …-ing

They are …-ing

Why do you keep the photo in your album?

.I keep this photo in my album

to think of the best day of my holidays

to show it to my friends who were not with me that day


-I think it is the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life.

every time I look at it I think of the most beautiful moment in my life.

I decided to show the photo to you because

it is one of the best pictures I took during my trip

it shows one of the most exciting moments of my trip

you have never seen such ……

I hope my photo will inspire you to join me next time

I know you are also fond of taking pictures and I hope you’ll like this one.

I want to share my experience with you.

I decided to show the photo to you

to demonstrate how excited and thrilled we felt on that day.

to share my experience with you

Be ready to compare and contrast the photos:

I would like to compare and contrast the photos

1.In the first photo there is… who/that …..

2.The second photo shows … who/that…

3.Both pictures have a few/a lot of things in common.

Both photos show…

Each picture illustrates how/where

Both photos were taken inside/outside.

Both pictures were taken in winter/summer.

Both pictures show nice sunny day.

Each picture depicts a hot sunny day.

4.There are some differences between these two photos.

5.Personally, I’d prefer…

One similarity is that…

Another similarity is..


A difference between them is that … , while …

Unlike … , …

In the first photo…,whereas…in the second photo…

In contrast,…in the second photograph….

your preference and why

As far as I am concerned, I’d prefer to …, since I …

When it comes to …, I’d prefer to …, since I …


That’s all that I wanted to say.


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