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Welcome back . A Some new friends

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Ағылшын тілі 3. 6 ,09 3 Бекітемі

The theme : Welcome back . A Some new friends

Күтілетін нәтижесі (мақсаты ) can \can’t What/s got ? He’s \She ‘s got

1.Educational; can \can’t What/s got ? He’s \She ‘s got

2.Bringing up: таlk about a picture.

3.Developing: tslking about the picture

Visual aids : Pictures, cards,.




Teacher’s action

Student’s action



(organizing moment, to control the home task)


5-7 min


Who is absent?

All are present.

Interview 2-3 friends.

Realization of meaning (explain the new theme)

Трек сөздер

8-10 min

Listen and follow What happens to Alex ?

Follow the lines

What have the children got?

Ask and answer

Answer the questions.


Answer the questions

15-18 min

Read the text

New words

Asleeping bag

A camera

a notebook

a tent

a bottle of water

a bar of chocolate

A pencil

A rope

Think what can the children do with the things in Exercise 2

They can take photos with camera

Sing a song

When you want some friends

Home work ;To leorn by heart new words.

Good bye!

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