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Every country and every nation has its own customs and traditions. You can’t speak about England without speaking about its traditions and customs. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up.

Traditions connected with the house.

Englishman wouldn’t (if he has a choice) live in an apartment. He would prefer a separate house with a garden.

The so-called "English Window" isn’t constituted as usual. In England the window doesn’t swing open on its hinges, and climb steeply up. This is stated in the novel "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd": "When I took the handle, the inside heard a sound which I took to be a knock on the lowering of the window frame" [The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, 1990: p. 16].

The British love fireplaces. "Each room had a fireplace, and although no one was burning in the room pleasant warmth spread all" [Works of different years, 1990, p. 206]. In our country fireplaces aren’t uncommon.

An Englishman never throws old furniture. He will concern her store in the attic and replace it with the other, brought by from there, from the attic. An excerpt from the novel "In the fifty-four from "He led her across the room to some huge closet with dark oak.

English is the national passion crazy about gardening. This is the key to the understanding of many aspects of their character and attitude toward life. This Code moral value is almost a religion. Agatha Christie couldn’t stay away from the description of the different gardens. Here is one of the novels "Taken at the Flood": "I am convinced Lin, Gordon would be very upset if he saw in what state garden. He always insisted that hedges to keep in order, the lawn was trimmed, cleaned the track "[Works of different years, 1990, p.78].

           If we need to get the most accurate information about the English tradition, it is safe to read detective stories by Agatha Christie. Maybe this is the secret of Agatha Christie’s detective stories’ popularity worldwide.


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