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Enty test 7th form (УМК Кузовлев, Лапа и др.)

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Входная контрольная работа. 7 класс. (Вариант I)

1. Translate from English into Russian.

brown hair talkative to accept

to look like lazy an artist

slim a comfortable chair a health problem

a friendly smile to repair things to have a headache

2. Match the columns.

B. It's a pity. You must have taken your hat.

3. I can't speak. I have a terrible sore throat.

C. No, never. I check my teeth twice a year.

4. Have you ever had a toothache?

D. You should drink hot milk with honey and have rest.

5. It was windy that day but I didn't have my hat so now I have a horrible earache.

E. Yes I have. I've had it this month.

6. Have your parents ever had heart trouble?

F. He should use a plaster.

3. Open the brackets.

1. Jane is 5 minutes (old) than me.

2. Mike is a bit (young) than his brother.

3. We should eat (healthy) food.

4. January is the (cold) month of the year.

5. This good-looking girl is the (good) student in our class.

6. A bus is (fast) than train.

4. Choose the correct answer.

1. We (went/have been) to the seaside last summer.

2. I (finished/have finished) my homework. May I go out now?.

3. I (was/have been) ill the month ago.

4. (Have you been/did you) to the shop? I need some stamps.

5.My hobby is fishing. I (have caught/caught) a lot of fish.

6.Jenny is in Oxford today, but she (was/ has been) in London yesterday.

7. I (played/ have played) basketball when I was younger, but I don't play now.

5. Restore the dialogue.

A - Yes, it says it will be bright and sunny.

B - Hello, Charles.

C - How nice. Nice weather for a picnic.

D - Hello, Dick, lovely day, isn't it?

E - Absolutely wonderful, nice and warm. What's the weather forecast for tomorrow? Do you know?

F - Let's hope it keeps fine for the weekend.

G - You are right.

6. Mark the statement as True or False.

1. It is not allowed to wear jeans at theatres.

2. A lot of British people care much about their clothes.

3. When British people apologize they say "Excuse me".

4. ''Just Seventeen" is a magazine for small children.

5. A pint is more than a gallon.

6. Nowadays shoppers usually buy foods in supermarkets once a week.

7. Roald Dahl was an actor.

8. The British like talking about the weather.

Входная контрольная работа. 7класс. (Вариант II)

1. Translate from English into Russian.

a turned-up nose to take care of a woolen sweater

a milkman a police station a cotton top

an accountant to tell the truth a pretty girl

to do the washing fair hair to have a toothache

2. Match the columns.

B. No I haven't. I always feel fine.

3. I've eaten a dirty apple so I have a stomachache

C. She should stay in bed.

4. Have you ever felt not well?

D. No I haven't. I exercise every day and my back is very strong.

5. Mary has a high temperature. Perhaps she has the flu.

E. Yes it has. I broke it three years ago.

6. Have you ever had a backache.

F. Why didn't you wash it? You shouldn't eat dirty fruits.

3. Open the brackets.

1.It is autumn. Every day the air become (cold), the leaves (yellow).

2.My sister is the (beautiful) girl in the class.

3. Today the weather is (cold) than yesterday .

4 She is not so (fond) on sports as my brother.

5. Her eyes are (grey) than me.

6. Who is the (attentive) student in your class?

4. Choose the correct answer.

1.I've already (seen/saw) 'Shrek'.

2. I Julie (has been/was) ill since Tuesday

3. I (didn't see/haven't seen) Josh since 1998.

4. We (have stayed/ stayed) at our grandparents for three days. We arrived home yesterday

5.The dog (went/has gone) to sleep an hour ago.

6.I (had/ have had) a cat for two years. It's name is Willis.

7. I (have waited/ waited) for a bus for twenty minutes. Then I decided to walk.

5. Restore the dialogue.

A - I've cleaned my room.

B - That's great. You've your father a lot.

C - It was a busy day. Girls, what have you done?

D - No he hasn't fed fed him. I'll do it in a minute.

E - And you, Ally? Have you cleaned your room

F - Has Dad fed the dog? I think he is hungry.

G - No, I cleaned it yesterday. Today I've swept the paths in the garden with dad.

6. Mark the statement as True or False.

1. There are dress codes for some hotels and restaurants.

2. Most people in Britain wear formal clothes.

3. The Scout organization is only for boys.

4. Nowadays shoppers usually buy foods in supermarkets once a week.

5. Lord Nelson was an admiral.

6. The weather in Britain can Change during the day.

7. Brighton can't attract tourists.

8. In the case of emergency American people dial 911.

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