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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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English competition "The leader XXI century"



Aim of the lesson:
1.Educating: to consolidate the knowledge about Great Britain and Kazakhstan
2.Developing: to develop the students` memory, thinking habits, vocabulary.
3. Up-bringing: to develop willing of the young learners to study English.
 Type of the lesson: lesson-competition
 Visual aids: interactive board, cards, maps.

The procedure of the lesson

1.  Introducing themselves. The participants tell about themselves.        

     2. Dear teachers and students!
Welcome to our English party! It called the leader of the 21st century. All questions are about Great Britain and Kazakhstan. We have 10 participants .They are the students of the first year. Now let`s enjoy our game. For each right answer, the participant gets 10 scores in rounds. After each round, the participants whose scores are low should leave the game. After all, there must stay two participants with high scores, they will compete with each other, and only one of them will be a leader of our college among the first-year students.
 I-round. Who is the quickest?
1. What country do we live in?    /in Kazakhstan/
2. Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain?    /on British lsles/
3. What is Union Jack?       /the flag of Great Britain/
4. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?    /Astana/
5. How many parts does the UK consist of?    /4 parts/
6. What language is spoken in England?      /English/
7. Kazakhstan is bordered by 5 countries. Do you agree with it?
8. Is Astana in the western of the country?    /No, it isn`t/
9. Who rules the UK?    /The Queen/
10. When Akmola was renamed to Astana?    /In 1997/
II-round.  You are welcome to enjoy in the next round .Guess the word.
A form of football - uygbr   /rugby/
The capital city of England- nodoln   /London
Favorite topic of conversation in Britain –etherwa  / weather/
The city  of Apples – talmya   / Almaty/
The name of world`s famous skating- rink- ueMed    / Medeu/
The dying  sea in Kazkhstan- larA    /Aral/

 III –round. The third  round  is  called  ‘’Magic numbers’’ Choosing  the  numbers  you get  questions, if the answer is  right your  score will rise to 10. The participant whose scores are lower can choose the table.












1 .20- What part of the country do we live in?     / in the southern    part of the country/

2. 30- Do we have underground in our country? Yes, we have
3. 40- What is one of the  most familiar symbols of  London?   / Red double- decker bus/

1. 20- What is the colour of London ` s taxi?     / Black /
2. 30- Are there special buses for tourists in England?    / Yes, there are/
3. 40- Who is Marco Polo?     / A traveler /
1. 20- What is the name of the Queen?    / Elizabeth II/
2 . 30- Who is Shokhan Yalikhanov?     /Famous Kazakh traveler /
3. 40- Name the largest cities of Kazakhstan.   / Almaty, Chimkent, Karaganda. /
IV –round. You are welcome to our next round. Here are some riddles you have to   guess them and say the answer in English, Russian and Kazakh languages:
1 . We are four brothers living under one roof.    / The legs of a table/
2. Five cupboards but only one door.   /a glove/
3. What is it that never uses its teeth for eating?   /a comb/
4. It lives in winter, dies in spring.    /snow/
5. The teacher writes on me with chalk, my face is black. /a blackboard /
 V-round. The next round is called ‘’the cleverest’’.    Here you have to finish the proverb.
1. East or west,/home is best/
2 . All that glitters is………………/not gold/
3. Never late…………../to learn/
4. Food is men`s…………./support/
5. When in Rome do as the ………../Romans do/

VI-round. The task of our last round is to find the mistakes  in the sentences.
1. When I get ty a big cityu, I would send you a postcard.   /Ty-to .cityu-city/
2.An animol, that yuo keep for a pleasure is a pet.  /Finimol-animal, yuo-you./.

VII. Conclusion

We have finished our competition “The leader of XXI century”

Thanks a lot to our participants for their active participation. Also thanks to our judges. It is a time to award the participants.

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