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Employment of foreign language teachers for gifted children on the subject "English"

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Employment of foreign language teachers for gifted children on the subject "English"

The educational activity of gifted children differs in the degree to which they want to achieve success in their studies and acquire knowledge without perceiving it as violent against themselves and hope to be capable of independent action due to the previously acquired mental skills. The tendency to the study of foreign languages is diagnosed in children at an early stage of learning.These students easily learn new material, are active, and they are distinguished by creativity, desire for knowledge, and self-study discipline. They experiment using means of artistic expression, originality, and creativity. With these students, the teachers find work at once easy yet simultaneously difficult. They require special attention.

The success of working with gifted students largely depends on what kind of work is being done with this population of students in primary school.The most characterizing feature of these children is their pronounced cognitive need often manifesting as curiosity and a thirst for new experiences.When educating, gifted children require the growth of their curiosity into a mature love of learning - "curiosity" and "curiosity" in "cognitive demand".

Thus, maintaining and developing the individuality of the child without losing or slowing down the growth of its capabilities - a particularly significant problem for Gifted Education.

In my opinion, the main task of the teacher is to organize the educational process in accordance with the educational needs of the students. To this end, I’ve developed and used in the classroom a system of exercises which contribute to the development of students' communicative skills in a research nature.

These exercises should always maintain the interest of children to learn a foreign language. In class methods and forms of work with gifted students, one must first organically combine the methods and forms of work with all the students of the school and at the same time differ in originality.

Individual work in the classroom with children using additional material of a developing, teaching, training, or a supervisory nature (such as: introduction, training or material control) should be used for various kinds of speech activities of both high and low levels. In this case, there is an absolutely logical and effective use of ICT technologies (videos, audio books, interactive and audio CDs, DVDs, and Internet resources)

With regard to the forms and methods of extracurricular work, the ample opportunities to identify and develop gifted students can be achieved by having electives, clubs, and competitions to attract students to participate in various contests and competitions outside of the school system and extracurricular research work of students. Here, working in small groups, I try to make the most of the differentiation of teaching methods, individual approach, and the use the different working methods such as: observation, experiment, study, work with scientific literature, as well as the use of ICT.

This makes it possible to take into account the different needs and opportunities for gifted children.

So, work with gifted children should be continuous and provide a system that includes the following components:

1. Identification of gifted children;

2. The creation of conditions for the full development of gifted children;

3. The development of creative abilities in the classroom;

4. The development of skills in extracurricular activities (research, projects, competitions, contests).

Teacher interaction with gifted child shall be directed to the optimal development of the teacher’s abilities with an emphasis also on having a character of aid and support.

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