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Экскурсия Все для фронта.Все для Победы.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Join us for an unforgettable day in our city. Yuryi Bondarev once said “ the War has already become History, the main participants of it are People and Time. Not to forget Time means not to forget People”. As you know the year 2015 is dedicated to 70th anniversary of the Victory over Fascist Germany. The Victory was dearly bought by the old and the young at the frontlines and behind enemy lines.

My name is Kamilla Mardanova. I’m from school 132. I’ll be your guide and welcome to the excursion called “All for Victory! All efforts for the front! ”. We’ll get on our tour bus and spend two hours exploring the city, seeing the sights and landmarks connected with the war. During the tour, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get off the bus and take photos. Are you ready to start? Fine!

So, it’s a well-known fact that, Kazan is the city with exciting history and great heritage. We also know that our city greatly contributed to the hard-won Victory.

We start from one of our best loved places “Freedom Sguare”. It’s an old square, that was called “Theatre Square” before the Revolution. By the way, it is the place where the most important festivals in the city take place. Now look at the impressive building on your right. It’s The Tatar Opera Theatre named after Musa Jalil. He was the only poet of the Soviet Union ,who was given the Hero of the Soviet Union award for his resistance fighting and the Lenin Prise for authoring the Moabit Notebooks. His life is a model of selfless service to country. Do you know that he asked to send him to the frontlines on the 23rd of June,on the very second day of the war? The construction of the theatre began long before the World War II. When the war started, the construction was frozen for a few years. Later German prisoners of war were involved in the further process. That is why there was only a building ground here on the 9 May 1945. Let’s reconstruct the first Victory Day in 1945. Just imagine all people are dancing and singing, there are banners with slogans everywhere , even , the prisoners of war are crying and waving their hands. Two planes PO-2 are flying in the sky and dropping leaflets.

From the first day of the war the city put great effort for the front! All for Victory! Hundreds of thousands families sent their sons and daughters, husbands and fathers to the front lines. Those left, old and young, did their best, working hard at factories, plants and hospitals. It’s difficult to imagine how many of them paid for the Victory at the expense of their lives.

Now , dear friends, we are turning left and driving along Lobachevsky Street. In a moment you will see the old building of the Kazan State University. During the War Kazan became the biggest centre of Science Defense and was classified as a secret city of the first category. In 1941- 1943 leading Moscow and Leningrad Institutes and Laboratories of Academy of Sciences of the USSR moved to Kazan. The team of scientists demonstrated valour and dedication working 12 hours a day. In 1942, the staff of the luminescence laboratory under the supervision of Pr. S.I. Vavilov developed unique technologies of blacking out military facilities. Pr. P.L. Kapitsa worked out a new technology of low temperatures and liquid oxygen. The oxygen was immediately sent to hospitals and many lives of Soviet soldiers were saved.

We are in the very centre of Kazan now going along Butlerov Street. Now look left at the building of the Kazan Medical Institute . Here under the supervision of the outstanding scientist Dr.S.V.Kurashov, a great number of young doctors and nurses, were trained to work at hospitals.To commemorate his memory a small street adjoining the University building was given his name. Kazan medicine school developed transverse section anesthesia and famous Vishnevsky ointment.

Well, let’s go on. Now we are driving along a famous Millennium bridge. Marvel at the stunning scenery of the river Kazanka. Don’t miss ancient landmarks and enjoy the all-around view of Kazan, which is considered to be one of the most unique cities of Russia. Now we are crossing S.Khakim street. He was a famous Tatar poet and saw the war, he wrote about unexampled bravery of Soviet soldiers and noncombat heroism of ordinary people.

Now we are passing Novo-Savinovskiy and Aviastroitelny districts. While driving to the place, enjoy the wonderful cityscape. It goes without saying, the Second World War violated peaceful and creative life townfolk. The city industry was hurriedly reorganizing for martial purposes. Parallel to this arrangement and assembling of the enterprises evacuated from western regions of the country was going on; from 70 factories relocated in Tataria more than half fell on Kazan. By 1942 there in the city had already worked 31 food enterprises, 40 ones of light and heavy industry, dozens of plants of medical, machine-building and defense branches of industry. And who were employed in those factories? Teenagers, women and the elderly took jobs there making ammunition, uniforms for the armed forces and even aeroplanes. Without doubt , that was a vital job that they took pride in doing. The jobs were hard, often physically demanding and sometimes dangerous, but they had to be done and Kazaners were relied on to do them. Their war effort was much needed and much appreciated.

Now we are making our way to the building of Kazan Engine Production Association. A special construction department, where prisoners worked, was organized in 1941 there. By the way, prominent scientists as Pr B.S.Stechkin, Dr V.P. Glushko and a member of Academy of Sciences S.P.Korolev worked there. During the war, at the plant there worked a flow line production of aviation enginesVK-105 and V.Y.Klimov.

As you know, an engine is the heart of a plane, that is why for the final part of the tour we’ll visit Kazan Aviation Factory named after S.P.Gorbunov,who was director of the plant. Due to his proper leadership,the plant was awarded with the highest governmental decoration- the order of Lenin for mastering the production of special types of heavy airoplanes and good organization of work. It produced Pe-2 dive-bombers and Pe-8 long range bombers in lots. Every day 10-12 bombers were sent to frontlines. By the way, Pe-2 became the main bomber of domestic air-force.

We finish our tour at the Aircraft Museum 124 where you can see incredible war displays telling the story of this plant and presenting the efforts of people working there. Our excursion is over. I hope you all find the tour interesting. Thank you for your attention!

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