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English party "Our favourite books"

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English party

English teacher: Osmanova M.


- активизировать знания, умения и навыки учащихся.

- развивать кругозор учащихся, давая им информацию о знаменитых писателях и поэтах стран изучаемого языка, повторить и закрепить ранее изученную лексику, расширить словарный запас слов учащихся.

- повысить интерес к чтению книг, умение проявлять индивидуальные художественные способности, взаимовыручку



  1. Портреты английских и американских писателей.

  2. Большой плакат, на котором написано, как надо обращаться с книгами.

Library Rules

  1. Wash your hands before you begin to read.

  2. Do not write anything on the pages with a pen or a pencil.

  3. Do not make drawings in the book.

  4. Do not make dog’s ears in the book.

  5. Do not tear the pages.

  6. Do not lose your books or leave them in shops or buses. That means that you lose your friends.

  7. Return the books in time.

  1. Сочинения учащихся на тему «My favourite book»

  2. В углу стенд «Our favourite books»

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls, teachers and parents. We’ve come this lesson to talk about our favourite books. Most children like to read and think that books are their friends, I think so too. I like to read very much. And what do you think about books, boys and girls?

Pupils: Books are our friends. We want to talk about books.

(На сцене девочка с книгой – сидит на стуле и рассматривает книгу)

Boy: A new little book

Full of pictures was bought

For a good little girl

Whose name was Jane Dort.

Girl: She looked at the pictures

And liked them indeed,

But she was too young

To spell and to read.

(Все уходят. Входит мальчик с книгой)

Boy (with a book): I hold my book with both my hands,

And read about some foreign lands;

And so I get to know all kinds of places

Where people live with different faces.

(Мальчик уходит со сцены. Входит продавец книг.)

Teacher: What do book-shops sell?

Children: Big books and little books,

Picture- books as well,

Just think of all the lovely books,

That all the book-shops sell.

Shop-keeper: Here are some jokes

For you to read.

I think, dear boys and girls,

You’ll like them all indeed.

And here you see some story-books

Just for you to read.

And now I hope, dear boys and girls,

You’ll enjoy them all.

(Продавец уходит. Выходит девочка: на платье её прикреплена раскрытая книга с перепачканными страницами. За ней выходит мальчик)

Girl: I’m the book that Betty read

At her table an hour ago.

She’s left me standing on my head.

And where she is I do not know.

Just look at this dirty, dirty page!

Dear me! What shall I do?

Though I love girls of Betty’s age,

I won’t stay with Betty Blue.

Boy: Since books are friends,

They need much care.

When you’re reading them,

Be good to them and fair!

Use book-marks, children,

To hold your place.

And don’t you turn a book

Upon its clear face.

All together: Remember, remember, then:

Books are meant to read,

Not to cut or colour them

No, really, never indeed!

Teacher: You know a lot of poems about books. There are songs about books too, aren’t there? You can sing one of them, I think. So please, sing it.

(Выходят папа, мама, бабушка и мальчик, берут стулья и садятся читать книги. Остальные дети поют)

Father is going to read a book

Father is going to read a book,

So he won’t play with me.

Mother is busy with her cook-book,

So she won’t play with me.

Dear me! Dear me!

No one is going to play.

Granny is going to read a book,

So she won’t play with me.

David is busy with his textbook,

So he won’t play with me.

Dear me! Dear me!

No one is going to play with me.

Teacher: Books are meant to read, but we can also use them to make plays. Now have a look at this book. It was written very many years ago by a famous English writer, Mark Twain. “The Prince and the Pauper” is loved by children all over the world.

Now we’ll see a scene from the novel “The Prince and the Pauper”

Characters: The Story-teller, Prince (Edward Tudor – Prince of Wales), John Canty (Tom’s father), An Officer, Voices.

Учитель: Посмотрев отрывок, вы, наверное, вспомнили, что переодевшись принц и нищий, меняются ролями. Принцу пришлось тяжело жить в лохмотьях и увидев несправедливость и суровость законов, он на себе испытывает их, но вернувшись на трон он не может изменить существующий строй и отменить законы, призванные охранять интересы правящих классов.

Teacher: I enjoyed that play. I think “The Prince and the Pauper” is one of the best books, a good, very interesting book for children to read. When you know English better you will be able to read it in English.

Teacher: Now I want you to listen to these riddles and try to guess them.

  1. It is not a bush, but has leaves,

It is not a shirt, but is sewn together,

It has no tongue, but tells a tale. (A book)

  1. The field is white,

Black is the seed,

And the sower who sowed it

Was clever indeed. (A page of a book)

3. A thing in a home where books are kept. (A bookcase)

4. A place we can get books to read from, but cannot keep them.

(A library)

Teacher: As you fond of reading I’m sure you’d like to meet a few of the main characters of the books you have read.

(Под музыку на сцену выходят литературные герои в костюмах. Музыка затихает.)

Teacher: Look at these people. Listen to what each of them says about himself or herself. Then when he or she has finished, named the character. Then say what book the character is from and who wrote the book.

Girl: I live in a little town in America. I am fond of playing games and have a lot of friends. But my best friend is a boy whose name is Tom. His mother died and he lives with his aunt. (She is Becky Thatcher. The book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain.)

Boy: Once I saw a piece of wood. I took my axe and began to hit the piece of wood with the axe. I wanted to make a new leg for my table. Suddenly I heard a very small voice: “Do not hit for me so hard.” I looked about the room. There was nobody there who could say that. Again I took the axe and began to work with it. “Oh, oh! Don’t hit any more”, cried the same voice. (He is Master Antonio from the book “Pinocchio” by C.Collodi.)

Girl: I am old. I live in England in the town of Dover. I have a beautiful garden, and I am fond of working in it. I have a friend. His name is Mr.Dick. Mr.Dick and my nephew’s son David live with me. (Miss Betsy Trotwood from the novel “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens.)

Boy: I live in London in an old brick house in a very dirty street called Offal Court. My father and mother have a bed but my grandmother, my two sisters, Bet and Nan, and I, sleep on the floor and cover ourselves with rags. My father and grandmother are very bad people. They often get drunk and beat us. They make us beg. We often go to bed hungry. (Tom Canty from the novel “The Prince and the Pauper” by Mark Twain)

Girl: I am a fox, but I can talk. One day I met a foolish boy. He had five gold pieces. I told him to go to a field, make a little hole, and put one gold piece into it. Then this gold piece would grow into a beautiful tree with many gold pieces on it. (She is a fox who wanted to get Pinocchio’s money from the fairy tale “Pinocchio” by C.Collodi).

(Литературные герои раскланиваются и уходят)

Teacher: Dear children and our guests! We’ve talked quite a lot about books today. It’s very pleasant to see that all of you like books. Thank you! Good bye!

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Краткое описание документа:

 Литературный вечер, посвященный английской и американской литературе. Вечер можно провести в 5-7 классах. Дети пишут сочинения на тему "My favourite books". Зал оформляется портретами английских и американских писателей и поэтов, стендом "Our favourite books", плакат "Library rules"


-  активизировать знания, умения и навыки учащихся; развивать кругозор учащихся, давая им информацию о знаменитых писателях и поэтах стран изучаемого языка, повторить и закрепить ранее изученную лексику, расширить словарный запас слов учащихся; повысить интерес к чтению книг, умение проявлять индивидуальные художественные способности, взаимовыручку.

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