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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

1. Read the text and mark the sentences true, false or no information.

I come from the future. I lived in London in the twenty-first century. I had a big family, but I didn't have any friends. I thought that I didn't need them. One day our school teacher brought us letters from children in Russia, and we answered them. My pen friend was Misha Inin. One day he invited me to Russia. I was really excited. I didn't know much about Russia and it was really interesting for me to visit it.
Strange things started to happen from the beginning. When I came to Russia, nobody met me at the airport. I waited and waited, but nobody came. I got angry with my friend and decided to buy a ticket and fly back home. But before that I wanted to leave the airport and look at a Russian city.
The next moment I was in a narrow and dirty street. The air was bad and the smell was horrible. There weren't any cars, but I saw a lot of horses.
The people scared me. They had gloomy faces and their clothes were dirty.

1. Rob had a lot of friends.

2. Misha and Rob were pen friends.

3. Rob’s parents didn’t want Rob to go to London.

4. Rob knew a lot of things about Russia.

5. Misha met Rob at the airport.

6. Rob was angry with his friend.

7. When Rob left the airport, he got to a dirty street.

2. Choose the correct variant and complete the sentences.

1. She …the floor yesterday.

a) cleans b)cleaned c)clean

2. I don’t eat …bread.

a) much b) many c) a lot of

3. I know … people in this room.

a) any b)some c)much

4. My father … to work on Saturdays.

a) has to b) have to c) will have to

5 .Alice … me to her birthday party last week.

a) invite b) invites c)invited

6. Don’t ask..questions. (Ann)

a) her b)him c) it

7. I don’t understand … in French.

a) something b)anything c) nothing

8. David is … friend.

a) me b)mine c)my

3. Choose the correct variant, open the brackets and complete the sentences.

1. I don’t eat (fruits/meat/vegetables). I’m a vegetarian.

2. There is some (soup/milk/cheese) in the mug.

3. Everybody knows his pictures. He is a famous (writer/painter/poet).

4. You should (go/visit/walk) to the shop and buy a warm jacket.

5. Guide dogs help (deaf/sick/blind) people.

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