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English is an international - сабақ жоспары

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The lesson plan

Form: 6

The theme of the lesson: Project work " English is the international language."

The type of the lesson: combined

Methods: explanation, individual work, question-answer, pair work, group work.

Aim: to discuss about the following theme with some methods;

1)to enrich pupils’ knowledge concerning the theme. to develop pupils’ interest to work with the team and more information about English language
2)to develop pupils’ skills in oral speech and reading, to practice active vocabulary in speech and to develop pupils’ communication skills.
3)to bring up the feeling of love towards the education and to develop pupils’ interest the English language;
Visual aids: picture, cards, new words, interactive board, text papers.
The outline of the lesson
Organization moment.
- Good afternoon, pupils!How are you?Who is duty today?Who is absent?
Today I`m a rich and brave..If you are active today and answer my questions . I will give you dollars.

We have just greeted in English. 
How do you greet in Kazakh?
How do you greet in Russian ?
Well, you know three languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

How do we call a person who knows two or more languages? POLYGLOT
As our
president N. A. Nazarbayev said: “Every person in our country must know three languages: Kazakh as a state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a widespread language in the world.
Today we are going to speak about English language, about the role of English language in our life.
Some days ago I divided my class into 5 groups and gave some tasks. They are:

1st group-questionnaire

2nd group-interview

3rd group-poster

4th group-performance

5th group-an essay

Let`s begin our presentation.. 1st group you are welcome.

Our task was questionnaire We took questionnaire from 15persons.Questionnaire consist of the following questions.

Thank you, I didn’t help to them. I have just given only direction how to make..And they prepared this task themselves.Let`s applaud .

2nd group-interview. Our task was interview. We have prepared this task for some days and interviewed with Kazakh, Russian and Turkish people. And you can see the conclusion of our work.

-So, as you see we interviewed with other nationalities. Kazakh, Russian and Turkish people have learnt for few years and they speak English well. 1st fact that learning is English is not so difficult, if you have a great desire.

On the second hand, all they chat with people from another countries. It means that if you know English, you can communicate all over the world.

Thanks.How clever of you. As you saw,they interviewed with Turkish.He is my friend from Turkey. He is our colleague. He was very glad to give us interview. Let`s applaud to the 2nd group.

3rd group-poster

Our task was to make a poster.
There are about three thousand languages in the world, English is the most widespread. It is the official language is many countries. It is the official language of the UK of GB and Northern Ireland, of the USA, of Australia and New Zealand. English is used as one of the official languages in Canada, in the Irish Republic and the Republic of South Africa. It is also spoken as a second language in many parts of India and Africa.

It's the language of the great literature. It's the language of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and others. Half of the world's scientific literature is in English. It's the language of computers technology. 
English is everywhere. It is signs, clothing, soft drinks and households products around the world. The names of pop - group, software and magazine are often presented in English. Sometimes we use English words, for example. “OK!” or “no problem” to the end of our talk.
Ok.Well done.You presented a nice poster. Let`s applaud.

4th group-performance

GB 1-Where are we?

GB 2 -I think..oh, Look,, that is hanshatyr..maybe Baiterek near here.

GB 1- Oh, someone is coming…let`s ask him.

GB2- No, Kazakh people cant understand English?

GB 1- Why? English is an international language..Most of the countries understand English.- Excuse me. Do you speak English?

KZ -Of course. What can I do for you?

GB 1- I said to you..They understand English..

KZ -Sure. In our country every citizen must know 3 languages, of course English too..English are taught from 1st grade..

GB 1- oh, Really? Its great..

KZ- Where are you from?

GB2- We are from England. We are tourists.we wanna see Baiterek Tower. How do we get there?

KZ - oh, if you are in Astana 1st time you should visit Baiterek. We are proud of this monument.

GB 1 - Yeah, we`ve heard about this sight. - Is it far?

KZ- Not really. If you are not against I can go there with you and explain..

GB 1- Oh, that’s great..with please..Thank you.

KZ- Don't mention it. Let`s go.

Thank you. Very well. Let`s applaud to the future actors.

5th group-an essay

1.Learning English is becoming important for everyone because we live in real life and we should know what is going on around us in the world. I can understand English in books and in magazines, but when I listen to English or American people I don’t understand. In my classes, we practice speaking a lot. When I started the year, it was impossible. I couldn’t pronounce any sentences in English. Now it’s better.

2. Nowadays it's especially important to know foreign languages.
Some people learn languages because they need them for their work, others travel abroad, for the third studying foreign languages is a hobby. Everyone, who knows foreign languages can speak to people from other countries. Learning a foreign language isn't an easy thing.

Let`s applaud to the future writers.


Can you finish this list.
A secretary, a welder, a mechanic, an electrician- p____________
English, Kazakh, Russian, French- l_________
Astana, London, Cardiff, Paris- c________
One, twelve, thirty, one hundred- n________
Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Turkey, Italy – c________
Scrambled sentences.

  • I it’s new think grammar important to learn vocabulary and

  • communicate foreigners We will with.

  • the country is Canada English-speaking One of .

  • We lesson vocabulary at learn grammar and English

  • future for my I study English profession.

Thank you for your work, you were very active, it was such a pleasure to work with you. I will give an excellent and good mark for everyone.

Hometask . To write an essay about " English is the international language." The lesson is over, good – bye!

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