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English around us (5 класс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

“English is around us”

The Aims: - to check the knowledge of students of English language;

to develop the abilities to speak English, creative abilities of pupils, to teach the pupils to be able to discuss, to find expressions in any situation, etc.

-to develop: children’s memory, logical thought, vocabulary.

- children’s love to English language, love of nature, native country.

The bringing-up aims: to develop willing of the young learners to study English.

The tasks of the lesson: to revise to

- introduce selves

- say the ABC

- spell the words

- name the numerals

- do sums

- puzzles

- answer the questions.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Introducing selves

Several pupils tell about themselves on the model.

I-group – “ Friendship”

Devise: Better lose a ject than a friend

II-group - “Knowledge”

Devise: Knowledge is power.

Ход мероприятия

II.Начало марафона

Приветственное слово учителя:

Dear boys and girls and teacher! Today we are having an intellectual competition pupils of the 5th forms. This competition will pass under the slogan the “English is around us”.

Let’s begin our journey.

Құрметті балалар! Бүгінгі:

Ана тілің - арың бұл,

Ұятың боп тұр бетте.

Өзге тілдің бәрін біл,

Өз тіліңді құрметте! – демекші,

«English is around us», «Ағылшын тілі -айналамызда» деген жарыс сабағымызды бастаймыз.

I have divided you into two groups.

The first group- Friendship. The second group- Knowledge.

- Now, children, look at the interactive board. This is an Alma. Alma is a very sad.

МынауАлма.Алма өте көңілсіз, себебі, ол досы Каролдың үйіне бару үшін бірнеше кедергіден өтуі керек.Әр кедергіде әр кезеңнің сұрақтары болады.

I. The fastest questions.


1. Where are you from?

2. How old are you?

3. Can you play the dombyra?

4. What is your mother like?

5. What colour is your cat?


1.How are you?

2.What do you want to be?

3.Have you got a computer?

4.Do you like English?

5.Do you ever help your mother?

II. Who is the best?


2. Numerals(Сан есім)

3. Puzzles (Жұмбақтар)

4. Polyglot (Полиглот)

1.Language(Тіл) 1.Saying ABC, 2. Singing the song ABC 3. Complete the sentences. There is a sofa, a VSR and a TV set in the ….. (living room)

2. Numerals(Сан есім)

1.What time is it? 10:15 2. do sums and read 3.work with picture.

3. Puzzles (Жұмбақтар)

1.They are big, They are grey, They have long noses. (Elephants)

2.They live in the forest. They are brown and black. They can jump. They like bananas (Monkeys)

3.I am grey. I can jump, run, walk. I can’t fly. I like milk. What am I? ( a cat)

4. Polyglot (Полиглот)

A cat сөзінің орысша, қазақша баламасы. a cat, кошка, мысық

Дүкен сөзінің орысша ,ағылшынша аудармасы. дүкен, магазин, a shop.

A swimming pool сөзінің орысша, қазақша аудармасы. Бассейн, хауыз

III. Jumbled letters. Alma is a very sad because she haz differend letters but they have mixed and she can’t guess the words. Let’s her happy.

I- group




II- group




IV.“ 10- boxes”.The captain’s competition.


V. Финиш. The results of the competition.

Alma: Dear, children, now I’m not sad. I’m happy because you can say the ABC , spell the words, read , say the numerals , do sums, name the animals. I want to come here and play with you again.

The lesson is over. Good bye!

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