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"Welcome to Great Britain" 7 класс


School № 234 after ZH.Zhabaev

Theme: Welcome to Great Britain

Grade: 7 v

The teacher of English:Kuandyk Gulkhan

2016 yeas

Date: 21.04.2016

Grade: 7

The theme of the lesson: Welcome to Great Britain

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to present new words concerning on the theme and practise them in pupils’ speech;

Developing: to develop pupils’ interest for learning English language, to improve pronunciation skills and abilities;

Bringing – up: to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect for the English speaker countries.

The equipments: computer, interactive board, songs.

Literature: a book by T.Ayapova

The type of the lesson: getting new information

The methods of teaching: presentation, explanation, question – answer, pair work.

The procedure of the lesson

Organization moment


Talking with a duty

T: Good afternoon dear teachers and passengers. Today we have a travelling lesson. Today we fly to London. However we can’t fly because we don’t have any tickets. But if you answer my questions I’ll give you the tickets. Do you understand me? We all live in Kazakhstan. My question will be about our republic.

  1. What kind of state is Kazakhstan? (It is a democratic, independent state)

  2. When does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day? (on 16 December)

  3. What is the most popular national holiday in Kazakhstan? (Nauryz)

  4. How many region are there in Kazakhstan? (14)

  5. When was the first President of the Republic elected? (in 1991)

  6. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

  7. Where is Kazakhstan situated? (Central Asia)

  8. Who is the head of Kazakhstan?

  9. What is the climate of Kazakhstan? ( continental)

  10. The colours of flag are……

You have answered my question and all of you have tickets. Passengers what colour do you see the tickets.

Passengers: Red and blue

Guide: let’s divide into 2 groups. Red color will be the 1st group, blue color will be the 2nd group. Let’s begin our journey. Take your seats in the plane.

Pilot: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. “British Airways” are glad to meet you. I’m your pilot Mr. Nursultan and I wish you a pleasant flight.

Stewardess: Dear ladies and gentlemen. I am your stewardess. My name is Gulnur. Welcome to our plane. Our flight lasts 45 minutes and we shall land in London at 5.20 o’clock. “British Airway” wish you pleasant flight.

Guide: Thank you. I am your guide. We continue our trip. Dear passengers during the flight we shall do some tasks and get more information about Great Britain. Our trip consist of 5 tasks. They are:

  1. To work with the text

  2. Find the words in the text

  3. Answer the questions

  4. Grammar time

  5. Match the sights and their names

Now let’s start the 1st task. I’ll give you text and you must to read and translate

During the lesson I’ll be marking to you with a star.

Great Britain

Great Britain is a parliamentary monarchy. Elizabeth II is the Queen of Great Britain. The full name of this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is situated in Europe. The UK consist of 4 parts. They are England the capital is London, Scotland the capital is Edinburgh, Wales the capital of Cardiff and Northern Ireland the capital is Belfast. The UK is one of the smallest countries in the world. The flag of Great Britain is “Union Jack”. It has three colours: red, blue and white. The area of the UK is about 244100sq.km. The population of the Great Britain is over 57 million. Great Britain is not rich in natural resources. Coal and oil are the most of them. Agriculture takes also an important sector in the economy of the country. British people grow wheat, vegetables and oats. There are many rivers and lakes in Great Britain. The Severn is the longest river the Thames is the deepest and the most important one.

Guide Thank you passengers. I think you get more information about Great Britain. Our next task called “Find the words”

I’ll give you words, you must find the words in the text and translate into Russia and English language

  1. Орналасқан- situated- расположен

  2. Халық- population-народ

  3. Өзен-river-река

  4. Көкөніс-vegetables-овощи

  5. Agricultureауыл шаруашылығы-сельское хозяйство

  6. Wheat-бидай- пшеница

  7. Oats-сұлы- овес

  8. Capital- астана-столица

  9. World-әлем-мир

  10. Queen- Ханым-королева

You have answered very well. The 3rd task “Answer the questions”

  1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

  2. Where is the UK situated?

  3. What is the Big Ben?

  4. What is the deepest river in Great Britain?

  5. Who is the head of Great Britain? (Queen Elizabeth II)

  6. What kind of state is the UK?

  7. What does British people grow?

  8. What is the capital of Great Britain?

  9. What are the colours of the Great Britain’s flag?

  10. What is the British money?

The 4th task is “Grammar time”

Pupils let’s remember how we can use Definite article “The” with geographical names.

We use “the” with names of oceans, rivers, seas, mountains

We don’t use “the” with names of continents, countries but the USA, the UK

If you remembered let’s do exercise

Put “the” where necessary

  1. The capital of ___ England is London

  2. The longest river in Britain is_____ Severn

  3. ___ UK is one of the most industrialized countries

  4. I live in___ London

  5. ____ Nile is the longest river in ____ Africa

  6. We visited ____ Canada and ____ USA-

  7. I’ve never been to ______ USA

  8. _____ Everest is the highest mountain in the world

  9. He used to work in ______ India

  10. She always loved skiing in_______ Alps

Our next grammar is Present Simple tense

Қазіргі осы шақ күнделікті қайталанып отыратын іс-әректті білдіреді. Мынадай үстеулер арқылы жасалады

For example: He always tells us funny stories

Always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never

Translate the sentences and give interrogative and negative form

  1. Мен күнде 7-де тұрамын

  2. Том күнде теннис ойнайды

  3. Мен күнде таңертең кофе ішемін

  4. Ол заводта жұмыс істейді

  5. Біз күнде таңертегілік жаттығулар жасаймыз

  6. Ол қорқынышты филмдерді ұнатады

  7. Менің анам ауруханада жұмыс жасайды

  8. Біз түнде жиі телевизор көреміз

  9. Мен Қазалыда тұрамын

  10. Олар кинотеатрға сирек барады

Now pupils let’s marking each other with the fingers

Our last task is called “Match the sights and their names”.

Children, what do you know about London’s sightseeing? Let’s remember.

1. Buckingham Palace

2. Trafalgar square

3. Big Ben

4. The London Eye

5. The Thames

6. Hyde Park 7. The Tower of London 8. Red double – decker bus

Write down in your paper one word that comes to your mind when you hear “Great Britain”

Passengers let’s fill the table using the new method “Insert”

During the lesson I can read………

During the lesson It was difficult to fly to London…..

During the lesson It was interesting marking each other…….

Dear our passengers! We have arrived to London. But we must return because there is a proverb “East or west home is best”

A song “One way ticket”

Conclusion: Pupils today you worked very active. Thank you very much.

Home task: to retell the text

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