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hello_html_m38c4269c.gifTheme: Welcome to English!

Aims: To develop peoples’ intellect, to practice hearing, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt.

Visual aids: The interactive board, music, hot chair.

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment.

Teacher: Good morning, dear guest and people. Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game. Language is the main type of means of communication. There are nearly 3000 languages in the world. English and Russian at our lesson which be held in the form of competition between 3 rounds. With help of the knowledge of foreign language we can communicate with each other, through the Internet or get necessary information from it.


The be done with group the sweets. Let’s go come people.

Thank you sit down place you’re here and there. Write your group name.

Chooses the scold : ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ok thank you sit please! ____________and __________ we wish good game!

The three rounds

The firs – HOT BALL

The second – POLYGLOT

The third – MODEL

The fourth – Conclusion

1-round: “Hot ball”

The group captain answer the question. Come her place sit down. The hot chair.

« Осы кезінде топ капитаны келіп ыстық орындыққа отырып сұрақа жауап беріп отырады. Әр дұрыс жауапқа 10 үпайдан беріледі».

Қызыл жәшік

  1. The antonym of the word

  2. The famous Kazakh writer

  3. What is national symbol of Kazakhstan?

  4. Which month is the day of Independence celebrated ?

  5. Who is head of our country ?

  6. What is the symbol of England?

  7. The capital of GB

  8. The river in the UK

  9. Who is head of the UK of GB and Northern Ireland?

  10. Kazakhstan is situated in ……

Жасыл жәшік

1.The Famous Clock
2. The First Kazakh Spaceman
3. Music Question (What Song Is It? Who Is A Singer)
4. What Is The Official Part Of London?
5. When Did The Tradition Christmas Meal In The Britain?
6. What The Capital Of Scotland?
7. What Is The National Costume Of Scotland?
8. How many people live in London?
9. A person who gives us medical help?
10. Who was Kurmangazy?

Thank you sit place.

The 2-round:POLYGLOT

« Бұл кезеіде ұяшық ішіндегі жасырын тұрған тапсырмаларды орындайды. Choose the box and they assignment make. Әр тапсырмаға орындауына байланысты 10 ұпайдан беріледі.»



  1. I did not go anywhere yesterday (Past simple)

  2. You live in Astana (the present continuous)

  3. You have been to Kokshetau (Present perfect)

The 3-raund: MODEL

The group makes your model. You talk the model. The theme “My future village”.

«Әр топтың өздерінің дайындаған макеттері бар, яғни үй жұмысы. «Менің болашақтағы ауылым» аты макет. Әр топтың қорғауына 20 ұпай, макеттің құрлымы мен жасалуына 10ұпайдан бересіздер.»

Physical minutes

IV. Conclusion

Teacher: the groups stand-up, come to the blackboard.

Қазақстан Республикасы Білім және ғылым министрлігі

Қарағанды облысы Ұлытау ауданы

«№11 Қоскөл жалпы білім беретін орта мектебі» КММ


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