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"English games" (8 класс)










It lives in Jungle. It likes bananas.

(A monkey)

It is a very big Animal. It has a long nose and the big ears. It is afraid of mice. (An elephant)

It might be brown, black or white. It likes fish and honey.

(A bear)

This animal has red wool. According to fairytale it is very cunning.

(A fox)

This animal lives in the forest. He hunted in packs.

(A wolf)

This animal lives in China. It likes a bamboo.

(A panda)

It is a national animal of Australia. It has a bug where it grows a child till 9 months.

(A kangaroo)


It is long and green. People often put it in salad.

(A cucumber)

This vegetable is round and red. The sauce is made from it.

(A tomato)

It is always present on Halloween. (A pumpkin)

It riches of vitamin A and vitamin E. (A carrot)

This vegetable was brought to Russia from Holland by Peter I.

(A potato)

When a man peels it he usually cries. (An onion)

This vegetable won the first place for his monstrosity in English vegetables’ competition.

(A parsnip)


It is yellow and sour.

(A lemon)

It reminds of a light bulb.

(A pear)

It riches of vitamin C. (An orange)

It grows on a tree. Its skin is yellow. Don’t stand on it if you don’t want to fall.

(A banana)

A younger brother of an orange.

(A mandarin)

This fruit reminds of rugby’s ball. (A melon)

These two fruits are recommended for treatment anemia.

(An apple and a pomegranate)

Pets (Domestic Animals)

It is the man’s best friend.

(A dog)

It likes milk. All mice afraid of it.

(A cat)

This pet gives eggs. Her “husband” is a cock.

(A hen)

Its nose is a snout. Its tail is a hook.

(A pig)

It is a sacred animal in India. It is a crime to kill this animal. (A cow)

This animal is used in biological and medical experiences. Some people keep it as a home pet. (A white mouse)

This animal was highly thought of by Russian people some centuries ago. (A horse)

Countries and Cities

The capital of Great Britain. (London)

Washington is a capital of … (The USA)

How many countries The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of? (4 countries)

The Capital of Scotland? (Edinburg)

Where does Canberra stand as a capital?

(In Australia)

The Capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

How many states the USA consists of? (50 states)


It is passed in pools. (Swimming)

There are two teams. Each team has 11 players. They kick the round ball.

(A football)

The main England game.

(A golf)

It is a winter game. There are two teams, sticks and puck.

(A hockey)

This kind of sport helps to keep fit. You only need a pair of trainers and a long distance.


The main sport club NBA leads by this sport. (A basketball)

Water and a ball could give the great chance for doing this sport. (A water-polo)


He sings songs.

(A singer)

He works with students or pupils.

(A teacher)

He works at hospitals.

(A doctor)

The “right hand” of a headmaster. (A secretary)

He has his own farm.

(A farmer)

He is a “servant of a law”. (A policeman)

A show leader on TV.

(A showman)


The main London’s square. (Trafalgar Square)

The USA president’s residence. (The White House)

The USA’s symbol of freedom. (The Statue of Liberty)

The famous English Clock. (Big Ben)

Where does the famous House Opera stand? (In Australia)

The famous Scotland Castle is known for their ghosts. (The Glams Castle)

The famous sight of London which famous for his cruel history. It was a prison some centuries ago.

(The Tower)

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