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Экскурсия по родному краю

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Ivnya, my beautiful land, You are nice and green in spring, In summer you like as a flowerbed, You are gold and silver in autumn, But in winter you like as Switzerland.C:\Documents and Settings\User1\Рабочий стол\ивня. картинки\6d_itBlyusA.jpg


Have you ever been in Switzerland? No? Then welcome to our village, Ivnya. The people call Ivnya «The small Switzerland” because of its picturesque landscape.

There are no theatres, multistoried houses, large squares and avenues in my village, but still I like it because I was born here, my parents live here and I spend here my life.

It is a place which is connected with my first word and my first step, my first toy and my childhood, place where my home is. It has an excellent situation. It`s a nice, quiet village surrounded by ponds, woods, fields. The population of Ivnya is 8 thousands people. The people are hospitable here. http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/Ivnya_1.jpg

If you visit our places you`ll see green countryside with rich vegetation. Nature is major attractiveness. Every morning I can get up and breathe in fresh air full of various scents which depends on a season: in summer it is a smell of fresh grass and flowers, in winter it is a smell of frost and snow, in autumn it is a smell of fruits and vegetables. http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/IMG_0196.jpg

My native village becomes especially beautiful in early spring. Nature awakens after a long sleep of winter. All kinds of plants and flowers come out. Everything is in blossom. The birds return from the south and build their nests. The farmers begin the sowing campaign. Everything around is full of life and joy.

Ivnya has a long and interesting history. The first settlements were established approximately in the 18 century. The first name was “Troetskoye” Now people called this village “Ivnya” from 1928 year because willows grown around the ponds all time. And the symbol of my village is a willow.http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/Ivnya_2.jpg

The ponds with fountains are lovely for swimming and fishing. This is a perfect way to have a good rest.

In the centre of my village there is a monument to the soldiers and officers with the Eternal Flame. And near our school there is the Alley of Heroes. The villagers have built monuments to honor the people who died in war-time. Our village was occupied by German fascists. 4410 men didn’t come back to our village again. Among them are 5 Heroes of the Soviet Union. We are proud of them and we always bring flowers to their feet.C:\Documents and Settings\Учитель\Рабочий стол\музей\современная фотофиксация\DSC00359.JPG

And this is the best thing in the world. Of course, it’s our school. It is big and beautiful. I am always looking forward to school because I have my favorite school subjects, I meet with my friends and teachers, I can visit different clubs and sections. After school we like to walk along nice blue fir-trees and well-designed flowerbeds. We look after them ourselves.http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/Ivnya_015.jpg

And this is our park. It is situated opposite our school. It is a wonderful place. Many concerts, shows, festivals, presentations take place every week. A lot of grown-up and children like to spend their free time there. http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/2_0.jpghttp://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/Ivnya_8.jpg

A great attention is paid to sport in my native village. Hundreds of teens train on two stadiums, in a Sport center and in different sections.

In 1934 was living A. Gaidar here, that’s why the sanatorium has his name. Here he wrote his famous book “Blue Stars”.

If you want to get full picture about my village you’d see a church, Communicative Centre, sugar factory, a music school and museums ,modern shops and a market, rich cottages and buildings. http://ivnya-rayon.ru/sites/default/files/imgz/cerkov_032.jpg

We do all possible to keep the land, air and water clean. We plant trees and flowers take care of animals, sweep the paths. C:\Documents and Settings\Учитель\Рабочий стол\музей\современная фотофиксация\DSC00386.JPG

I like my native village; I want Ivnya to be always beautiful and clean. And I’ll do everything to my Ivnya. I know one main thing: East or west-Home is best. Brilliant words! Don’t you agree with me? I will be very happy if you’ll visit our village.

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Данный материал предназначен для тех, кто интересуется историей своего родного края. Краеведческий материал об Ивне Белгородской области  актуален  для обучающихся 5- 11 классов при прохождении темы "Страны изучаемого языка и родная страна" и помогает приобрести навыки  чтения с  извлечением интересующей информации. Наличие богатого лексического запаса позволяет расширить языковые знания школьников, привлечь их внимание к словообразованию, фразеологии, синонимии и другим лингвистическим явлениям, за счёт которых речь становится более индивидуальной и эмоциональной.

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