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Entry test Form 8

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Spotlight 8


A. Choose the correct item.

1. ....... from Canada!

A Greetings B Regards C Remarks

2. You are what you .......!

A see B sleep C eat

3. ....... fumes can be dangerous to our health.

A Toxic B Acid C Air

4. Tina’s not here. She ....... out with her friends.

A goes B has been C has gone

5. There are ....... of oranges in the fridge.

A a lot B any C some

6. According ....... the critics, it is the scariest film of all time.

A from B with C to

7. I ....... a new digital camera. I’m sure we’ll take nice pictures with it.

A have bought B have been buying C haven’t bought

8. I can do it ....... . Thank you.

A myself B herself C yourself

9. My mum’s hair is ....... and curly. It’s really nice!

A middle-aged B shoulder-length C slim

10. Peter is more talented ....... Tim.

A from B than C then

11. There is ....... traffic in the morning.

A heavy B slim C thin

12. I went to Berlin two years ....... .

A since B before C ago

13. We bought some crayons from the ....... shop.

A homeware B stationery C jewellery

14. We like to go ....... shopping when we’re on holiday.

A souvenir B character C wheel

15. You haven’t finished the milk, .......?

A did you B haven’t you C have you

B. Choose the correct word and rewrite it.

1. I think I am getting a cold. I should / shouldn’t take some vitamin C tablets.

2. We should / shouldn’t panic. There is still plenty of time to get there.

3. She has ever / already packed her suitcases for her holiday.

4. Have you ever/ yet been to New York?

5. Madonna is more famous / most famous than Beyoncé.

6. This film is the most successful / more successful film ever!

7. Factories emit / burn toxic fumes.

8. Sarah has called her mum, hasn’t she? / has she?

9. The mirror had a big crack in it, so we took it back / away to the shop.

10. There are much / a lot of skirts to choose from!

C. Listening.

Listen to Tina and Jake talk about shopping at the airport on their way back from Paris. Who bought each pair of things?

1 ....... Jake

2 ....... Timothy

3 ....... Mike

4 ....... Bob

5 ....... Nancy

A picture frame and wallet

B wallet and T-shirt

C chocolate and book

D chocolate and sunglasses

E socks and swimsuit

F book and postcards

Spotlight 8



1. A

2. C

3. A

4. C

5. A

6. C

7. A

8. A

9. B

10. B

11. A

12. C

13. B

14. A

15. C


1. should

2. shouldn’t

3. already

4. ever

5. more famous

6. the most famous

7. emit

8. hasn’t she?

9. back

10. a lot of


1. A

2. B

3. D

4. F

5. E

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